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Oh. Crap.

"What did you do?."

Sokka turned toward the sound of Katara's voice, wilting slightly as she turned her baleful glare at him. He tried not to look too guilty. "Something happened between you two. " He let himself breathe a small sigh of relief when she resumed staring daggers at Zuko's back. " Something you're not telling me."

Azula wasn't the only sister prepared to do evil things to her brother if she needed to. Sokka's vague report back to Katara on his spying mission hadn't helped. She had refused to believe a word of it. This is going to be the worst day ever.

His eyes flicked nervously over to the object of their discussion. Zuko was helping Teo fix the axle on his chair and doing a terrible job of pretending to not look back in their direction.

His mouth went dry. "We had words." Long sweaty moaning words. He was incredibly pleased that his voice didn't crack.

He watched the anger suddenly drain from her. "I shouldn't have made you follow him," she berated herself. "For Aang's sake, I don't want you and Zuko fighting. "

Sokka wished more of his fights had that kind of outcome. His overheated brain took a Zuko-detour, replaying some details from the day before. He failed to notice her frown shift to a small smile and startled at the feel of her hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry," she said, her voice filled with concern. "It was selfish of me to put you in that position."

Position. He liked that word. What a great word. Position. On my back had been pretty good. Maybe backing him up against a wall would be nice….

Hey! She's waiting for you to say something! "No apologies necessary." He couldn't keep the squeak out of his words that time. Stupid voice!

So he tried again. "I'd do him… IT!... I ah… I'd do it again in a heartbeat." Gah! Brain, you are not helping!

He didn't wait for her to respond. "Well, that settles that." He scrambled up and rubbed his hands together. "Ahh.. I'm gonna go… you know. Hunt and stuff. For a bit. Bye!"

Her shoulders slumped in confusion as she watched Sokka's rapidly retreating back. "Such a weirdo," she muttered to herself.


Sokka kicked the ground in frustration as he came up on another empty circle of rope. He began grumpily unknotting the rope from its tether to free the lower tree branch from the snare he had set. What a waste of an afternoon.

He shouldn't have gone hunting so distracted but it had been a good excuse to keep his distance from the others. His brain had been replaying highlights from his demonstration on how to defuse-a-firebender all day and his dick really liked that plan. The last thing he wanted to do was face the rest of the group sporting a boner.

Well, he wouldn't mind facing Zuko with a boner, but probably not in front of everyone else. Probably.

The proximity of the words Zuko and boner in his thoughts distracted him enough that the tree branch holding the snare slipped from his hands, whipping him across the cheek. Could this day possibly get worse? He growled and said nothing. He knew the God of Irony would make sure something comedic and painful would happen to him if he did.

Frustrated in more ways than one, Sokka made his way back to the temple. He couldn't stop thinking about feelings. The heat of Zuko's mouth. Thigh against thigh. The little shivers Zuko made when he…

Damn. He wanted it. Again and again, as often and in as many ways as possible.

He couldn't not talk to Zuko. How was he supposed to start this conversation? Hey there. Yeah. Do you remember yesterday when you rode me so hard I thought my dick would snap in two? Can we do that again? That would go over well.

His path back to camp took him past where Aang was going through some firebending moves under Zuko's critical eye. He quietly took the long way around them to the stairs to take a seat, careful to avoid distracting them while they worked.

"You need to time your breathing better. 'Before the foot or hand strikes comes the breath'" Zuko adjusted the position of Aang's feet. "You're short, so use it to your advantage. You need to sink even lower to uproot your opponent more effectively." Zuko squatted impossibly low, weighted on one foot and struck out with the other to demonstrate. He rose easily and called "Again!"

Sokka wouldn't have admitted to it under pain of death but watching the guys spar was pretty damn cool. They both moved with grace and power that made him a little bit jealous. He could see the differences between the two styles: Aang's feet almost floating above the ground at times, slipping around his opponent like an eel. Zuko was more aggressive, taking the most direct route, attacking through his opponent, spending very little time evading or redirecting.

Aang sunk low, driving his foot forward, creating a curtain of flame.

"Better," Zuko praised grudgingly. "That's enough for now. We'll take it up again in the morning." They bowed to each other.

Aang looked up from his bow, finally noticing Sokka watching from the long stone steps. "Hi Sokka!" Aang waved to him then blushed as his stomach rumbled loudly. "Whoa! I think dinner's calling me. I'll see you guys later!" He was off in a yellow and blue flash, following the smell of food drifting into the courtyard, leaving him alone with Zuko.

Uh oh. He hadn't quite been prepared for that. Particularly not a shirtless and sweaty Zuko.

Zuko paced towards him with a scowl.

Sokka absently scratched at his face, desperately thinking about how to get out of there with the least amount of burnt flesh possible. Fuck. He changed his mind. He hates my guts. He is totally going to kick my ass right now. He spouted off the first thing that came to mind. "Hey you guys sure were looking great out there, you know it's really nice…"

"You're hurt."

"… that you figured out that whole dragon thing and… what?" It took a second for his mouth to catch up with his brain. He followed Zuko's line of sight to his own hand and saw blood. Confused, he swiped at where he had been scratching his cheek and pulled away even more blood. Had the branch really nailed him that hard?

"Hold still." Zuko bunched up the towel and moved in close to dab at Sokka's face. The freshly opened scratch from his tree smack earlier stung a little at the contact. Sokka inhaled sharply through his nose and got a huge whiff of something. A little musky, a little spicy, cinnamon maybe? Spirits, were all firebenders a walking aphrodisiac?

"Your sister should take a look at it."

It took him a moment to realize Zuko had pulled away to gather his things. His brain had been too busy exchanging notes with his dick about what Zuko smelled like to take notice.

Wait. No beatdown? Things were looking up.

"Thanks. I didn't notice it when it happened." Okay. Need to stop thinking with the peener and have The Big Talk. He tried to start again. "You know, I was wondering if you wanted to talk about yesterWHAT is THAT?"

Zuko looked up startled, holding a scabbard of… something in his hands. "Oooh!" Sokka clapped in delight and bounced to Zuko's side, The Big Talk forgotten. "Lemme see!" Zuko bemusedly handed him the weapon.

He ran his hand over the decorated overlay and saw that it was a twin bladed weapon. Sokka put on his best pleading expression. "Can I try them out?"


"Sweet!" He eagerly took the interlocking hilt and drew it from its scabbard. He tested the weight of the dual blades combined and pulled them apart to admire them individually. "What are they?" he asked in awe. The weighting was slightly different from Space Sword but they were balanced, perfectly even in either hand. He gave himself some distance and swung them experimentally. Nice!

"They're dual dao swords. I haven't had much chance to practice with them since I got here. I figured I'd get some time in today."

Oh, today was about to get all sorts of awesome. "Would you spar with me?" Sokka held his breath, hoping Zuko wouldn't laugh in his face.

"I can but I don't know if your club would be that great of a choice…"

Sokka twinned the dao together and sheathed it. "No, no, no! I have a sword. A real sword. Made from space metal!"

"Space metal," Zuko repeated blankly.

Sokka thrust the dao back into Zuko's hands. "I'll show it to you! Then we can spar! After dinner maybe? If that's okay with you?"

D id Zuko just get stung by a dragonwasp? No, wait! That's a smile. I think.

Zuko nodded. "After dinner is fine."

Definitely a smile. Sokka was a little surprised at how pleased this made him.



He ducked under a left handed swing and nailed Zuko in the calf with the point of his scabbard, forcing Zuko to stumble forward a few steps. Zuko recovered and turned on Sokka with a pants-wettingly creepy grin on his face and Sokka danced back, wiping the sweat dripping from his face with his forearm.

I just had to ask for this, didn't I?

They had sparred tentatively at first, not sure what to expect from each other. Then they got down to business.

The dual blades had thrown Sokka off for a little while but he figured it out. He already knew from watching Zuko teach Aang that Zuko preferred the most direct route of attack. So he evaded, redirected and generally made himself a pain in the ass. And that was something he was damn good at.

Zuko tapped the side of his thigh, signaling a submission. Zuko relaxed and bowed formally so he followed suit. "I'm impressed," said Zuko, still wearing that scary, scary grin.

"Thanks! Not so bad yourself." As he gathered up his water skin and took a big swig, he caught Zuko limping slightly out of the corner of his eye. It was the same leg that Sokka had taken out at the end of their match. "You okay?"

Zuko grimaced a little and waved him off. "Just a cramp." Zuko hiked his pant leg up to examine his leg.

"Eugh! Gross!" Sokka came in close to inspect the outline of the bruise he had caused and watch in morbid fascination as the muscles twitched out of control underneath it. Muscle cramps something he was all too familiar with growing up in the frozen South. He kneeled down without thinking and began massaging the area.

"Man, I am so sorry! I didn't think I had hit you that hard and I should have been more careful." He knew he was babbling but he couldn't help it. He watched the tremors cease as he vigorously rubbed the calf muscle under his hands. "And I hope you're not pissed at me. I can't tell but I would have expected you to tell me to shut up by now and did I mention I was really sorry?"

Still no response. He forced himself to look up. Hoo boy.

Zuko was watching him, breathing harder than he had during their workout. Sokka's dick was happy to point out the flush in the other man's face and the way his lips were slightly parted. Thanks for the help, observant penis.

He stood up and almost got lost in a wave of Zukosmell. "Umm. I was wondering if you wanted to talk about things and I'm pretty sure the only way this would be more awkward was if we were doing this in front of my sister and I never, ever, ever want to think about my sister and us having hot sweaty monkey sex in the same thought again especially since I'm a little fired up right now but mmph!"

There was a tongue in his mouth. Well, in addition to the one he usually had. Sokka sucked on it gently, savoring the feel of it running over his teeth. The extra tongue left his mouth but was sneakily drawing in his bottom lip in between sharp teeth. Getting nibbled on wasn't so bad.

He felt Zuko's lips withdraw but was a little too dazed to respond.

Zuko had that smartass smirk on his face as he said, "Good to know that's one way to get you to stop talking."

Sokka cleared his throat. "So I take it that you would be okay with a rematch?"

"If you meant sparring? Then yes. Or us having 'hot sweaty monkey sex'?" Sokka almost came in his pants watching Zuko's mouth echoing his words. "Also yes."

I think this just became the best day ever. "Oh good!" He hooked behind the heel of Zuko's good leg and kicked it out, dropping Zuko on his ass.

Sokka pounced on him. "You had me worried for a second." He lapped at an exposed nipple.

"You fight dirty, Water Tribe," growled Zuko as he fumbled to get under Sokka's clothes.

"And that's somehow a bad thing?" He tugged at the other man's trousers, freeing what he wanted. "Why hello there!" he said addressing the angry red cock that sprung to greet him. "How are you today?"

Zuko's words were forced out from between gritted teeth. "You are totally insane. You know that, right?"

He looked up and waggled his eyebrows. "It's what makes me so lovable."

He ran his hand up Zuko's inner thigh, barely touching the heated skin. He heard a loud snort and was unprepared for the convulsion that nearly threw him off the man beneath him.

What just happened? He tried it again. This time he got a burst of laughter that was quickly cut off by Zuko clapping his hand over his own mouth.

Sokka's eyes went wide in wonder. "You're ticklish?"

Zuko's face was a whirlwind of confusion and horror.

That was all the confirmation he needed. Sokka lit up with pure sinister glee. I am the luckiest man alive.

He tongued the skin beneath Zuko's belly button, pressed his lips firmly to the finely haired skin, and blew out a raspberry against the sensitive area. Zuko's laughter mixed with a sob as his body trembled out of control, forcing Sokka to hold Zuko's hips steady to continue the torture.

Sokka reached out again, fingers dancing feather-light against ribs and waist. Between ghostly touches he would pause and engulf the head of the rock hard cock bobbing in his face, sucking hard. He felt the other man clench around his finger as he worked to gain entry, Sokka's other hand effortlessly targeting sensitive spots.

I get a curse if I brush here, moan if I thrust there. He was feeling benevolent so he decided to take mercy on his new toy. He engulfed all of Zuko in his mouth, humming a tune in time with the thrust of his fingers. He started to feel his toy tense in and around him.

Zuko was blindly tossing his head back and forth. "S..Sokka. Gonna… gonna..." The rest of his warning was lost in gasps and sighs.

Sokka picked up his pace, tasting the bitterness as his little firecracker exploded. He took a little time to admire his handiwork: sweat matting hair to Zuko's brow, flushed and panting, totally relaxed for the first time that Sokka had ever seen. "This is a good look for you. Really."

Zuko had enough energy to pull him up for another kiss. Here they took their time, Zuko exploring, tasting himself in Sokka's mouth.

Sokka pressed himself against Zuko's thigh, wanting to maintain any kind of friction while Zuko recovered his wits. He groaned softly as Zuko wrapped his legs around his waist. "Are you sure?" he asked, suddenly serious. In answer Zuko arched his back up off the ground, grinding against him.

He went slowly, filling his brain with thoughts of tiger seal hunting so he could last as long as possible. He played with angles, trying to get Zuko to make more of those little noises he loved to hear. He laughed in amazement at Zuko firming up between them.

They worked at a great counterpoint, building up and up until neither could take it anymore and they tumbled down together to lay still afterwards, a sweaty tangle of limbs.

Sokka lazily traced patterns on Zuko's chest. "This is my favorite kind of training."

"Mmmhmm," came the sleepy murmur of agreement.

"So if we're keeping score, I think you still owe me."

Zuko slurred his words as he began drifting off in exhaustion, "I'll make it up to you."

"You'd better," Sokka said with a snort as he snuggled in closer, letting sleep claim him as well.