Garfield part 3: Beyond Thunderdome!

Garfield was almost done training in his gravity machine doing his one handed pushups and pull ups at the same time. For his final exercise he lifted a dumbbell that weighted 1000 gigatons with one hand. After his refreshing workout he realized he had super strength and iron muscle.

"I am now ready for supreme battle." He said to himself as he emerged out of his gravity machine. Outside he saw Jon Arbuckle, Harry Potter, and the others waiting.

"Your abs are as hard as ice." Said Jon Arbuckle with impressment.

"You are like Greek god, Garfield, you are Hercules." Said Harry Potter.

"Garfield you are so manly with testosterone." Said Hermione.

"Enough chit chat we have villainy to end. Come Jon Arbuckle." Said Garfield as he hopped into his red Corvette with custom lasagna license plate.

"Garfield, we must come and help you!" Said Harry potter with concerned voice.

"Yes please let us help you." Said Hermione crying uncontrollably like a woman.

"No, this is mans work." Said Garfield with sterned rightness, because he knew he was right. Garfield than drove off with Jon Arbuckle with COOL music blaring and gave his fans a farewell thumbs up.

As Garfield drove, he and Jon and intimate talks of great emotion.

"Garfield, you cannot spend your days fighting evil and questing for adventure, you must one day find a woman to cook and clean for you so you can settle down."

"Jon Arbuckle the day I stop fighting will be the day I stop breathing. Evil has not stopped and neither do I." Said Garfield as he rubbed his most square jaw.

As Garfield Jon Arbuckle sped at near Maximum Speed down the road they noticed they were being tailgated by two wizards riding motor cycle brooms.

"Oh no Garfield! Voldemort must have sent them to foil our heroism!"

"The only thing they will foil is themselves, take wheel, Jon Arbuckle!" Exclaimed Garfield in exhilaration.

Garfield jumped on the roof of his very expensive red Corvette.

"This road is closes for construction!" Garfield shouted with heroism.

One of the biker wizards threw a Molotov cocktail at Garfields red corvette chipping some paint off.

"That is coming out of your allowances!" Shouted Garfield as he shot the villain with his pocket machine gun sending him flying to doom.

As another wizard biker approached Garfield faced him with earnest.

"I am the federal department of motorcycles and your lifecense is been revoked!!" Declared Garfield as he dropped kicked the biker wizard into oblivion.

Garfield thought he had won the battle when he heard a loud helicopter sound. A wizard driving a helicopter had appeared.

"Will this foolery not be ending?" Thought Garfield aloud to himself.

Garfield leaped like grasshopper 500 hundred miles into the air to meet the helicopter.

"I like my helicopters shaked not stirren." Said Garfield most cooley as he grabbed the helicopter and piledrived it into the ground.

Garfield returned to the drivers seat where he took helm.

"We have no lose time to spare. Lets put the pedal to the medal and go overdrive." Said Garfield fearlessly.

With those wise words, Garfield sped along to the lair of Voldemort and the Lasagna Bomber.

When Garfield and Jon Arbuckle came to the lair it was barricaded with do not enter signs and attack dogs and security guards, but it was little threat to them. They smashed their way through the steel barricades running over many evil henchmen.

Soon they entered the throne room where the lasagna bomber and voldemort were hatching evil plans.

"HAha Garfield! You are too late our plan is in the final step!" Said Voldemort.

"That is right Garfield, soon we will send lasagna bombs to the equator to destroy it killing the children with global warming!" Shouted the Lasagna Bomber outrageously.

"No, I will not let the children down they look up to me, the only equator that will be destroyed is you!" Said Garfield with justice.

" Garfield you are manly but are you manly enough to fight me alone?!" Said Voldemort.

"NO Garfield, he is using trickery!" Cried out Jon Arbuckle.

"Silence, I will fight him alone and teach him to question my manliness." Said Garfield.

Voldemort cast ultima 4 at Garfield knocking him down and pinning him.

"You are pinned!" Said Voldemort.

"Enough of this womens fighting." Said Garfield as he channeled his inner energy. As Garfield channeled his muscles grew even bigger and his shirt ripped off.

"Now I am mean business!"Scowled Garfield.

Garfield than punched right through Voldemorts magic barriers and into his chest, pulling his heart out of his evil chest.

"I will give this to the sick child needing heart transplant." Said Garfield proudly as he held the heart.

"No! I am heart broken for the second time!" Said Voldemort as he fell down to his death.

"It is your turn Lasagna Bomber! Time to pay the porpoise!" Said Garfield with roaring power.

"No Garfield it is your time to pay with dividends!" Said the Lasagna bomber as he pointed his rocket launcher at Garfields chest.

"One step close and you will be having heartburn!" Said the Lasagna bomber with wicked vengeance.

Garfield lunged forward with courage but was shot in the chest! Everyone was shocked and dismayed.

"NOOOOOOOOO." Said Jon Arbuckle in moaning agony.

"HAHA! I have won and you have lost!" Said the Lasagna bomber leeringly.

"No, villain it is you who as met the maker!" Said Garfield dramatically as he tore off his shirt to reveal a bullet proof vest!

"I will use the power of love and friendship to defeat you!" Said Garfield as he pulled out his magnum and shot the Lasagna bomber in half.

"You may have won the battle but the war is just began!" Shouted the Lasagna bombers torso as it flew into space.

With Voldemort and the Lasagna bomber beaten, their lair destroyed with force of 10 nuclear bombs. Garfield and Jon Arbuckle rode away on the open sea, pondering futures.

"The day is saved Garfield." Said Jon Arbuckle, looking into the open sea as he rode his raft.

"Yes, but for how long?" Said Garfield as he rode his custom Harley Davidson motorcycle next to Jon Arbuckle.

They both rode into the sunset, with comradery in their hearts and friendship in their minds.

The End??