Mag's thoughts were a whirlwind as she made her way to the office of Rotti Largo. She didn't know why he had asked her to see him, but she knew that it couldn't be anything pleasant. She entered the office and sat in the chair opposite Rotti at his desk.

"You wanted to see me?" she asked.

He had been watching something on his screen behind his desk when entered, but now he had spun his chair around to face her and was motioning for his guards to exit the office. Mag's heart began to race when she realized what was coming next.

Once the guards were gone, Rotti beckoned Mag to come closer to him. She hesitated at first, but eventually stood and made her way around the desk to where he was sitting. He placed his hands on her hips and stood as well. He leaned forward and placed a kiss on her forehead and she cringed. When he went to kiss her lips, she turned her head, denying him access. He was frustrated, but remained calm. He put a hand on her chin and turned her head to face him before trying to kiss her again.

"Please Rotti, don't…" she pleaded, as she continued to struggle against him.

His frustration turned to anger, and he slapped her across her face. She tried to fight back tears, but one escaped and rolled down her cheek. Rotti put his hand to Mag's face to brush it away, with a tenderness that made her stomach turn. There was still anger in his voice when he spoke,

"You will do as you are told." he sneered.

She slowly nodded and let him have his way. She doesn't even know why she tries to resist anymore. She knows that she never really has a choice in the matter, because what Rotti Largo wants, he gets. She thought of Marni, and wondered if it was anything like this when she was with him. Marni always spoke well of Rotti; never mentioning the monster behind his mask. Mag now understood a little more, the reasons that Marni left this terrible man. She wished that she could leave him too. She willed herself to think of something, anything to take her mind off of Rotti and her situation. She wanted so desperately to break free from the hold he had over her, but what could she do?

Wait…she thought, an old friend still works for GeneCo, someone Rotti favored. Maybe he could bring Rotti to his senses; or at least try to help me get out of this mess. But would he even bother? It's been so long…Well, it's worth a try. And it would be nice to see him again. I wonder how he's holding up?

She made up her mind to pay Nathan Wallace a visit that night.