Angel: Sorry for the delay

Demon: Yeah her computer sucks

Angel: Where do you have room to talk? You haven't even done anything to our fics I post on here!

Demon: I'm sorry, I'm not the writer.

Angel: I know. Anyway…I've finally given up on the hard drive, I'm just going to start from block one. Gaining Control and Call of the Wolf will be redone completely and who knows, they may end up being better. Gaining Control will go through the most changes, maybe some character changes or even omitting them.

Demon: Sad face L

Angel: *glares at Demon* And I will continue Full Moon: Tides from where I left off. I am posting this update on all of the stories we have posted so far. This post will be deleted once I can update a chapter on the stories.

Demon: When will you start writing on our other stories, Angel? J

Angel: *back hands Demon* I am in college and trying to get a car and a job and I have so much homework especially interviewing your mom for Composition class. I will get to them when I get to them. Unlike you, our readers have been patient and understand.

Demon: *anime tears* You're so mean!

Angel: Really, who keeps coming up with new ideas every week? My head is going to explode!

Demon: I'm sorry, baby, will you forgive me?

Angel: *looks at him* I guess. *looks back at the computer* Okay, now just keep bearing with me readers, I will get around to posting chapters and eventually restarting up Gaining Control and Call of the Wolf since it is everybody's favorite. Oh, and I've posted a new poll regarding Forbidden Desert Love, so check it out.

Demon and Angel: We'll be back when we can! J