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Morgan ran to her office, all his muscles working to aid him in his sprint. This was finally it; he was going to tell her all. He stopped suddenly, his spirits drooping when he happened across her empty office. Where was she? Disheartened, he moved further into her lair, the space that was distinctly 'her' and spied the note she had left propped on her keyboard.

My Superheroes,

Had to run home to pick up some laptop-y things to help with some more searches. I'll be back for 3. Don't miss me too much my lovelies.

P x

Tracing his fingers over her curly writing he glanced at his watch: 13:58. If he left now he could make it to hers just before she was going to leave to head back here. It didn't take a second thought – he ran.

He reached Garcia's apartment in record time, flinging his car around the corners as if he was rushing to save her. And in his mind, he supposed he was. He was filled with terrifying thoughts that maybe, just maybe, each time he tried to tell her how much she meant to him something bad would happen to her. And so he rushed. Trying to ensure that if something bad had happened he would be there to save her – unlike the last time where he had been too stubborn and had waited too long.

Walking up the path to her apartment he was giving himself a mental "pep-talk", trying to psych himself up further so as not to chicken out and end up making up a lame excuse as to why he was really there. He knew that now was the time to do it, to out everything and hope to god that she reciprocated his feelings.

As Hotch had said: the last five years was all building up to this moment, the to and fro, the flirting, the "I love you" – even though it had been misinterpreted. Now he would, and had to, correct that mistake. It had to be done, and tonight was the night. And it was all thanks to a man who had seen too much and lost too much as a result. Morgan sent a silent prayer up to the heavens: for both himself and for Hotch as he pulled his hand back and then rapped loudly on the door in front of him.

He heard her sweet voice call out: "Just coming" as she headed towards the door and he could hear the slight undertone of frustration in her voice as he guessed she tried to balance her computer equipment on her table before she answered the door.

"Morgan?" She questioned, unsure what he was doing there in front of her.

"Ehm- I..." He began slightly nervous.

"What's wrong?" She asked in worry, her mind immediately jumping to something bad. "Morgan, are you ok? Do we have a case?"

When he didn't answer straight away her brow furrowed, this wasn't like him. It must be something bad, really bad.

"Morgan?" She prompted again.

"Pen," He started again, this time more confident. "We need to talk." He said, stepping towards her and she balanced them out, taking a step back into her hall more. He closed the door behind him and looked down at her puzzled expression. She was really confused.

He knew that he was going to have to talk quickly before she began to panic or get annoyed at him for his dithering. Her expression changed to one of question and he motioned for them to go into the lounge. They sat down on the couch and she looked at him expectantly, her mind whirring a mile a minute trying to work out just what was going on in his head.

After a second or two of further silence she spoke again: "Morgan, is everything ok?"

He jumped from the couch then and she was startled by his sudden movement. He began to pace in front of her, opening and closing his mouth a few times as if he had been about to start.

"Morgan.." She prompted again. "Sweet cheeks, you're really worrying me here, what's the matter? What's happened?" She asked, her voice full of fear and worry.

At the fearful tone of her voice he knew that he had to act now, his silence was only going to make it harder. He took a deep breath, sitting down next to her once more. He turned to face her.

"I was talking to Hotch and he was right, time is precious, it should not be wasted." He begun and he watched her brow furrow again and that cute little line appeared between her eyebrows. He knew he was going to have to explain himself more clearly. Damn his nerves, he thought to himself.

"Honey, I-"

Morgan cut her off quickly, his words coming out in one big rush: "I think we've wasted far too much time Baby Girl, I love you, have loved you for a long time, for too long really to have gone without saying anything. Each time I go to tell you something bad happened to you: Battle, getting shot. And then Lynch came along after I told you I loved you and you broke my heart baby, you moved on without really knowing what I meant. That I had meant that I am in love with you. I was terrified to be your hero, to be the one you depended on – what if I screwed up? I never wanted to let you down. And I feel I did that by not being more forceful, not telling you exactly how I meant it or even telling you before. I was jealous of Battle, I wanted to be the one you were excited about going out with, and afterwards I couldn't help but think that if I had just told you I loved you, that I am in love with you, sooner that you wouldn't have been shot. I was not your hero then Garcia, I was the cause. But then you called me your Noir Hero and I couldn't but feel somewhat of a fake, but your hero or not, I love you Penelope Garcia and I was wondering if you eh, if you," He rubbed his hand over his neck, looking down and away from her eyes as his nerves returned. He knew that he had gotten past the hardest bit, asking her out should be easy. "I was wondering if you'd wanna go to dinner with me this week?" He finished on a breath.

She didn't answer at first and he chanced a look up at her. She was smiling – that had to be a good sign surely.

Whack. She slapped him across the arm with a laugh. "Derek Morgan you had me so worried, I thought someone had died."

"Hey!" He yelled with a smile and a laugh. "Don't abuse me baby." He joked, not sure what was really going on as she hadn't answered his question. The woman was throwing him off base.

"Oh after that speech I'll use and abuse you all I want Hot Stuff." She said with a wink and he smiled, his heart soaring: was that her saying yes?

"So, uh, is that a yes?" He asked, slightly embarrassed that he was having to ask, but he had to make sure.

"Oh, it's not just a 'yes' handsome." She said with a massive grin and sparkling eyes. "It's a 'Hell yes! What took you so long?!'" His grin grew at her words and his heart burgeoned with happiness. Acting on impulse, he leaned forward and sealed his lips over hers. She reacted straight away and soon enough their bodies were pressed together as they tasted and explored the others' mouth as if their lives depended on it.

Eventually they pulled apart for air, both with goofy grins on their faces.

"It's also an 'I love you too'." Pen said softly, and watched as his eyes lit up even further.

"You don't know how happy you have just made me Baby Girl." Morgan said almost in awe before he kissed her softly once more – he was never going to get tired of being able to do that now.

"I'd guess somewhere about as happy as you just made me Angel face." She replied with a smile as big as his before she kissed him once more. Pulling away she spoke regretfully: "But as much as I would love nothing more than to stay right here and feast on you for the next – forever." He chuckled. "We really have to get back to work, they'll be wondering where we are and I have searches to do for other teams."

"I suppose I can let you go and we can do that." He said in mock huff, taking her hand and pulling her up with him, pulling her flush against his chest. His other hand that was not in hers, brushed a unruly curl out of her face before he placed another soft kiss on her lips,, holding her to him tightly as she did the same to him. Pulling away from his lips to stop herself getting carried away she placed her head on his chest, listening to his heart beat as he balanced his chin on the top of her head. Neither wanted to let go, it felt fantastic to finally be in the arms of the one they had loved for so long and this time it was as they had dreamt about. "But you have to promise me we'll go to dinner later? Will you let me wine and dine my solace?" He asked, not letting go of her just yet.

"I wouldn't have it any other way Derek, although I don't need wined and dined, I just need you." She said with a soft smile against his strong chest before she pulled back in his embrace to look up at him. She could see the love shining in his eyes.

"You may think you don't need it, but I know that you deserve it." He said with a smile before untangling himself from her, and picking up her laptop case and some wires. "So what else do you need to take?" He asked and she smiled, handing him some more of her equipment before heading towards the door in front of him, her hips swinging a little more exaggeratedly than usual. He gave a low whistle and she turned around with a wink and a smile:

"Be-have, Derek Morgan." She teased.

"With you around Mamma, you know that's never gonna happen." He shot back with a smirk of his own.

"Oh is that so?" She questioned as he squeezed past her so that she could lock the door.

"Penelope..." He said lowly with a raised eyebrow, "Don't even try pretend you're not as bad as me...if not worse."

"Better." She stressed with a smirk and he only laughed and nodded in concession. "Now as much as I love," She knew that saying that and knowing that he now knew how she meant it now was never going to get old. "that chocolate ass of yours, I need you to move it because we still have work to do. Move it." She said, moving as if to pinch his ass but he moved away in time.

"Hey, hey, you want to wait till later for dinner then you got to wait till later to get a piece of this ass." He teased with a laugh.

Ignoring him completely she grabbed a fistful of his sinfully tight t-shirt and pulled him down to her, taking his lips in a searing kiss. She pulled away with a smile, not making any comment as she wiped the lipstick from the side of her lip and walking ahead of him once more.

"Stop staring at my ass handsome and get a move on. The sooner we get to work the sooner we can leave and the sooner you can have a piece of this." She said with a smirk and a low, almost throaty laugh. Morgan almost groaned at the images her response evoked before he pulled it together and headed to her caddy to load her equipment in the trunk. "Try not to think about me too much." She teased one last time before starting her car and heading back to the office with a 100 watt smile on her face and a heart as full as she had ever thought possible.


Hotch saw them both come into the BAU offices separately, but the love and happiness evident on their faces, in their movements and in the sly glances between the two showed that Derek Morgan, the hero, had done the right thing and has gotten his girl. Finally the two star-crossed lovers had made their love known. He glanced down at the picture of Jack on his desk and he smiled a somewhat sad smile: a child made from such love had given him the strength to keep on. A six year old it seemed, could be the wisest of people without even realising it. Little Jack Hotchner and his super hero figurines and his unstoppable imagination and hope in all that is good in the world had brought Aaron Hotchner – a man who had seen too much and had almost lost himself in the process – to a startling conclusion in life: throughout our lives we have our heroes: may it be Captain America and Spiderman when we are six, or Harry Potter when we are twelve; they never cease to amaze us. But as we grow up, grow older we learn that Spiderman isn't real and neither is magic but what's still left is the hero. Looking up to someone for help, for the belief that happily ever after does exist and the good guy will always prevail over the evils of the world. You learn that these heroes are your family, your friends. Someone you can count on and that no matter the horrors that you see, love and hope will always be there. And that as each year turns into the next you should try that little bit harder to remember that six year old that lingers inside of you because that belief is what makes you a hero to someone else. You may never feel that you are hero, but everybody is to somebody else: whether for things as little as giving them a hand with the shopping or to cross the street to the disaster averting tasks that some heroes perform with no regard for their own life. To a six year old everybody is a hero. And to Garcia, Morgan was and would forever be, hers.

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