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It was a seven hour flight back from Reos, where the three of them had been negotiating a treaty between two warring races for the past two days. Bruce really didn't know why he had been included on this mission. Apparently he was supposed to just look imposing and discourage any would-be rebels from interfering in the peace talks.

"ETA six hours forty-four minutes," He said, hands on the controls. The Javelin was perfectly capable of flying them home on auto-pilot, but he trusted himself more. Especially since it was a smaller version, only three seats. More vulnerable.

"It's a long flight," Diana said. She was seated next to him, with Clark on the other side. "Close your eyes."

"I'm fine."

"You are not," Clark said. He was reading some cheap paperback thriller.

"Stay out of it, Kent. Neither of you are sleeping."

"Uh, oh," Diana and Clark exchanged a look over his head. "He called you Kent. Better not push your luck or it'll be Superman next."

"He has a point, though. I'm exhausted." Clark dog-eared the page he was on and set the book on the dashboard. He closed his eyes and put his head against the window. He was promptly asleep.

Diana reached over and hit the switch that dimmed the lights.

"I can't fly if I can't see," It wasn't really true—his cowl had perfectly capable night vision.

"Then don't fly," Diana sighed, stretched out, and put her head on his shoulder. Bruce reached over to accelerate. She pulled his hand back.



Diana hit another switch, and the cabin was completely dark. He relaxed, pretending to give in, and she snuggled up.

Bruce waited until her breathing had slowed. Then he shifted her back to her own seat, found a blanket in the compartment under the dashboard, and threw it over her.

He took a sip of coffee and reengaged manual controls.