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#44 – Sun

"Look at the sunset," Tony pointed out as they walked out to the parking garage.

"It is very pretty."

"You've changed. The old Ziva would never had said that."

"Well…a lot has changed."

"It has," Tony said, taking her hand in his.

#45 – Hair

"Why do we have to do this again?"

"Boss says we have to have our training renewed once every four years."

"Great," Tony rolled his eyes as they shuffled into the conference room. The same red light, green light power point was up on the projector and all three groaned.

"Welcome to the second installment of Workplace Sexual Harassment. My name is Ms. Clarke, as you should remember. Now, let's review what we learned last time. What is considered inappropriate workplace behavior?"

Tony smirked, and grabbed a handful of Ziva's hair and gave a yank.

"OW! Jerk!" Ziva shouted, turning around to punch him in the arm.

"OW! Watch your strength, Zi!"

"You started it," Ziva hissed as she turned back to the front of the room. Ms. Clarke did not look happy.

"You two again."

Tony grinned innocently, "At your service."

#46 – Power

"Tony!" Ziva hissed, "Don't!"


"I'm extremely…ticklish."




"You aren't going to hold that against me?"

"Why would I?"

"Because I am supposed to be in control. I hate being so…vulnerable."

"And that's exactly why I won't hold it against you. You're in charge, Ziva. I'll never take that away from you."

#47 – Ball

"Damn, who is she?" Tony asked as the leggy brunette entered the pen, dressed in a red satin evening gown with a slit up the thigh.

"Tony," McGee stared at him as if he had just grown a second head, "That's Ziva."

"Zee-vah? That's Zee-vah?"

"Yeah," McGee rolled her eyes, "She's riding with us to the Director's Ball."

"In that?"

"Yes, in that. And I just got my car reupholstered so, try not to drool on my seats."

#48 – Masquerade

"You know, you aren't as tough as you think."

"What do mean?"

"I just mean that you aren't as tough as you think you are, or want us to think you are."

"Tony, I am Mossad-trained. I have seen things you cannot even imagine. Don't think I am not tough."

"I didn't say you aren't tough, I am just saying that maybe, just maybe, you need to let go of this shell."

"Oh, and how do you suggest I do that?"

"Let me break it, Ziva. Let me in and actually talk. It's human nature to talk and share things. Unless of course…my Alien-Ziva theory is correct."

She shot him a look from across the pen but let a small smile sneak across her face.

#49 – Broken

Her nostrils flared with anger after he had grabbed her and kissed her. Her eyes were filled with a wildfire, and her cheeks were enflamed with fury. She was wild, untamed. He liked her that way, and would never try to break her.

#50 – Nightmare

"Watch this," Tony hissed to McGee, "I'm going to call her. It always gets her so pissed off."

"Can't wait to see this," McGee said sarcastically. He wanted no part in Tony's pranks.

Tony called up Ziva's number and squinted with confusion at her ringtone.

"Tony!" Ziva shouted, "What did I tell you about calling when we are in the same room!"

"Is that a personalized ringtone?" McGee asked.

"Yeah," Ziva blushed, turning it off.

"Beyonce, nice."


"So what am, your sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare?"