Chapter One

Britney sighed as she slammed her locker shut, gripping the red and black pom-poms in her hand as she shook with fear. It was only a couple of days since filming the Rhianna music video, and now the computers had been delivered things were finally returning to normal. And because everything was back to normal, that meant she needed to get rid of any "Pirates" souvenirs she desperately clung to. Camille had suggested the "ceremony", and now it was lunch she had no way of backing out of it. Shuddering, Britney turned towards the courtyard, her feet feeling like dead weights; yet the sight of Jesse eagerly awaiting her somewhat comforted her, and she almost skipped forwards.

"Hey." He merely said, and she immediately blushed as he took hold of her hand. Ever since she had confessed her feelings for him at the competition and they had kissed, Britney had started falling for him more and more. Seeing her blush made his heart leap, and gently he leaned down and pressed his lips to her. Britney revelled in the feeling; Jesse wasn't trying to rush her like Brad always did, and she felt their relationship was going at a comfortable pace for now.

"Sorry to interrupt you lovebirds, but we have something to do." Camille said, breaking the kiss and earning a glare from both of them. Smiling, Britney entwined her fingers with Jesses and followed Camille towards the others, who stood hovered round what looked like a large metal bin. What were they going to make her do? She clutched the poms in her other hand like there was no tomorrow, her hands growing sweaty as they grew closer.

"Britney, you need to let go of your old life. You're a Warrior now, and you need to accept that." Camille said, distracting her long enough to grab the poms and throw them down into the bin. "Think you're ready Barbie?" She asked, handing the girl a box of matches and stepping back with the others to watch.

"Guys this is ridiculous, I'm going to get in so much trouble for doing this!" Britney exclaimed, earning her a few laughs from the other squad members as Camille rolled her eyes.

"We'll put it out before anybody knows what's happened." Jesse offered, wrapping his arms around her from behind and kissing her softly on the neck. The feel of his arms around her relaxed her somewhat, and she pulled a match out to inspect. The red tip glared at her like some ominous symbol, and memories of Winnie and Brad spread back to her, bringing the suppressed anger inside to the surface.

With a quick strike she lit the match, her mouth turning into a half smile as the flame flickered in the cool breeze. Gasping, she shut her eyes and dropped the match in the bin, the material of her poms catching fire quickly. Flames licked up the sides as the rest of the squad cheered, and Jessie squeezed her to show he was proud. And just by looking into the flames of her former life, Britney knew she was finally where she belonged.

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Chapter Two Snippet

"I'll see you after school instead okay?" Britney said, her nerves on end as Jesse merely nodded. Squealing slightly she kissed him quickly on the lips before racing on down the corridor.

"Careful man, looks like that guys after your girl." Tyson warned, patting his friend on the shoulder as the bell went, people filing around them as he watched Britney walk off with another guy.

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