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Description: I got this idea since it's so close to Halloween, odds are I'm not going to finish it, I'm just writing this because it was an idea, and I want to see how many people like this.

Character Bio's

Note: all characters are wearing hunter/military camo and gear for durability, and evasive reasons.

Alfred Jones

Age: 22

History: Matthew's twin brother (legally changed names after parents divorced), College student.

Weapons: Remington 1100, Beretta hand guns, Baseball bat

Matthew Williams

Age: 22

History: Alfred's Twin brother, College student with Alfred

Weapons: M24 rifle, Beretta hand guns, Military cutlass

Arthur Kirkland

Age: 35

History: Tea maker, migrated to a large company in America

Weapons: M4 rifle, Glock hand guns, Pry bar

Francis Bonnefoy

Age: 37

History: French cook in America

Weapons: M16A2 rifle, Jericho hand guns, (oddly enough) his roses

Ivan Braginsky

Age: 28

History: came to America to search for his adopted sisters

Weapons: A-91 compact assault rifle, Jericho hand gun, Steel faucet

Yao Wang

Age: 29

History: Moved to America to find a living in the fast food industry (Old school friends with Kiku)

Weapons: QBZ-95, QSZ-92 pistols, Hook swords


Age: 31

History: Chief engineer in southern America

Weapons: Heckler & Koch G36, Heckler & Koch P8, Bowie Knives

Feliciano Vargas

Age: 25

History: Moved to America as a cook with his Brother Romano Vargas (Romano is currently missing)

Weapons: Beretta AR70/90 rifle, Beretta 92, Pole with white flag on top

Kiku Honda

Age: 25

History: Structure Tech liaison in America (old school friends with Yao)

Weapons: Howa type 84, Beretta 92 hand gun, Katana


Year 2015, the world succumbed to an epidemic that turned most of the world's population into Zombies. Only several million across the world remain human, waging a losing war against zombies, and only in groups of two-hundreds of people they struggle to survive day in and out. Follow nine young men who travel cross country avoiding huge hordes of zombies, and find comedy in their day to day lives.

Hetalia ZOMBIE

Chapter 1

Watch your back

"There it is" Alfred stood at the top of a large hill overlooking a large town. "Sacramento"

The group of nine well armed men looked upon a large city that was once the proud capital of California, now in ruins from years of neglect, and undead raiding the city for survivors.

"Ah, great I'm tired of walking, we just walked all the way from San Jose" Feliciano sat down on a rock taking off his backpack and set down his rifle.

"Don't worry we will rest here a while" Alfred said turning to his brother Matthew. "You know the drill brother"

Matthew nodded, picking up his rifle and stared through the scope, the scope being strong enough to focus 1500 yards away Matthew took a good look at the streets of Sacramento. As Matthew scoped Alfred the unofficial leader of the group turned to everyone else.

"How much food do we have?" Alfred asked the others as he rummaged through his backpack. "Rationing to the extreme"

"A day's worth of food, even after rationing to the extreme" Ivan said after inspecting his back pack.

"Same here" Arthur raised his hand, Francis, and Ludwig also raised his hand.

"Rationing to the extreme, I only have half a day" Feliciano sighed.

"Feliciano-san, half a day to you is three to us" Kiku said. Indeed Feliciano had the largest sack in the entire group, and while carrying food, he could support easily five times his weight.

"Alright, how's our ammo?" Alfred checked his weapons, and gave his lucky baseball bat a quick pat.

"Decent" Ludwig answered, he checked his sack, as he held most of the ammo. Ivan as well carried much of the ammo, but also focused on equipment that helped keep their weapons in good condition.

"Medicine?" Alfred turned to Arthur and Francis.

"Plenty, and good variety" Arthur quickly looked through his pack.

"Okay, nothing to worry about there I see" Alfred turned to his brother. "How's the city looking?"

"Very quiet" Matthew answered. "I don't see any zombies in the street, but we all know how they love the alley ways, and I don't have that good of a view from here"

"Okay, at least we know it isn't flooded with zombies like back in Santa Rosa a year ago" Alfred and everyone shivered remembering that year. They tried to take refuge in Santa Rosa, but it was packed with zombies, with low food, and supplies the group was forced to turned around and head to a different city, but however the place was so densely populated with zombies the group, met tons of zombies on their way out. The group however traveled by mountains, which for one reason or another the zombies seemed to stay away from the areas. Any small group of zombies that were in the ranges that the group was in, met a quick, and for some a nasty death.

"So shall we go, oh fearless leader?" Arthur asked sarcastically.

"Of course, but as always slowly, and cautiously" Alfred motioned for the others to follow, and the eight others picked up their bags, and made their way down the slope towards the South end of Sacramento.

One hour later

"Can you say, bloodfest" Ivan pointed at the walls of many buildings covered in thick spats of blood, body bits littered the streets. Alfred jumped when he stepped on something, looking down to see a human hand underneath his foot.

"Hugh, disgusting" Alfred ignored the hand and they continued forward.

"Cool, arterial spray" Ivan pointed at a long stream of red painting almost five whole buildings.

"Ivan! Disgusting!" Alfred was tempted to turn and smack Ivan, had they not been in a city that could have zombies lurking around the corner he would have done that already.

"Brother quiet" Matthew tapped Alfred on the shoulder.

"Right, sorry" Alfred turned his full focus on the streets, and the alley ways.

"Hey, little Alfred" Francis put a rose in his mouth.

"What?" Alfred grunted, turning to give an evil glare at Francis.

"A hotel" Francis pointed to a building that looked twenty floors tall.

"Excellent" Alfred said. "Let's try camping there"

"Oh good" Feliciano sighed exhausted.

The group made their way towards the door of the hotel. Ivan kept his gun at the ready, Alfred pushed the door open, and they took a quick look inside. Ivan looked inside and saw nothing, cautiously taking a step inside, Ivan listened for sounds of moaning or groaning. The zombies weren't capable of keeping quiet for a long period of time, Ivan looked left and right seeing nothing, he motioned for the others to follow. Arthur, Francis, Yao, and Kiku stepped inside, while the remaining for took one last look around outside before they too entered the building. Ivan stepped into the main lobby, and still found nothing, he took a look behind the counters, Alfred, Matthew, and Kiku looked through any rooms and doors on the main floor, the rest focused onto the far back of the lobby, where the stairs and elevators were located.

"Nothing" Ivan turned his attention away from the desks.

"Nothing, but more body parts" Alfred shut a door behind him. Matthew smirked as Alfred turned a little green.

"Shall we head upstairs then" Arthur pointed his M4 rifle up the stairwell. The stairwell, wasn't much to speak of, it was a regular carpeted stairwell, at each platform of the stairwell, a thick heavy wooden door blocked the enterance.

"Yes, let's" Alfred with the others began up the stairwell.

The group proceeded up the flights of stairs, and up the nineteen levels, two men overlooked the stairwell, and the rest looked quickly through the rooms. They finally made it too the twentieth floor, and they finished inspecting the final floor; there were no zombies in the hotel.

"Looks clean" Ludwig said after he exited the final room.

"Okay, now we barricade the door, and disable the elevator until we want to use it" Alfred turned to Kiku, "You know how to disable the elevator?"

"Yes" KIku answered.

The group moved towards the elevator, to see how Kiku would disable the elevator. And Feliciano pressed the button to open the elevator, Feliciano set his backpack down. He turned back to the elevator as the door finally opened.

"Aaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuugggggggg" Feliciano panicked as the door opened revealing a full grown man turned zombie. The zombie leapt for Feliciano and grabbed him, Feliciano stretched his arms forward catching the zombie's chest preventing the zombie from coming close enough to bite him.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH! GET HIM OFF ME!" Feliciano cried.

"Ah, look at that, Feliciano made a friend" Ivan just stood there not moving. The zombie pushed Feliciano to the wall behind him, Feliciano still managing to keep the zombie away from his body.

"I'll say, his friend is already looking for a hug" Alfred mused not the slight bit perturb that Feliciano was getting tackled by a zombie.

"The funny part about this is Feliciano isn't complying" Matthew turned to Alfred, and pulled the bat out of his brother's backpack.

"I know that is odd" Alfred continued aware that Matthew was grabbing his bat, but didn't care.

"Aren't we going to help him aru" Yao looked at the others questioningly.

"Ah, might as well, ready little Matthew?" Francis turned to Matthew now wielding his brother's bat. Matthew however looked more ready to hit Francis before the zombie.

"Sure" Matthew stepped up behind Francis as the two of them approached the zombie.

"Ah! Ugly breath, bad face, I mean ugly face, bad breath, SOMEBODY HELP ME ALREADY!" Feliciano cried as the zombie slowly inched closer to Feliciano's face.

"Hey, little zombie" The zombie turned its head, looking just as annoyed at being called little as everyone else. "Got a present for you" Francis took the rose out of his mouth, and quickly jabbed the end of the rose into the zombie's eye. The zombie groaned in pain letting go of Feliciano and reached for the rose, Francis quickly retracted his hand. "You're up to bat little Matthew". Matthew stepped up within striking range of the zombie, the zombie pulled the rose out of its eye, and quickly turned its attention to Matthew. Before the zombie could make a grab for Matthew, Matthew swung the bat, and hit the zombie in the groin.

"What are you-" Alfred began but couldn't finish after seeing the zombie's reaction.

"Oooooohhhhhhh!" the zombie groaned clutching his testicles, or what was left of them, after all the rotting, and beating from the bat.

"I didn't know they were sensitive to their jewels" Alfred looked on interested.

"Neither did I" Matthew said, winding his arms up to swing again. Matthew swung the bat and smacked the zombie square in the head. The group heard the zombie's skull shatter under the impact, and the zombie dropped to the floor, the group witnessed blood, puss, and what they were sure as brain bits spray the hall. "HOME RUN!" Matthew did a little victory dance, the zombie didn't get back up.

"Okay, let's dump him outside" Alfred with Ivan grabbed the limbs of the zombie and carried the body to the stairwell.

"Come on get up little Feliciano" Francis grabbed Feliciano by the armpit, and pulled his Italian friend onto his feet. "No harm done".

"NO HARM DONE, I ALMOST GOT EATEN!" Feliciano cried lunging at Francis, only for Ludwig to grab him and hold him back.

"Well, that takes care of the zombie" Alfred and Ivan got back to see a restrained Feliciano try to throttle Francis. "Alright, Kiku, disable the elevator, Matthew can you help me find things to barricade the door?"

"Sure thing bro" Matthew set down the bat, now needing to clean it as it was now covered in mucus and brain bits. "They rest of you can get unpacked, and look for a clean place to sleep, tomorrow, we search for food, and supplies"

The group split off, Alfred and Matthew entered a few rooms, that were obviously covered in fluids, that they didn't even want to try and figure out which kinds they were. Grabbing a bed, chairs, frame, unhinged closet door, mattresses, a small table, and a desk. Alfred and Matthew finished barricading the door and turned back to the others.

"There's only one room that appears to be clean" Ludwig called to the two North Americans. "This one, and it's big enough to fit all of us inside" Ludwig ushered them over. When the two brothers go to the door, they took a good look around. The walls were painted light blue, the carpet clean, and almost untouched, the group took off their boots in the door way, Alfred, and Matthew did the same. A large king size bed stood in the far left room, a decent sized kitchen occupied half the main room, a shower in a room on the right, and an office like room beside the bedroom. No one took the bed, as they shared equal grounds of comfort, sleeping on the floor, everyone found their space, and set out their stuff.

"Alright" Alfred began looking through the window, the sun setting over the horizon. "Everyone get comfortable, and get a good sleep, I'll be first to watch" Alfred picked up his shotgun and sat down on the couch. Everyone gratefully complied, laying down on anything comfortable they had in their sacks. Matthew set up his bed, but didn't go to sleep, he went and sat down next to Alfred.

"I'll stay up a little longer" Matthew announced, as he sat beside his brother.

"Goodnight" everyone chanted, as the last bit of light from the sun disappeared over the horizon, making the whole room go dark.

"Finally, a more secure room" Matthew sighed relaxing, his rifle resting between his legs. After a week in the wilderness, on full alert knowing a zombie could pop up out of nowhere.

"It's definitely nicer and much more comforting" Alfred sighed as his body sagged deeper into the couch.

"It's interesting how this happened, the zombies show up, the whole world collapses, and us once living luxury life, now struggling to survive" Matthew rested his head against Alfred's shoulder. "What a day"

"Indeed" Alfred answered, hearing Matthew drift off into sleep, Alfred didn't drift off, he was keeping on full alert to keep the others safe should zombies find their way into the hotel. But one thing was certain to Alfred. For the time they stay here, they will be living in the best comfort they would have in three years, and if they got enough people, they could try to camp, and rebuild here, but with only nine men, and especially no females, that idea was all but a dream. Alfred turned his head to the right and watched the moon slowly rise up to take the place of the sun, zombies were more active at night, but it didn't make them smarter, so they would still be safe, and Alfred was going to make sure it stayed that way.

Author's notes: I just had an idea for Halloween, I don't know how much I'm going to keep up this story, and I'm not sure how many people are going to like it. If people like it, then I will continue it along with my other story, but if people don't seem to approve of it, I'll consider putting it on standby. Also for those who read this, and are interested, I'm offering a challenge to Hetalia writers to try and write a Halloween story. Please review.