Zedd, Kahlan & Richard were still feeling jubilant following the death of Rahl. It had been a long struggle, but they'd finally won. Richard's happiness was compounded by the fact he had his two companions by his side again. Something he'd feared might not happen when he had been thrust into the future. Thrust into a cold, dark future. A future without Kahlan. Having successfully returned to his rightful time, with Kahlan at his side, he finally put an end to Darken Rahl and his evil reign over the people of the Midlands.

They'd spent the last several days camped not far outside Marley Glenn, a small town that had been loyal to the resistance. They'd enjoyed their time of rest and each other's company. This being their third day near the town, Richard said he was up for a bit of fun. "Let's eat"! Zedd suggested. "That sounds like a bit of fun I'd like to partake in".

Richard and Kahlan shared a knowing smile. Their friend was always ready for a meal.

They were heading for the local street fair, glad for it to be going on in town while they visited. There'd be plenty of food and perhaps a bit of excitement as well. Richard walked close to Kahlan, their shoulders touching every other step. Kahlan had noticed Richard stayed even closer to her than he had before…when Rahl was alive and evil was all around. Not that he was ever far, but since he'd come back from that dark place he'd told her of, since they'd stood on the cliffs at Marchers beach, they seemed somehow closer. While neither had said the words that day, they both had felt their overpowering love for each other. She was happy for it. She wished they could share more than the touch of a shoulder.

Reaching the fair, Zedd headed straight for the food. Richard and Kahlan found a table for the three of them. "How about some spice soup"? Richard asked with a smile as Kahlan took her seat. "Yes, please. That sounds delicious". Zedd returned first with a plate of various dried meats and fruit, setting it down where they could all reach it.

They sat quietly for a few minutes when Zedd finally broached a subject he'd been putting off. "I'm sorry dear one about Denee". Shota had confirmed to him that Rahl had in fact killed all the remaining Confessors, save one. Kahlan. Her sister, Denee was among the last to be killed when Rahl destroyed Valaria, their magical hiding place. She smiled softly, thankful for his sympathy toward her. "You're the last now". She had a feeling where he was going with this and she didn't like it. He continued, "There will never be another Confessor. Unless…." She looked at him with steely eyes "unless what"? She knew what he meant. She needed to take a mate. To bear a child and continue the line of Confessors. "Kahlan…" he spoke softly. "You know what must be done. No other Confessors can ever be – especially now that the Shirkhia have been destroyed. Now a Confessor can never be created, only born. And you are the last".

She could feel her eyes brimming with tears. How could she even think about taking a mate? How could she hurt the only man she'd ever loved or ever would love? "Zedd, please, isn't there some other way? Isn't there something you can do to make Richard immune to my power"?

"I'm sorry, my dear. There is not". He looked at her steadily. "You need to tell him what you must do. You must act soon, before we depart".

"Zedd, you can't expect me to do this now! We've just defeated Rahl. Richard and I did that together. How can I leave his side now? I know he loves me Zedd, and I love him. I can't do that to him". She also meant she couldn't do that to herself. It would destroy her. She might as well die right now.

"We are here in a town filled with people." He looked at her more pointedly. "Filled with men. You must tell him. Or I will".