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The BAU had always been a place of discovery, a place of internal findings. Sadist murderers, unorganized psychopaths, and even serial rapists were peeled apart layer by layer to discover their weakness and the motives for what they have done, but behind all the evils of the world there was a family. A family who was there no matter what happened, no matter what time and the word colleague was never the right term to describe one another. They were friends. Although the two of them seemed to share a special bond, a bond that was incomparable to anything that their friends had ever seen. There was a spark, a certain electricity that seemed resonate from them when they were together with the witty banter and endless nicknames that seemed to just escape their lips without a second thought. Just like taking the next breath of air. But while the others saw this the two seemed oblivious.

Then came Battle and those three words were finally spoken between the two. "I love you." The three words which should have started them on their road to a brilliant love affair. But it didn't happen, each didn't take the other seriously, didn't believe that they could love the other in the way that they had each meant. After getting shot and practically dying she went one step further, she laid her heart out for him, giving him all of the clues he would need to see that she had put everything into those three words. Not wanting to waste anymore time in dancing around her feelings for him, she proclaimed him her "hero". In calling him that she had essentially opened up the playing field, leaving the court open for him to make a move, giving him all of the pieces to the puzzle he could possibly need.

Derek Morgan was always the older brother to the group, the one you could go to for advice and that's what Dr. Spencer Reid did. Five years ago, Reid had fallen for a beautiful actress that was a potential victim in a case they worked on in LA where multiple people with a certain celebrity status were being murdered. The conversation still lingered in his mind to this day.

[Reid: Did you know that um she ah , I kissed her in the pool? Its so weird. It doesn't even feel like it really happen. You know?
Derek: Sure sure she's a beautiful young actress.
Reid: Yeah you know I kept on explaining to her about transference and the fact that you know she probably only liked me because I was there to protect her.
Derek: Reid, you were her hero.
Reid: I wanted to think that.
Derek: No no no don't go selling yourself short kid. You took down an armed subject without firing a shot. You saved her life. That's pretty much a hero in my book.]

It was a relatively quiet day at the BAU this morning. There were no unbearable cases making the team dash off to places unknown. However, this opened up the chance to have some 'play time'.

Walking out of the elevator Garcia was ready for her usual good morning from her Chocolate Adonis.

"Good morning princess." He greeted with his usual playful grin.

"I'll show you a good morning hot stuff." She replied saucily, giving him a sly little wink and getting a huge Derek Morgan smile in return.

"Promises promises promises." Came his quick reply.

"You wanna test that theory stud." Letting out a huge chuckle he shook his head at her quickly developed quirky response.

"Someone's on the ball this morning." He complimented, handing her a cup of coffee as they made their way to his desk; her leaning up against it as he took a seat.

"When am I not on the ball?" She asked with a confident smile.

"You got me there baby girl." He conceded with a chuckle.

The witty banter continued well throughout the afternoon and did not go unnoticed by everyone else. Multiple times Emily and JJ told them to 'get a room already' and Reid couldn't help but blush at the sexual innuendos. It wasn't unusual for the pair but for some reason, that none of the others could place, it was more intense, more intimate. Even Rossi noticed a slight change in their playful behavior. He couldn't help but think that they had somehow got up enough courage to tell each other their feelings. The feelings that everyone knew were going to have to be released soon or the two would stumble on in this 'more than friendship' until one, or both, of them got hurt.

As Morgan laughed at yet another of her quick and witty comebacks Garcia sigh exasperatedly, saying disappointedly: "Hate to break up this fun, my love but I have a few searches to do for the boss man." She began to walk away only to be grabbed by the arm and pulled back, falling on his lap.

"Are you okay baby girl? You seem a little pale." He asked, the concern laced in his voice and obvious in his eyes as he placed his strong hands on either side of her head and placed a kiss gentle and nurturing kiss on her forehead to check her temperature. Ever since Battle he had always been quick to notice every little thing. It was cute, endearing and she couldn't help but smile knowing that he worried about her so much.

"Ah Agent Morgan, my hero, you worry to much. I'm fine" she replied with a soft smile as she patted his cheek and walked back to her office without another word.

He couldn't help but let that play in his mind over and over again. "Her hero. Why would she see me as a hero?". His mind was churning over every possibility, soaring through a whole range of emotions and possible reasons when he looked up to see Hotch looking out over the bullpen. He shook his head, letting out a sigh, and tried to get back to the paperwork that was on his desk.

That afternoon when Morgan was finally taking a break for lunch and just about to bite into his favorite burger from the local shop when he was suddenly graced with the presence of another. Seeing him out of his office to chat just didn't put his mind at ease. At first all he could do was raise an eyebrow at him trying to read what exactly he was doing but this man was unreadable for the most part. No one blamed him for that though. The things that this man went through were almost unforgivable. He had every right not to smile anymore.

"Five years ago we had a case, a case where it hit one of our agents pretty close to home. He fell for a girl.."

"Oh yeah, Lila, that one? Where Reid took down the stalker without firing a shot." Remembering, with a small smirk, the comments he made to Reid that day, he should bring that back up. It's good material.

Slowly closing his hands and leaning forward on the table he gave him an even more serious look "Let me finish." receiving a small nod from Morgan "That night when just about everyone was already gone he asked you for advice and you simply stated "Don't sell yourself short kid, you saved her life. That's a hero in my book." What makes you any different Morgan? What makes you think that you're not seeling yourself short just like he was?"


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