Chazz girl: Yeah...this story is fuckin dead.

Logan: *rolls his eyes* Someone decided to fall back into batman and lost all interest in this dumb ass story.

Chazz girl: Shut up I don't like it anymore....

Logan; you even said a couple more chapters.

Chazz girl; THIS STORY IS STUPID I CAN'T WRITE IT ANYMORE! The last story was a fucking piece of shit and I hated how it was going. So I refuse to write anymore of it without any inspiration! This thing was suppose to be fun and it lost all the fun! I've been dying to write something about batman for the longest time ever! Yet I couldn't because this fucking stupid story wasn't finished! So I had to spend SO much time on this story when I hated it every time I wrote it out! So this story is officially over. *points a bazooka at it* wanna help?


Chazz girl and Logan; *aims the bazooka then fires* Ooh...pretty colors....

Scott: While they go...stare at the 'pretty colors'

chazz girl; Wonder how much damage that cost.

Logan; don't know...How about we aim this at your fans who start complaining about you endin it?

Chazz girl: GREAT IDEA!

Scott; ….*sighs* anyway I am sorry to say that the story will defiantly not continue....quick question why did you guys blow it up? There was no point of it...

Chazz girl and Logan: CAUSE IT'S FUN!

Scott; ...i feel so much smarter around you two...anyway...her newest idea is really....wait what would that be considered?

Chazz girl: what do you mean?

Scott; That idea of yours you had for batman the dark knight or something. Joker and Harvey fall for the same girl. Would that be considered...

Chazz girl; Don't say it! That'll spoil it to EVERYONE!

Scott; And once again people become teenagers....what is your obsession with that anyway?

Chazz girl: *shrugs* I'm a teen I like to write things that involve teenagers because I know how they act more than I know how an adult acts. That and ukes are cuter younger |D

Logan; oh yeah....*points at Chazz girl* That reminds me you like pedophile Joker.

Chazz girl; *!* SHUT UP! ///

Scott; I remember that day dream. Batman became like....what....eleven? Joker had to take care of him because he basically kidnapped him. Then as it went on, batman told Joker something about love. They found the cure, he barely got older only seventeen then they...had their way.


Logan; hehe also made Batman the uke.

Chazz girl: *pouts* would be cute...I like Batman being the feminine one...

Logan and Scott; Joker's the one who wore the nurses outfit.

Chazz girl: Batman would look sexy in it too.

Scott: Right...

Chazz girl; hm....maybe I could write a ScottLogan story one day too....

Logan and Scott: Do that and die!

Chazz girl: blah blah blah boring people.

Scott: I'm leaving. -_- *walks off*

Chazz girl: ….wanna blow up some buildings now?

Logan; You do know I'm a super hero right?


Chazz girl: ….so....

Logan; lets blow up the bank!

Chazz girl: SWEET! BYE BYE! *runs off*