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I swear, if this doesn't let up soon I think I'm going to curl up into a ball and just stay there until I die of old age or hunger, whichever comes first. Probably hunger.

I know, that sounds a little extreme, but how would you feel if you could never get a moments peace because you were getting attacked, left and right, completely out of the blue? Seriously, we hadn't even been on our own for two weeks when we, (that's me and the Flock for those of you who don't know), started getting attacked for no good reason.

It had only bothered us a little at first, then it just got down-right freakin' annoying. I mean, we could pretty much take down any normal human no problem, but that's normally when we're each fighting one on one. When you start to get into even the higher single digit numbers, it starts to get a little hard.

Hi, I'm Max, and my six friends, (one's a talking dog), are mutant bird (dog) freaks.

For the most part we're all human (and canine-American, don't ask), but some supreme wackoes thought it would be a good idea to splice avian DNA, or "bird-genes" if you prefer, onto human embryos, (We still don't exactly know what happened to Total), thereby giving us wings and other assorted bird-like abilities. We also have these other powers that apparently our creators didn't plan on, and they can be pretty cool some times.

But that's not important right now. What is important is the fact that we can't get two minutes rest without some wacko group of gun toting mercenaries or what have you trying to kill or capture us. Finally, after about the up-teen millionth time, I decided to do the one thing that under normal circumstances I swore I would never do in a million years....


"Guys," I said in that authoritative voice I use when I'm about to make an executive decision. This would either go over great, or they'd never let me hear the end of it, "we need to get some help."

"How so?" the Gasman asked curiosly from the other branch.

I sighed. "I don't think we can keep fending of these yahoos that keep attacking us for much longer on our own. We need some help dealing with this, or we way not even be around to ask for help before long."

"So what do we do, then?" Fang asked. "Who do we ask to help us?" I cringed, fearing what I would have to say next. I decided to just suck it up and get it over with.

"Weeee...we have to ask Jeb for help," I said slowly. Because I couldn't quite believe I said it I said it again. "We need Jeb's help to get rid of all the people that are trying to kill us." What do you know, no bad taste in my mouth. Oh wait, there it is.

"Are you serious?" Fang asked incredulously.

"Yeah," Nudge agreed, "I mean, you're the one always saying how evil Jeb is and how you can't trust him anymore, not like you could before you found out he still worked for the School. Even though he turned out to be good in the end, after Ari died, and he turned out to be your biological father--mmmph!" Thank, thank, thank you Iggy.

"What Motormouth here is trying to say is-"

"Hey!" Nudge shouted indignantly from under his hand.

"-What makes you think we can trust him now?" Iggy pointed out *oh* so tacitly.

"I don't," I said, "but he does have a bunch of contacts in the government who could potentially help us out." Between you and me, that wasn't really thst much of a reason, not for this crowd. I had to think of something better. "I do trust my mom, however," I said, "and she still thinks that Jeb isn't such a bad guy anymore, so I guess that says something about him. Besides, who else really understands us the way he and Dr. Martinez do?"

"We really don't have a choice this time, do we?" Fang asked, letting out a defeated sigh.

"No, we don't," I agreed solemnly.

"So does that mean we're going back to Washington D.C.?" Angel asked in that adorably cute way she always does.

"I guess so," I said absently. Wait a second.... "And no mind control on the leader of the free world again, I mean it," I added forcefully, remembering the last time we were in the White House.

"Okay!" She was so cheery and innocent sometimes it was almost scary.

"This means I get to see Akila again, right?" Total yipped. He just couldn't get enough of that dog.

"Sure, we'll see Akila again as well," I sighed. He almost flew off right then, if Angel were not holding him and Celeste in her arms. Then, unfurling my wings, I signaled everyone else to do the same. "Ok, guys, it's Washington D.C. or bust!" I shouted as we soared off.


The trip to D.C. wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We got shot at a few times, but we were able to lose the jerks that did just as easily.

Eventually we arrived at the Capitol and found Jeb and Dr. Martinez at their house in the city. Ella was there as well, so lots and lots of hugs were exchanged. Total even got to spend some time with Akila.

I layed our situation out for Jeb, reminding him in no small words that it was an absolute last resort plan. After a little cajoling from Mom, he agreed to do what he could. A day later we were riding in a private jet of to Colorado Springs, Colorado. Why we were going there I couldn't imagine.

When we got off the plane we were hurried into government cars and given the whole "For your eyes only!" speech. Please, if there is anyone else on this earth that's better at keeping secrets than us, I dare you to come forward. Eventually we arrived at what looked like the base of a mountain. Great, a tourist attraction, I thought.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

We got out of the cars and were ushered inside an elevator. A military grunt inside pushed a button and the elevator started going down.

Waaaaay down. I mean, we were going so far down, I thought we were going to come out the other side of the earth.

'This is bad,' I thought, 'this is really, really bad.' I was on the verge of hyperventilating, thinking that we'd be trapped down here forever, when The Voice chose to rear it's ugly head, figuratively speaking.

Calm down, Maximum, it said forcefully. This is one of the governments most top secret facilities, you couldn't be any safer here if you were dead.

'Thanks for the comforting image' I replied sarcastically. Why did it have to say "dead"? And how did it know that anyway? Oh well...just another thing to add to the list of mysterious things about The Voice. And let me tell you, it was getting to be a really long list.

Don't worry, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel, it said cryptically.

Yeah, like that helps.

When the doors on the elevator finally opened we practically popped out like sardines out of a jack-in-the-box. Once we picked ourselves up we were lead to a rather spartan looking confrance room, the classic plate of donuts in the center of the table. Needless to say the entire plate was gone in about three seconds.

About a minute later a general walked into the room. He introduced himself as Hank Landry. He asked us about our situation, saying that he had been a little preoccupied as of late and was not quite up to speed on what was happening in the world as he would like. When we finished telling him our story, (with many interruptions from Nudge, Gazzy and Angel, and even Total, feeling the need to elaborate his part in our adventures), he decided to drop the bomb on us. We were going to go to another world.

You heard me, another WORLD! Like, not Earth.

Apparently, they had a device called a "stargate", that created a wormhole or something like that, that could transport us to one of any thousands, maybe even millions of planets. I almost didn't believe it untill the window behind us opened up and we could see it.

In the middle of the room was a big ring that stood upright. It had about 39 symbols or something around the rim that kind of looked like constellations. It looked very alien, if you believe in that kind of stuff.

I almost jumped when I saw it activate for the first time. Out of nowhere the ring in the middle started turning. It turned for a while and the it stopped at one of symbols and one of the lights around it would light up. It did that about seven times. At the end of the seventh time, it was like there was this big explosion coming at us out of the center of the ring. It was like being underwater, watching someone do a cannonball. Only instead of being next to them when they did it, you were underneath. When it retracted, it was like watching that same event backwards.

I don't know if it was actually made of water, but when the whatever-it-was settled down, about four or five soldiers, (space-marines just sounds to cliche, don't you think?), suddenly came through out of nowhere.

"Did they...just...where did they come from?" I stammered. "They weren't, like, hiding behind the platfrom before that thing in there turn on or anything like that, right?"

"Nope," the general said. "Those men haven't been on this base in just over a week. They were...Walter, where did SG-6 go again?" He turned to a small, balding man wearing glasses who had just walked into the room.

"P7X-986, sir," he said in a voice that sounded like someone who had always been the bearer of bad news, and had taken its toll, "that planet that was on the edge about siding with the Ori. They're waiting to be debriefed as soon as possible."

"I'm afraid you kids will have to excuse me," he said, turning back to us, "I need to deal with this right away."

He turned to leave when Nudge said, "Wait!"

"What is it, sweetheart?" he asked.

"You didn't say where we were going yet."

Come to think of it, she was right. We'd been sitting here for over an hour, (most of that was due to our recounting our adventures for the General), and no one had told us which world we were going to.

"Good question," I said, "which one of these 'worlds' are we going to, anyway?"

"Well I guess you'll find out sooner or later," General Landry said. "You're all going to the Pegasus Galaxy, to the city of Atlantis."

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