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The year is 2009. 6 months after Xana sent his entire mechanized army to earth. Taking control of all the worlds top countries. The united states now served as one giant factory that Xana used to mass produce his robots. Japan he uses as his port country. Using the civilians that were unable to escape as his slaves. Most of the world leaders have fled to secrete locations at the start of the invasion. Most of them believed to be dead, leaving the world leaderless. The Lyoko gang separates, each leaving to protect their families the best they can. Yumi goes to Japan, Odd to Italy, Ulrich to Germany, while Jeremy and Aelita stay at the factory, one of the last safe places in France.

For the tenth day in a row, Jeremy sits in front of the supercomputer, desperately trying to contact someone, anyone.

"This is an all channel broadcast, this is Paris calling: Is anyone out there?, please respond!" Jeremy said into his mouth piece. "Repeat: this is an all channel broadcast: this is Paris, is anyone out there?"

"Jeremy, give it a rest, you need some sleep." Aelita said walking up to him. "There hasn't been any radio activity for 5 days, you need to rest."

After a long thought, he finally gave in. "Alright but promise me that you'll keep trying while I sleep?" he begged.

"Ok Jeremy, I promise." she said. That seemed to ease his worries as he made his way to the elevator and down to the scanner room that now served as his and Aelita's sleeping quarters.

It took him a while to fall asleep, thoughts of his friends plagued his mind, stealing him of precious sleep. His eyes finally falling closed, after what seemed like an eternity… Perhaps he would get some rest after all.

"Jeremy! There's someone on the radio!" Aelita shouted. - No sleep today.

His eyes bolted open, now fully awake. "who is it, Aelita? Where are they? What's the situation? What…"

"Jeremy, take a breath!" Aelita shouted, unable to answer all of his questions.

"They want to speak to our leader… I thought that would be you." she said handing him the radio headset.

"This is Paris, who is this?" he said into the mouthpiece.

Static, and then… " This is Combat Headquarters, Berlin." a mans voice said. "Who am I speaking to?" the man asked.

"Jeremy Belpois, sir."

"What is your status?"

"We are refugees hiding in an abandoned factory in Paris, Sir. We are running out of food and water."

"What do you number?"

"Only two of us, sir." he began. "there were more of us but the other were either killed but the robots, captured, or have died from our lack of food." he explained. Then he began asking the questions. "How many other countries are left… alive I mean? are their more survivors?" he desperately hoped the answer was 'yes'

"As I understand it, the only remaining safe grounds are the northern parts of Canada, the outlying islands of Japan, and here, in Berlin." The man stated.

"Sir may I ask a favor?" Aelita piped up.

"Yes, what is it?"

"A friend of ours…Ulrich Stern, he went to Berlin after the invasion started. Have you heard of him?"

"Ulrich Stern…? Why, yes. He is my son." the man stated.

"Is he ok, is he there, can we talk to him?" Aelita asked.

There was a moment of silence, then voices could be heard in the background…finally a voice came back. "Hello, Who is this?" it was indeed Ulrich's voice, but it was different.

"Ulrich, you're alive!" they both shouted, happy to see that their friend was alive.

"Are you two okay? What about everyone else, how are they doing?" he asked.

"We're fine," Jeremy said in a low tone. "but everyone else, they're gone Ulrich, all of them, we're the last that's left…"

"Oh my God…" was all he could manage.

"I'm sorry Ulrich, we just ran out of food and water…"

"Don't be sorry. It isn't your fault" he assured them. "don't worry, I'm coming to get you!"

"What do you mea…" and the line went dead. "What do you think he meant?" Aelita asked.

"I don't know."

"Ulrich, where do you think you're going?" his father shouted to him. Disbelief in his voice.

"Paris, France!" he said bluntly, as he and a squad of volunteers packed into a helicopter. the pilot signaling that he was ready to take off.

"I forbid you to go!" his father yelled over top the sound of the helicopter. "you're my only son, and I love you." He said.

"They are my friends, and I refuse to abandon them to death." he said sternly.

"I order you to stand down, ALL OF YOU!" his father roared.

"Dad…for once, that's an order I can't follow." He said, and the chopper took off. "I love you too dad." he said quietly. "But so do they." "Pilot! ETA to Paris?" he asked.

"Two hours, Sir" was the reply.

"Good, lets hope they can last that much longer."

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