Garfield: Maximum Speed

It was a bright morning filled with misty joy, when Garfield awoke from slumber.

"I am Hungry." Garfield thought with hungerous glee. "I must have food or my stomach will rebel."

Jon Arbuckle was cleaning his dishes and Odie was busy practicing his fencing.

"Good morning, Garfield, did you hear? Lasagna Palace has opened!"

"Lasagna Palace? What is this Tom Foolery?!" Roared Garfield.

"Check the TV, there the truth will be revealed." Responded Jon Arbuckle.

Garfield looked at the television and saw a beautiful commercial.

"Lasagna Palace, where all of your Lasagna fantasies will become reality."

"I will go to this palace, and find my lasagna." Said Garfield.

Be careful Garfield, for I sense dangerous peril." Said Jon Arbuckle.

"I am always careful." Responded Garfield as he walked out the door.

Garfield walked down the street whistling his sweet music when a bus passed him on the road. Upon seeing the bus Garfield thought to himself. "What strangeness."

All of a sudden Garfield's cell phone leaped to life with a thrilling shriek.

"Who is this?!" Garfield sternly demanded.

"I am Howard Payne, the Lasagna Bomber!" Responded an EVIL voice.

"Pop quiz Garfield, What do you do when there is a bomb on a bus filled with innocents?!"

"What madness is this?!" Garfield bombasted.

"There is a bomb on that bus that just passed you, and if the bus goes under maximum speed, it will explode!!" Shouted the vile voice.

"Oh No! I am the only one who can save them!"

Garfield rushed to the bus and flung himself in.

"Who are you acrobatic cat?" Bellowed the bus driver.

"I am Garfield and there is a bomb on this bus, you must drive at maximum speed."

Upon seeing Garfield, a shifty man stood up and pointed a gun at Garfield.

"You will not take me Garfield! I am not going to prison, if you do not believe me then look at the point of my gun for it is not a liar." Said the man with great haste.

"Relax man, I am not here for you, whatever you did I am sure you are sorry. Here I am not a cat, we are just two cool dudes on a bus." Responded Garfield in a cooley chill voice.

The man seemed to relax but then a stupid man in football suit tried to tackle him causing him to fire at the driver who was hurt. Garfield kicked away the man's gun with furious speed.

"Stay there, crime rat." Scolded Garfield.

Garfield rushed to the driver who was hurt bad.

"My friend, your sacrifice will not be in vain, I will eat you, and your strength will be mine own." Said Garfield tenderly to the driver. And so Garfield ate the driver.

"Who will now drive the bus?!" asked Garfield.

A very pretty lady stood up.

"I will drive the bus!" She exclaimed.

"Ok get your rear into gear and get over here!" Shouted Garfield.

"What must I do?" She asked.

"You must keep the bus at MAXIMUM SPEED to avoid certain detonation." Responded Garfield. They sped along the highway at maximum speed but all was not well.

"This is too fast, if we keep going at this speed, the passengers will get sea sick!" The young woman said concernedly.

"That is a risk I am willing to take." Responded Garfield with stern determination.

A few miles ahead, Garfield saw that the road ended in a dead end right off a freeway.

"Oh no if we keep going there will be certain doom!" Said the woman.

"I know but what choice do we have?" responded Garfield.

It was then in the distance that they saw a figure. It was none other than Jon Arbuckle.

Jon Arbuckles eyes flashed with the fury of the owl.

Jon Arbuckle bent his knees and put his hands to the side while beginning to mutter some words.

energy was building in Jon Arbuckle's hands as he said the words.

"AMAKOOOOO" a blast of energy shot forth from Jon Arbuckles hands and destroyed the bus killing everyone but Garfield who cast a barrier spell in time.

"Garfield I have been looking all over for you thank goodness you are alright." Exclaimed Jon Arbuckle.

"Yes but I will have vengeance on the Lasagna bomber, and avenge those innocent passengers." Said Garfield.

Garfield shook his fist at the sun. "I WILL AVENGE YOU!!"

Garfield and Jon Arbuckle walked into the Lasagna Palace with renewed determination.

To be continued…