Angel: Okay I was listening to Disney songs, (yeah I know, it's lame but I like them) and got a new inspiration for a story. No, it will not be a cross over I just began to think about the whole forbidden love thing and this came out. This is my story only, Demon had nothing to do with this. This is only mine, I just told him that I was going to write it and he said ok. So here is Forbidden Desert Love

The young red-haired prince burst through the door to his bed chamber. Following him was a blonde body guard more carefully and slowly. The blonde stopped at the door after closing it behind him and watched the prince sit down at the edge of his bed.

"Naruto, why do I bother with choosing? All the princesses want is power and money. But I don't want that from anybody. I just want to love somebody who will love me back."

Naruto nodded. "You'll find somebody, Gaara-sama. Right now just relax. It'll be at least two weeks before your next trip and who knows, she might have already found a prince to marry and then you'll have two months."

Gaara sighed, laying down in the silk sheets. "You're right. You may go to your Hinata for the night, Naruto, I'll be fine tonight."

The blonde smiled and bowed. "Thank you, Gaara." Then he left Gaara alone. Naruto had been Gaara's best friend for his whole life when he was rescued by Gaara's father's guards. When Naruto was old enough for the royal guard, Gaara requested Naruto to be his personal guard. They've been like this ever since.

Gaara changed into his silk sleeping pants and sat at the open window looking out into the desert of Suna. The moon was red tonight and he always enjoyed watching the moon before he went to bed. Soon the redness of the moon faded away and gave room for the beautiful silver glow of the night.

Gaara is the youngest prince of Suna. His older brother, Kankuro has denied the throne to join the military force and Temari married a lord in Konoha and was living there. The young prince was now the heir to the throne that his father held and will step down once Gaara chose and married a princess of distant lands around the world. He visited many beautiful princesses…but their personalities never matched what he wanted in a wife. He wanted a girl who was just a beautiful inside as she was outside. He wanted love. He remembered what his father said, "Ha! Princes don't marry for love! They marry for power and land and armies." And that was the end of that conversation.


Naruto kissed his pale wife gently with love. She giggled and hugged him. "Welcome home, my love," she said softly. Being 16, she was the most beautiful servant girl in the palace. Every man wanted her, but she only wanted one man.

He smiled at her holding her tightly. "I'm just glad to see you, Hinata." They had secretly seen each other for a while, then eventually their courtship was found out and not punished for. Now everybody in the palace knows of their love.

"I still can't believe that Gaara-sama is going to have his advisors plan our wedding," Hinata exclaimed, "He really didn't have to do that for us."

Naruto shrugged. "I don't know what to tell you, Hinata. Other than he's very kind and wants to see us happy." He looked sad for a moment. "Though I'm beginning to feel bad for him."

Hinata sighed. "This princess wasn't for him this time?" Naruto shook his head. "He isn't going to find love with royalty. He might want to find…a secret lover."

"No," Naruto muttered, "Gaara is too noble, he won't hurt a girl that way. Soon he'll have to marry just to please his father and inherit the throne."

She crossed her arms. "Naruto, you know just as much as I do that Gaara will not give in."

She was right. Gaara will keep searching his whole life for love, and possible die alone. He didn't want that for his best friend…his brother. If Hinata was saying that, then she had a plan. "What are you thinking, Hinata?"

She smiled. "I thought you'd never ask." She glanced around. "I plan on taking him outside the palace walls and into the village. Maybe he'll find somebody he'll like." Naruto gave her a skeptical look. "I know, it's dangerous, but it's worth a shot. Just one time. You can join us."

He sighed. He never liked the idea of Hinata in danger, even this kind where the punishment is banishment for betrayal. But, if it'll help Gaara, it was worth a try. "Okay, I'll talk to Gaara about it tomorrow."

She kissed him. "Thank you." She sat in his arms in his bed. "I love you, Naruto."

He lifted her chin and smiled at her sweetly, his blue eyes glowing at her. "I love you too, my beautiful Hinata."


Outside the palace walls, in an abandoned ruined home, a single young peasant girl looked up at the moon that glowed upon her. She sighed, enjoying the moon's beauty as she had every night her whole parentless life. She always prayed to the Goddess of Beauty and would praise Her every morning when she would look at her reflection in her water basin. She ran her fingers through her sandy blonde hair that was tangled but if she brushed it, it would feel like silk. "Goddess of Koishii, I know I don't pray to you much, but hear my prayer tonight. Please, send me a good man who would love me and care for me gently." She closed her chocolate brown eyes and sat still for a moment, letting the gentle breeze kiss her bare skin of her arms, legs, and cheeks kindly. She sighed and went to bed, covering herself with her day cloak to keep the cold out.