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Rating: G

Summary: Ron and Herm get into a fight, again, and Hermione leaves to clear her head. She gets into a bad situation and Ron has to help her out of it. Then he teaches her how to fly on a broom. And someone unexpected finds them and startles them pretty badly.

Setting: Sixth year, boring day during Christmas break.

Paring(s): R/Hr and a mention of H/G

Characters: Harry, Ron, & Hermione.

Chapter 1

In Which Hermione Finds That Flying Really Isn't That Bad

"Check!" Ron shouted victoriously as Harry looked at the board for a space where his king could be safe. Hermione watched on with mild curiosity. It got boring day after day to watch what seemed like the same game over and over. Harry tried valiantly of course but he still seemed to lose quite a lot. With out meaning for it to, Hermione's nagging instinct kicked in.

"Shouldn't you two be working on your Potion's assignment?" She asked, crossing her arms and looking distastefully at the chessboard.

"We will, we will." Ron said in an annoyed voice, clearly not hearing a word Hermione was uttering. "Go on Harry, make a move!" Harry looked intently on the board, though he knew that Ron should have been paying more attention to Hermione. She hated to be ignored.

"You'll wait until the last day of break to even start on it!" She pestered Ron again, her voice rising just a bit. "Are you even listening?"

"Yes, yes, whatever Hermione." Ron mumbled. Harry tried very hard not to slap Ron in the head. He knew what would happen any second. He'd seen it too many times through out the six years he knew Hermione and Ron, not to know what was coming.

"Don't expect me to help you then!" Hermione exclaimed in a huffy voice.

"Oh I don't need your help anyway. Move Harry!"

"Fine! Don't accept my help. You could at least be doing something constructive like practicing Quidditch. Heaven know are team needs more help!"

"Are you implying that our team is not good at Quidditch?" Ron shouted back at her. The chess game had been forgotten and Ron stood up to face Hermione who was sitting on a couch nearby curled up with the huge potions book. She was trying very hard not to pay attention to Ron. Harry leaned back in his chair. Why did this always have to happen?

"Oh I didn't mean it like that! You know I didn't." Hermione said quickly.

"Sure. You think our team is horrid at Quidditch! I'm sure it's my entire fault then. I am the captain after all. So does that mean I'm bad at Quidditch too Hermione?!" He yelled, his anger rising to a dangerous level.

"I never said anyth-" Hermione began but Ron cut her off.

"No! Don't say anything Hermione! You can't take back what you said! Forget it!" Ron shouted.

"Fine! I'm leaving. You're being ridiculous! I can't concentrate in this infernal common room! Goodbye Harry!"

"Fine! Go then! We don't care!" Ron yelled at her retreating back. Harry sat, stunned. His mind was no longer on chess but on how much of an idiot his best friend could be sometimes. Ron really couldn't see it could he? He really couldn't see how much it hurt Hermione to fight with him.

After a few minutes Ron, who had been standing up facing the entrance to the common room, turned around and sighed as he returned to the chess game. "What is wrong with us? Why can't we just talk like normal people with out wanting to kill each other?" He complained flopping into the big puffy chair.

"Uh, this has been happening for six years and you're asking me?" Harry laughed at his friend's expression. "I really don't know. It is your problem after all. You two are going to have to figure it out by yourselves. Maybe you shouldn't go off on her like that all the time." Harry ended carefully for he knew that Ron wouldn't be very pleased with that comment.

Ron looked up stunned at Harry. "Me?! Go off on her? Were you even here two seconds ago? She was the one who started this whole thing!" Ron shouted.

"I was here two seconds ago. I know that she got mad at you but she always does. Sometimes you just make small things into big deals when they really don't need to be. I don't know why you took it like that anyway. She wasn't saying that you were bad at Quidditch. She's just saying that our team hasn't been as good as it usually is, which has nothing to do with the fact that you are captain. It just means that we have to try harder and that is exactly what she was trying to get at. Now about the homework…she's always complaining about you not doing it. If you didn't make such a big deal about it-"

"If I didn't make such a big deal? Well, I see whose side you are taking Harry!"

"Ron, that isn't fair."

"Oh really? I'm leaving." Ron said, getting out of the chair again.

"You know I didn't mean it like that! You have to calm down about things."

"Calm down? She said I was horrible at Quidditch Harry." Ron told him, a little depressed. His shoulders rose and fell as he sighed.

"I'm sorry. Don't get mad at me over this. You just need to cool down for a while. Maybe the best thing for you to do would be to talk to her. You don't have to do it right now but you should do it sometime. I doubt that she meant to hurt your feelings. That doesn't sound like Hermione does it? She didn't mean to make you feel bad. She cares about you too much to do something like that."

"Fine. I'll talk to her, sometime. But I am not going to do it now." Ron concluded sternly.

He sighed and left the common room. Thinking about even attempting to talk to her, just made him feel even angrier. He didn't know why he got annoyed at her so much. He didn't understand why he cared so much what she thought. Sure, she was his best friend but he shouldn't care what she thought about how he played Quidditch. She never enjoyed the game anyway. What did she know about how to play?

This thought didn't make him feel any better. Of course, he didn't like fighting with Hermione and what she thought about how he played really didn't matter but it still hurt to think that she thought the team was doing badly. He supposed that it was ok that she thought the team was bad but why did she have to say anything about it? Why would she say that the team was bad right in front of the captain? She'd never said anything like that when Angelina was captain and it was probably a good thing she didn't dare say anything like that to Oliver.

'Of course,' Ron thought bitterly, 'the team was better then. Oh why do I care what stupid Hermione things anyway!?!' As he thought this, the answer was already forming. Of course he cared, she was his friend. She shouldn't say anything like that to him. He really wished that she would stop having that effect on him.

The fact was, even though he hated it, he did care what she thought about him. It bugged him to the very core. Sure, he bickered with her about homework but didn't he always stay up really late to finish it? Ron doubted he would have done that if Hermione hadn't been there. She had a strange power over him that made him crazy. Sometimes she'd make him so angry that he never wanted to speak to her again, but other times he just wanted to wrap her up in a hug and keep her there forever.

The thing he hated the most was when she cried. What was he supposed to do? He didn't know how to react around her. He always wanted to hold her very close when she cried but then again, she'd probably just push him away. He, after all, was the reason she cried most of the time.

Ron stormed through the halls, not knowing exactly where he was going, only knowing that he wanted to be as far away from Harry and Hermione as possible. He avoided the library for obvious reasons. He decided that the Quidditch field was the best place. Hermione would never be there. He made his way to the field, not even stopping when Neville said hello to him.

When he reached his destination, he looked around at the snow-covered ground and shivered. He was happy that he was wearing his Weasley sweater, even if it was ugly. He looked up at the sky and wondered why he didn't come out here more often; well, besides the fact that it was freezing of course. It was very peaceful, even if the temperature wasn't perfect.

He scanned the goal posts, enjoying just looking and feeling the air that Quidditch was played in. He loved the game so much. He could spend all day out here in peace just feeling content about his surroundings. He looked up at the sky again and as his eyes floated over the fifty-foot goals, he thought he saw someone clinging onto one of them. Ron rubbed his eyes, making sure that he wasn't seeing things, and looked again. There was someone up there.

"RON?" The figure shouted. It was Hermione. She shouted again as hard as she could but the wind was starting to blow harder and he couldn't catch her words. He was beginning to seriously think of leaving her up there until he realized what a horrible thing that would be.

"What am I doing? I can't leave her. What kind of friend would that make me?" He told himself sternly. He didn't understand how she had gotten there in the first place but he knew that if he did leave her, he would regret it for the rest of his life. "Oh why must I be so damn noble?" He huffed, heading for the broom shed.

"Hold on Hermione!" He shouted back up to her but she looked down at him and from what he could see, she couldn't hear him. He shook his head, mounted the broom, and kicked off. Being on a broom again lifted his spirits and he was very tempted to do a lap around the pitch but he reminded himself of the reason why he had gotten on the broom in the first place.

It took barely two seconds for him to reach her. She looked more scared than he had ever seen her in his life and she must have been cold because her lips were blue. She was clinging onto the circular part of the goal and it seemed like she was holding on for dear life, which was probably true. Whatever broom she had used had disappeared and she had no way of getting down.

"What are you doing Hermione?" He asked as he stopped the broom next to her, hovering fifty feet in the air.

She was shivering and she stuttered when she spoke, "I t-tried to fly up here to b-be alone b-but the broom got unsteady and I w-was f-f-flung onto t-the p-post." He sighed and edged the broom closer so she could get on.

"Come on. I'll take you back down." Ron replied. She looked down at the ground and clung tighter to the post. "Don't you know you're never supposed to look down Hermione? Please trust me. It will be fine. I'm not going to let you fall." He tried to tell her reassuringly.

"I-I am going to f-fall. It's t-too high. I-I'd rather s-stay up here f-forever!"

"No, look," He reached out his arms for her, clutching the broom between his knees. "It will be fine, just grab my hands." She whimpered and did not move a single inch. He groaned, grabbed the broom again, and moved it even closer. There was hardly any room between them and he didn't understand how she could be scared.

When she still did not move he gave up and grabbed one of her arms. She squeaked and Ron almost fell off the broom, he was still holding it between his knees, as a strong gust of wind hit them. She refused to let go of the post and didn't budge at all when he grabbed her arm, she only held on tighter. He was leaning dangerously off the broom and his temper wasn't doing to well at staying under control. For someone so smart she could be a complete idiot sometimes.

"Hermione! For Merlin's sake, will you let me help you? I won't let you fall!"

She laughed nervously. "I d-don't think you w-would c-care if I f-fell. Y-you'd probably b-be h-happy. I w-wouldn't n-n-nag you anymore about h-homework. W-wouldn't you b-be thrilled? No more Hermione t-to m-make your l-life b-boring and full of m-meaningless work." She was practically in tears from the pain of holding on so long and the terror of being up so high.

"Hermione! What are you talking about?! Are you crazy? Of course I would care if you fell but you aren't going to!" He pulled the broom back, regaining stability on it. "Please, just come here." She took one more suspicious glance at him before slowly reaching her arm out to him and grabbed his shoulder. He sighed, thankful that she trusted him, finally.

"Ok, now just put your other arm around and get on." Ron told her, trying not to get frustrated. She shuddered and reached out her other arm but a sudden blast of wind blew the broom farther away than she expected and she lost her balance. She was falling faster as she got closer to the ground. Thankfully, Ron acted quickly, aiming his broom handle downwards. He got underneath her before she hit the floor. He caught her in his lap and sighed thankfully. Her eyes were closed tight. She sat stiffly against him, pale and hardly breathing.

"Mione, open your eyes. I've got you. It's ok now." Ron told her. She opened her eyes slowly and when she saw that Ron did catch her, she threw her arms around him, sobbing in relief. He slowly brought them back to the ground where he replaced the broom with some difficulty as Hermione was still clinging to him.

"Mione, you can let go you know." He felt her nod on his chest and let go, though somewhat reluctantly. Still trembling with fear and cold Hermione began walking silently back to the castle, her arms wrapped tightly around herself.

Ron groaned, "Here." He said, jogging forward and handing her his sweater. She looked at it curiously and took it, smiling slightly as she pulled it over her head.

"Thanks." She said. She wasn't trembling as much as before and Ron suspected she liked being on the ground better. She looked away and sighed.


"Hermione-" They laughed a little. "You go first Hermione."

She stopped again to face him. "Thank you." She said, her eyes cast down at the floor. "I know you didn't have to help me. You should have just left me up there. I probably deserved it."

He put his hands on her shoulders. "Hermione, stop that. You're crazy. You know I wouldn't have left you up there. No matter how annoying you may get, or how angry I become because of these stupid fights, you are still my friend." She smiled weakly at him and looked away.

"I shouldn't have said that the team was bad. We just haven't been having the best year and it's nothing to do with you being captain. You're the best Keeper we've had in a long time. I just wasn't thinking. You really are great at Quidditch. I should have known that it could be taken different ways."

"You wouldn't have said it if it wasn't true. I know our team isn't the best. It actually isn't as easy to be the captain as I thought it was. We haven't-"

"Lost too many games yet and the whole team believes in you. I think you're doing a wonderful job." She told him truthfully. She looked at him and he smiled, his first real smile in a long time. He stepped closer and gave her a big hug.

"I guess I shouldn't have taken it so hard. I mean, if I hadn't yelled at you, you wouldn't have been out here in the first place." He said into her hair. They were still attached by the hug. She pulled away.

"It was my choice to come here and you know it." Hermione said stubbornly. "I probably would have come here and done this either way."

"Ok fine, but next time you get a great idea and you want to start flying all around, make sure to tell me so I can give you a proper lesson first!"

She laughed nodded her head. "You've got a deal. Can you teach me tomorrow?"

"What? You want to learn already? I thought you hated flying. Why are you so interested now?" He asked, starting to walk back to the castle.

"Oh I don't know. You and Harry have so much fun doing it. I never really got a chance to try. The flying lessons in first year weren't that great."

"Ok. Well, there is still time right now if you want to learn."

She bit her lip and looked around. "You don't have a sweater anymore. You'll be freezing cold."

"Oh forget that. Come on." He said, pulling her back to the broom shed. "You don't happen to have your wand do you?" He asked, walking inside the shed and finding that it was rather darker now.

"No. I don't. I wish I had remembered it. I could have gotten down from that post by myself by calling a broom or-"

"Never mind Hermione, I know you could have done it. Now will you help me find the broom? I, uh, forgot where I put it." He took another step into the darkness and promptly stubbed his toe, saying a few badly chosen, colorful words to express what he thought about it.

"Ron!" Hermione scolded. He mumbled something inaudible and groped around in the darkness for Hermione's hand. He found it and pulled her along slowly until he found the broom. It had mysteriously (A/N: Yep, it's a mystery to me too) gotten itself tucked into the farthest corner of the shed. Grabbing it, Ron turned around too quickly, right into Hermione.

"Ouch! Be careful Ron!" Hermione exclaimed, rubbing her head tenderly.

"Sorry Hermione." He said quickly. Hermione found quickly that he was saying this onto the top of her head, making wisps of hair move around her face. He idly put the strands of hair behind her ear. He could hardly see her but in the very dim light, he thought she looked very pretty. Perhaps she looked prettier because he could see her better, she was only a few inches away from him after all. He felt a bit like an idiot, just standing there, looking at her, but he couldn't more. His heart started to pound in his chest and he was sure that she would be able to hear it.

"Ron?" Hermione asked with a slight frown on her lips. Ron was suddenly aware of what was going on and he responded by blushing. At least it was dark.

"Sorry," he said hoarsely. He cleared his throat nervously and edged toward the half-open door. When they got outside of the shed, they immediately let go of each other's hand and told themselves that they would forget the last two minutes as quickly as they could.

Ron began to explain how to fly. "Now Hermione, flying is easy enough if you try. Do you want to go in front or in back?" He asked in a would-be-casual voice. She sat in front. "Ok, now, um, put your hands right here." He told her pointing to a certain spot on the broom.

"Here?" She asked, not knowing what she was doing at all and putting her hands in the wrong part of the broom.

"Uh, no it's more like here." He told her, awkwardly pointing to a different spot than the one in which her hands were clenched onto the broom. She once again failed to get them in the correct positions so he leaned over, grabbed her arms, and placed them on correctly.

"That's better. Now kick off." She barely pushed against the ground and they flew up a half a foot in the air.

She laughed. "I guess I will have to push a little harder won't I?"

"You might want to angle the handle toward the sky too. Like this," He grabbed her hands again and pulled up. "Let me push off this time. My legs are longer." He pushed off and Hermione angled the broom like he showed her. She gasped as they flew five or six feet in the air.

"Now angle the broom down slightly to the ground so that we land." Being nervous, she pushed too hard and Ron just barely pulled it up fast enough to save them from smashing headlong into the dirt. Ron helped them land.

"Try flying higher and we can try landing from there. It will give us more room to fix mistakes." She nodded and pushed off, hard enough this time, slanting the broom. They went thirty feet into the air and Ron helped her straighten out the broom.

"That was great!" He said enthusiastically. "Do you want to practice taking it down now?"

"Not really, I like it just like this, nice and flat. If it wasn't so high I would do this all the time." She looked down (A/N: You would think she would have learned her lesson the first time). She shuddered and leaned back against Ron instead, her breath unsteady.

"Don't worry. I know you won't fall this time. I won't let you fall. You wouldn't have last time if that stupid wind hadn't come." She shuddered as she remembered falling and he wrapped his arms around her waist. She stiffened but then relaxed, feeling safer in that position. "So, you just want to sit here?" He asked with a smirk on his face, scolding himself internally for the small voice in the back of his mind that screamed 'Say yes'.

"Well, no. If I knew how to fly better, I would gladly move around more but I am afraid I will make us crash into the ground."

"I can show you. Isn't that why I'm here?"


"Good," he took his arms away from her waist and she frowned, sad for the break in connection between them. He placed them around her shoulders instead and she smiled again. "It isn't that hard to understand. If you want to go right, move the broom, very slightly, to the right." She tried it but she turned too hard and they went zooming quickly in that direction.

Ron fixed it again saying, "That's ok, try to do it softer this time." She nodded and did what he told her to do. It worked this time and he smiled behind her.

"You really are doing great." He mentioned happily.


They continued to practice. After a while, it began to get dark and of course, Hermione was the first to notice.

"We should probably go inside. It's getting late."

"Yeah it is. You're right. Do you want to try landing again?" She looked back at him uneasily.

"I'm not very good at that. I'm not sure I'm ready."

"Don't worry. I'll help you." He took his arms off her waist, where they had been for the past forty minutes, placed them around her shoulders, and grabbed the broom. "We can try this again later. You are doing great with everything else, it's just the landing that you aren't too keen at." He bent it slowly at the floor. It was when they were hovering two feet above the ground that they hear it.

"Weasley! Granger!" They fell of the broom onto the ground rather roughly and looked up, shock and embarrassment already showing on their faces, wondering which teacher caught them. They hoped dearly that it wasn't Professor Snape.

Well, it wasn't Snape…it was someone much worse.

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