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Challenge 1: Quotation

"True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked." - Erich Segal

The day seemed never to end, one thing after another coming at her, making her wish she could just go to sleep and wake up when it was all over. Sandy'd been up since before dawn, Tom driving her like a maniac down the highway. She was sure they'd be pulled over but had been surprised when the flashing lights she saw through her sleepy haze were from a parked ambulance.

That had started hours of poking and prodding and, "You're not quite there yet," only to be ended by a hasty trip down the hall into a more sterile room. After that there was screaming and cursing and she swore she'd never look at Tom the same way again. There was a moment when the pain was so intense that bright lights above her seemed to blur and sounds crashed over her like waves, taking her to some unreal place until it was over and her own screams were replaced with the robust cry that could only come from lungs the size of her finger.

That was when she felt tears well up in her eyes. Her job wasn't over yet but how could she think about anything except that sound, that flash of a waving arm she'd seen between the nurses? Tom said it was only moments later -- she would forever claim it had to be hours -- that they brought him back and placed the now clean newborn in her arms.

Her heart hammered in her chest from the massive workout she'd just endured and from the prospect of caring for this tiny piece of perfection in her arms. He looked up at her with wide, curious eyes, as shell-shocked by this new reality as she was.

"Kevin," Tom sighed, brushing the dark curls on the newborn's head and kissing her sweaty cheek.

How could it be possible, she wondered as she felt him kick against the swaddling, to love someone so much that just seeing him for the first time made your heart feel like it was breaking and growing all at the same time?