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It takes me a moment to realize where I am when I first open my eyes this morning. Always a consequence when you wake up somewhere new for the first time. I take a minute to stretch and immediately regret it. Every single muscle in my body feels as if they are in knots. Thank goodness I had my brother Jason to help me move yesterday or it would be even worse. When I look at the clock on the bedside table I notice its only 8:30, but I groan and slowly push myself out of the bed.

"Coffee" I tell my cat Bob. Not like he's gonna get it. I reach down to give him a good morning pet and make my way to the kitchen.

My new apartment in Shreveport Louisiana is tiny, but perfect for me. I only got one bedroom and about the smallest kitchen I have ever seen. Though I gotta say I love the hardwood floors. There is also a little balcony that overlooks a playground with a little flower garden that goes all the way around. Like I said perfect for me. Anybody who knows me knows that Sookie likes her sunbathing.

I make it to the tiny kitchen and find the box with the coffee maker in it. Thank goodness I put the coffee and filters in there with it when I packed. I sure didn't want to go digging through the boxes to find it. While I wait for the coffee to finish I go to the balcony door and open it up. The morning is cool, but it feels wonderful with the sun shining so bright. Apparently my balcony faces east. I leave the door open and make my way to my yummy cup of wake-me-up goodness.

I need to accomplish a lot today. I still got about five boxes down in my car that I need to bring up and a whole lot of unpacking to do. I finish my coffee and scarf down a granola. After I get my shower and brush my teeth I search through my dresser to find a pair of cut-off shorts and a white tank, yank my hair in a pony and get to work on my new place.

Cleaning usually helps me think and it seem unpacking has the same effect. So I start to think about tomorrow and prepare myself mentally for my new position as sous chef. I got real lucky in landing the job in the new up and coming restaurant Valhalla just a few blocks from my apartment. My friend Amelia is the head waitress there and she put in a few good words for me.

After I got my culinary degree I tried to talk my Gran in to letting me move in with her so I could take care of her, or help anyways. Any body who says Adele Stackhouse can't take care of herself doesn't know my Gran to well. She told me she would have none of that she's perfectly capable of handling herself just fine and I should put on my big girl pants and make a life for myself. I argued with her for a bit about her place in Bon Temps only being about an hour away from Shreveport even with traffic. But she insisted that Jason in close enough that if she really needs something she can call him.

Not that my brother isn't trustworthy, he is. As long as you're not his girlfriend that is. He has a way with the ladies and doesn't stay tied down to one too long. He just tends to think about himself first more than others. Like yesterday, he kept fussing about all the stuff I had and how he could be off with his "girl of the week" Tanya. I just kept my mouth shut and urged him to hurry so he could get to his plans. Glad he helped me with all the heavy stuff I would never have been able to get my furniture up to the third floor without his help. Thank goodness still the building has an elevator, which was really convenient.

So that's what I am doing. I am starting a new job tomorrow in a new town and a new apartment. And who knows maybe make a few new friends along the way. I had a few friends back in Bon Temps, but most of them thought of me as "crazy Sookie" I guess because I sorta danced to the beat of my own little drum.

I didn't let all the other kids influence me too much and have a tendency to challenge the ones that follow along with everyone else. And when it came to boys I never really found one that held my interest for too long. My first and last boyfriend was Bill. We dated for about four months before I found him in his bed with the head cheerleader Lorena. He kept trying to talk to me about it and get me to come back to him. So when I asked him why he did it he just said he had "needs" to take care of. Apparently since I did not have sex with him he found someone else. So yes, at the ripe age of twenty-five I, Sookie Stackhouse, am still a virgin. But all that is history and the story of my wonderful childhood is one for another time.

I guess I didn't notice how much time had passed till my stomach started growling and reminded me. So I finish with the box I am working on and head to the kitchen to make me a tuna sandwich. After I finish that and clean my dishes I take a look around at all the work I have accomplished. Since I got my bedroom finished last night, I really just had a few things to do in the bathroom, organize and unpack in the living room and kitchen. My living room is small but I only have a little furniture a little red loveseat with silver black and gray throw pillows, a dark wood coffee table and a recliner. I put my bookshelf over in the corner across from the TV, simply because it would not fit in my bedroom. In the kitchen I got my little steel framed table with glass top and white chairs that seats four, my few cooking appliances and dishes. It's a rather cute apartment if I do say so myself. Nothing fancy but quaint, just like me.

With everything unpacked and organized in the apartment I remember I still have a few boxes in the car. Its still early only about 3:00 in the afternoon, I feel like I have made great progress. So I give myself a little atta-girl, grab my keys off the coffee table and head out the door.

The elevator is only four doors down from mine so I push the button and wait. There are ten floors in the apartment building, but I haven't had to wait too long for the elevator. The bell dings and I hop in and push the first floor button. I walk through the lobby and wave at the desk attendant Tray. He's my best friend Amelia's boyfriend, and about as big and strong as an ox. After I make it to my car I notice that one of the boxes is labeled books and I remember that's one I wanted to get Jason to carry for me cause it was pretty heavy. Not that I am not strong enough to carry it, cause I am. I just remember how heavy it was loading and now that I am sore today from all the heavy lifting yesterday I am not looking forward to it. I save it for last.

After I get all the other boxes upstairs and unpacked I make my way downstairs to get the final box. When I make it to the lobby struggling to keep from falling over with all the extra weight from the box, I notice that there's someone by the elevator and the doors are opening so I yell for them to hold it for me thank goodness the person does and I almost trip making it through the door. I drop the box to take a break and catch my breath and to thank my savior for holding the door. So I turn to him and look up- up and up some more only to find the most beautiful clear blue eyes I have ever seen. I am sure this man thinks I am crazy just standing there with my mouth open breathing heavy from all the extra work. So I quickly pull my face together and grin my best "nervous Sookie" grin.

"Hey, thanks for holding the door for me I'm Sookie, Sookie Stackhouse in 3D." I offer my hand for a shake.

He just looks at it for a second as if I was asking him to hold a snake or something and finally shakes my hand. His hand is so big it swallows mine up completely but it warm and strong without being forceful. But I can't seem to let go because I get this warm feeling when he touches my hand that seems to radiate from my stomach all the way to my toes and fingers. Now I am sure I held on to his hand for way too long so I pull it back real fast and smile up at him.

"Nice to meet you Ms. Stackhouse, I am Eric."

I swear it sounded like he just purred, the mans voice is smooth like velvet and dripping with sex appeal.

"Nice to meet you Eric" I stammer.

This man not only talks sexy, but he is sexy from head to toe. Blonde hair, just a little lighter than mine, swept back in a band, that looked like it would fall at about his shoulders. Tall and very well built, with broad shoulders and chest. I could not stop staring at him. When the bell dinged to indicate my floor I huffed and squatted down to get my box. When I felt a hand on my shoulder I just about jumped out of my skin.

"Here let me get that for you Ms Stackhouse" and he picked the box up with ease.

"Thank you and its Sookie" I said thankful I didn't sound like I was a teenage girl drooling over Edward Cullen. I led him to my apartment and held the door open for him to come in.

"Just put it down anywhere is fine, thank you so much. I forgot to get my brother to get that one yesterday when he was here helping me and anyway I didn't realize how heavy it was." Needless to say I kinda ramble on when I am a little nervous.

"Not a problem really." He put the box down in the corner by my bookshelf and turned to head back out of the door. Just when he was about six inches from my body he leaned down to whisper in my ear. "You know, you really shouldn't tell strange men your apartment number and let them in you never know I could be dangerous." Then he stood back up straight and headed to the elevator.

Something about the way he spoke to me struck a nerve and I could not keep my little smart mouth shut. "I will make sure that I do that boss man, now thanks for your help goodnight." And I slammed the door probably a little more forceful than necessary. But I just hate it when men don't think that women can take care of themselves. I slumped my back against the door and then shoved off it again to finish my unpacking, trying my best not to think of Mr. dreamy eyes.

I didn't succeed, at all. I just kept thinking about those shoulders and how they would feel to bury my head into them. And his gorgeous eyes and how I felt as if I could loose myself in them. I have never ever been one of those girls that just lusts after someone because they are physically beautiful, but here I was doing just that. I mean I don't even know the guy.

After I finished my dinner and cleaned up I took a nice hot shower brushed through my hair a few times and got my hello kitty pjs on. Yeah I know I am too old for hello kitty but they are just so comfy. I snuggled up in an old afghan my Gran had made me to read a little in one of my romance novels. When there was a knock on the door.

I startled me but I think I recovered quite well before I spoke. "Who is it?"

"Delivery from the management ma'm." a male voice stated.

I opened the door to see a little old man with white hair and the sweetest smile I have ever seen holding a single red rose in a silver vase.

"Oh, thank you." I took the vase from him then he turned to walk away.

"You have a goodnight ma'm."

"Same to you thanks." I went back inside to look at my flowers wondering who in the world sent me flowers.

I went to put the pretty little flower on the kitchen table and pulled the little card out of it to read it.

Ms. Stackhouse,

I hope that you enjoy your new apartment. Welcome to NorthmanTowers.

~Eric Northman

I nearly dropped the card, and choked on my own spit. Surely it's not the same Eric. I was just about to have a full blown panic attack when I decided it was time for bed. I'd just have to think on that tomorrow.

I could not help but to think about it. And to wonder if he did that for all the new tenants. I finally decided that that's exactly what it was and drifted off to sleep. Only to have dreams of Mr. dreamy eyes.