Kankuro's Bedroom- Summary, you ask? Does this story really need one? Yoai, that sums it up real nice.

PWP, majorly. I wrote this to try and overcome my writer's bloc for my other stories. That and boredom. So...


They had an audience. Karasu, Kuroari, and Sanshouo stared down from their hanging places with glossy eyes. They watched without a blink at the scene displayed for them on the small and squeaking stage that hit the wall with a rhythmic thud. It was the same rhythm that set the character's dialog. The gasps of breath and mumbled names. It was a brilliant show.

One body hung suspended over another. His back displayed with rippling muscles under smooth, slick skin. Fingers were sprawled across his shoulders. Legs were clinging to his waist as his hips drove forward. Causing a hard squeak and booming thud along with a loud gasp over and over.

His face turned towards the tan neck under him. Kissed it, licked it, bit it. His costar's head turned to let him play. In doing so performer met viewer. Cloudy, dark eyes, looked into the ones watching the show. The actor's mouth was gape, his face a shade of pink, his fangs shining brightly in the dessert moon light. His audience member looked right through him from his balcony seat.

Three loud knocks hit the other side of the wall behind the bed. "Kankuro! I'm trying to sleep!" A muffled voice cut into the splendid scene.

"Bitch…" the puppet master growled and bit down hard on the offering flesh.

"Kankuro!" He couldn't contain his moaning scream as his back arched. In favor his nails drug down the beautiful skin they once clung to.

"Kiba," the groan was reciprocated along with faster thrusts, earning louder sounds. The bed hit harder against the wall and more knocks tried to stop them. "Calm… down… Tem! Almost done!" Kankuro shouted back between pants.

"You're so gross!" She shouted back.

Kankuro grinned and moved one hand down between their bodies. His fingers curled around the hard flesh and began pumping in time with his hips.

"Kankuro…" Kiba's back came off the bed again, "Kankuro!" he moaned in warning.

"Fuck…" Kankuro grunted as Kiba tightened. His thrusts slowed but got harder. Snaping forward, rolling into Kiba, rhythm gone. "Gonna, gonna, oh shit… Kiba!" Kankuro offered little warning before he was consumed in the pulsing heat of orgasm.

Kiba gasped hard. Every part of his body tensed and practically screamed in release.

Sadly, there was no applause from their audience of puppets.

One body fell hard onto the stage. Both sighed and smiled. For a long while all that was heard was rough breaths as bodies cooled. "Your puppets freak me out," the dog-nin confessed.

"Your dog freaks me out," the puppet master retorted.

"He doesn't watch," he pointed.

"They're not alive," the Suna native argued.

"It's still creepy," Kiba sighed, looking up at the puppets.

"Then stop coming over," Kankuro offered, lifting his hands behind his head.

"But I don't want to miss the matinee," Kiba grinned.

"What?" Kankuro asked in confusion.

"Nothing," Kiba sighed and shook his head.

There was a long moment of warm and comfortable silence. Kiba's eyes drifted closed as his body prepared for well deserved sleep when an elbow nudged his side. "Hey," Kankuro asked for his attention.

"Hm?" Kiba hummed, refusing to open his eyes.

"Tem's gotta be up early tomorrow," he stated.

"So?" Kiba asked groggily.

"Wanna keep her up?"

Kiba didn't say anything but a smile spread across his lips.

Hope you liked it.