Love StarGirl


Nothing ever stays the same after someone leaves. If you have ever heard someone say that than do them a favor and hit them. Hit them hard, because I have the proof that so much changes with just one person leaving my life.

After Stargirl left, nothing was the same for me.

My heart hurt so much that I just wanted to go crawl under and rock and die, but I knew she would not want that to happen to me. She would want me to be happy, and believe me I tried. God how hard I tried, I just can't be happy without her.

But things just kept happening that reminded me more and more of the one women that I could ever love.

I would just be walking by a store window and see something that Stargirl would have worn one day or a million days. Other days I would just sit in the mall like we would and make up stories about the people that walked by. I did what I could to just try and bring a little part of her back to me.

Slowly, I began to turn on myself. I would stare for hours and hours at the mountains in the distance and wish something would happen that would finally put me out of my misery.

I could not begin to count the times I looked at the road as I walked home and saw a car driving past, going way over the speed limit, and I thought to just stand in the road and wait for some idiot to plow me over.

But I never did, because I knew she did not want me to kill myself and maybe I held onto a little part of my sanity hoping that one day we would meet again someplace, somehow. Maybe fate would bring us together once again, up maybe it would keep us apart for the rest of the time that we had on the stupid planet.

Yet another but. I can't take it anymore. As the world keeps going and Stargirl lives her life so many miles away from me, my heart can not take it anymore.

And now as I stand here, my hair blowing around my face in the silent desert night. I watch as the first stars come out of their hiding place in the sky and the gun seems to be getting heavier and heavier. I smile and hold it at my temple, the cold steel pressing into my skin.

"Love, Stargirl." I say and the trigger is pulled, and a loud bang echo's in the valley.


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