Hetalia ZOMBIE

Chapter 20

One Enemy for Another

Author's note: just to explain before I start for infuential geography, the bulk of the Sacramento Alliance occupies the West coast, other clan members to the alliance yet not really attached to the main alliance body are the Ranger's Clan who occupy most of Texas, the Quebecouis Clan which occupies most of Quebec, a little of Ontario, and the Canadian Meditaranian, and the Rhapsody Clan which rule Michigen, and Wisconson.

At the Purity Clan Headquarters

"YOU FOOL!" A man cried.


The messenger man who the Reapers had spared after their confrontation outside the Japanese refugee town, was smacked and hit the ground hard.

"Ow, B-but sir" the messenger began to plead.

"YOU WERE GIVEN ORDERS TO PATROL AND HARASS THE REFUGEE'S SO THEY DON'T COME ONTO OUR LAND, NOT TO CONFRONT OR EVEN TO START WAR WITH THE REAPERS CLAN OF ALL PEOPLE!" the man yelled. Wearing a pure white cloak, and holding a more authoritative arua about him, continued to repremand the messenger.

"B-but sir, they where harboring impure people on our ancestor's land, this cannot be overlooked, as you have taught in the-" the man tried to explain himself.

"I HAVE TAUGHT YOU WHAT WE HAVE FOUGHT FOR BEFORE THE APPOCALYPSE AND TRY TO UPHOLD SOME OF THE BELIEFS NOW, I did not teach the beliefs of our ancestors to risk destruction of our clan" the authoritative man continued. "The Reaper's Clan is fighting to restore humanities dominance of the world and destroy the plague that his putting humanities survival in jepordy. We fight to retain security of our land and to keep it from outsiders, we also fight to destroy the plague that haunts the world. And yet here you are inviting war with one of the most dangerous clans possible, and also a member of the strongest alliance on the continent. Do you have any idea what you have done?"

"I-I" the messenger tried to respond, however he had angerd one of the Purity Clan's leaders, and now that he reflected on it, he may have just doomed the Purity Clan to its own destruction. The Purity Clan had decent potential for military might however the Purity Clan's boundaries make them neighbors to the Sacramento Alliance to the west, Southwest, and the Northeast, and several Warlord Clans on the East coast, Southeast, and the Northwest. Even if the Sacramento Alliance did spare them from destruction, it wouldn't stop the Warlord clans from tearing their land and clan apart, the best outcome would be that the Sacrament Alliance or the Reapers Clan agrees to not fight each other.

"I have made a huge mistake" the messenger said.

"Yes you have, and unfortunately it cost us the lives of several of our members, you had to be foolish about what you said to the Reapers Clans leader, Alfred F. Jones, from what I heard you insulted his wife and his kids" the leader sighed. "You better be glad that you returned alive, if someone insulted my wife and my kids, I would leave that person out to rot."

"What will you do sir?" the messenger asked.

"I'm gonna have to ask the Reaper's Clan to reconsider the possibility of war" the leader said. "If we go to war with the Sacramento Alliance, were a doomed people, and there's no telling if even after we're defeated that the Sacramento Alliance will keep us. If they don't they'll leave us to the Warlord Clans, assuming they won't destroy us, like they did the Hunters Clan."

"Yes sir" the messenger replied solomnly.

"SIR WE HAVE TROUBLE!" A messenger cried as it charged into the meeting hall.

"What kind of trouble?" the man said as he stood up to meet the messenger.


"Wait, what's happened?" the man asked.

The Sacramento Alliance Council

"It's settled then, if the Purity clan leadership makes an attempt to call us and stop the possibility of war then we'll heed the call" Anthony the head of the Combatants Clan said as they summed up the meeting after the Reapers clash with the patrol group of the Purity Clan.

All the Sacramento Alliance Council members then left the meeting hall, Ivan, Kiku, and Alfred stayed in the meeting hall with Anthony as they still had some things to talk about.

"Really Alfred, youse can't let it bother you" Anthony said. "No one has ever really liked the Purity Clan much, and while I agree you could have kept your head on, you really just did what maybe half the continent has wanted to do for the past decade" Anthony said in his usual eastern accent.

"Thanks, Anthony, but I feel like I really pulled a stupid move, I mean, I'm the leader, and as usual I've caused trouble again." Alfred said sinking deeper under the table in response to his growing depression.

"Alfred-san, you can't keep beating yourself up, those fools deserved their fate" Kiku said.

"Thanks Kiku, but to be painfully honest your not the best person to be trying to cheer me up" Alfred replied, referring to Kiku's personal relation to the hate talk that the Purity Clan members spouted. Kiku could only sulk in response, while he felt no remorse for what happened, he couldn't deny he was on a biased point of view right now.

"Oh stop your mopping da" Ivan started, which caught Alfred's attention, cause if it wasn't Matthew who was cheering him up or putting him in line, it was Ivan. "What's done is done da, you need to also remember that you were under a lot of pressure da".

"Ivan, how was I under pressure?" Alfred asked.

"Remember, you were just getting back from rescuing thousands of Japanese innocents from Japan da. You gave them a place to live and their freedoms back, you also were under the responsibility of keeping them safe and comfortable, as you did just pry them from their home nation. The Purity Clan challenged your responisbility, insulted your friends, and family in some of the most offensive ways possible beyond murder, or enslavement. While yes you could have kept a level of reason, but always remember your responsibility is to the clan, the alliance, your friends, and above all else your family, not to the polotics of the current times da." Ivan said with a big childish grin on his face.

"Ivan, how is it that you of all people other than my wife or Mattie, is able to come up with speeches that seemed to get me out of my cycles of depression?" Alfred pouted realizing how much a Russian was helping him, and this was Ivan of all people.

"Because I'm that good, and because Russian's take care of their family da" Ivan replied with an uninterested look on his face.

"But I'm not-" Alfred began.

"Matthew is family da" Ivan said. "Which also makes you family da. NOW BECOME ONE WITH RUSSIA!"

"Aaaand, there's my depression again" Alfred sulked at his new reason for depression.

"VVVVVEEEEEEEEE, ALFRED!" Feliciano cried as he rushed into the council room.


"Ve, ve, I'm sorry Alfred, but we g-got a call f-from the P-purity clan, a-and they h-have something t-to say to you" Feliciano described, seemingly unable to decide if he should cry due to Alfred's yelling, or be scared due to the message he heard.

"The Purity Clan?" Alfred asked. Without another word Alfred and the others rushed towards the Alliance's Radio room. "Fill me in on what happened"

"Ve, W-we got an e-emergency call n-not to long ago, a-and the radio o-operator was distressed, and they r-really wanted to speak to you and the whole council" Feliciano answered.

"But the whole council has already left" Alfred moaned.

"No worries Alfred-san, I'll go fetch the rest of the council" Kiku volunteered.

"Alright Kiku, but be fast" Alfred replied.

"Yes, Alfred-san" Kiku replied respectfully, and left to go find the rest of the council.


"Counsellor Alfred" A radio operator acknowledged as Alfred and the others entered the room.

"Just Alfred is fine" Alfred replied as he followed Felicano to the proper radio, However Ivan wasn't done with the radio operator that acknowledged Alfred.

"Call me Master Counsellor Ivan da. *poke* *poke*" Ivan said as he stood behind the radio operator, one hand poking the radio operator in the cheek, the other hand holding the radio operator fast in place by the shoulder.

"H-h-help me" the radio operator begged outloud, however no one seemed interested of getting in Ivan's way for fun. "Somebody help me" the radio operator cried as Ivan still held the man in place, still poking him happily.

Feliciano showed Alfred to the Radio, and handed Alfred the microphone.

"Hello" Alfred spoke somewhat nervously into the microphone.

"HELLO, ALFRED IS THAT YOU!" a voice cried on the other end of the communication line.

"Yes, it's Alfred, Who am I speaking to?" Alfred asked. As Alfred finished his reply, the other Councilors arrived just in time to hear the Purity Clans Reply.


"I can't just simply let you enter, however keep heading towards the boarder, I'll send some planes to scope out the situation." Alfred Replied, Alfred then turned to Ivan who was still happily poking away at the one radio operator.

"Ivan, get Matthew I'm sending you two on a reconissance mission" Alfred said, when hearing this, Ivan's smile grew even wider.

"Does that mean I get to fly that?" Ivan asked.

"Yes Ivan, you and Matthew get to fly the F-22s" Alfred acknowledged.

"YAY!" Ivan cried happily as he ran off dragging the unfortunate radio operator with him.

"HELP ME!" The radio operator cried as Ivan dragged him away.

"Did you guys hear something?" Alfred asked.

"Can't say I did" another council member said.

5 Minutes Later

"You and Ivan are going to take an F-22 each, and your going to fly into the Purity Clans Territory, we got a radio call from them claiming that a huge horde of infected has attacked the west coast, however we're not sure whether to expect a horde of infected or them pulling a fast one on us" Alfred explained.

"But Al, we don't get any spare parts for these planes, using them uses up it's shelf life" Matthew argued.

"I know, but we need to move fast, we don't know how far away the Purity Clan is away from our borders, and the fighter jets are the fastest things we have, the moment we get our armored, and vehicle brigades out, all we'll find is the Purity Clan rushing our borders. Rather than screw this up again, I'd rather get what's really going on" Alfred replied.

"Alright" Matthew replied, having no further objections.

"Will we get any armament on our planes da?" Ivan asked still dragging the radio operator with him.

"Yes, we have loaded the planes to the teeth, as there is a possibility that we will not get to use these planes again. And Ivan, what did I tell you before, NO TOYS ON THE PLANE!" Alfred yelled refferring to the radio operator that Ivan was dragging around.

"Aw" Ivan pouted as he let the radio operator go.

"Mommy!" the radio operator cried as he ran out of the hanger.

"Must you torment every member of the Sacramento Alliance Ivan?" Alfred asked in an aggitated voice.

"Shall I just torment you da?" Ivan asked returning the tone to Alfred.

"Guys!" Matthew interrupted grabbing both Alfred and Ivan's undivided attention. "Some other time, right now we have some fighter jets to fly" Matthew said in an excited voice.

"DA!" Ivan cried as he ran towards one of the F-22's.

"Matthew" Alfred said getting Matthew's attention before Matthew entered his plane. "Be careful, remember I only have one brother, I don't want to lose you like I thought I did in Japan."

"don't worry about that Alfred, remember who I've got with me." Matthew Replied.

"VODKA da!" Ivan continued.

"That's what I'm worried about" Alfred sighed as Matthew and Ivan entered their planes, and Alfred left the hanger to go to the radio room.

Ivan and Matthew took a couple of miutes till they managed to get onto the rugged makeshift runway. It wasn't a comfortable feeling going onto the runway, it wasn't the cleanest it could have been, and it shakes the plane quite a bit on take off, making the whole experience unnerving.

"This is Matthew Williams, in Raptor 12, preparing for take off" Matthew radioed in.

"This is Ivan Braginsky da, in Raptor 11, preparing for take off da" Ivan radioed in after Matthew.

"You guys are clear for take off" Matthew and Ivan heard Alfred on the radio giving them permission to take off.

"Alright, Raptor 12 taking off, see you in a bit bro" Matthew said over the radio.

WHISH! Matthew felt the plane speed up and take off into the air.

"Raptor 11 taking off" Ivan said as he sped his plane up and took off.

Alfred sat in the windowless radio room as he heard his brother and Ivan take off in their planes.

"I still think it a miracle that we even found those planes in working condition" Kiku said.

"True that" Alfred answered, "Anyway, did you get Ludwig?"

"I'm right here Alfred" Ludwig answered standing next to Kiku.

"Ludwig get your men together, we might have the Purity clan attack us, or we have a huge horde of infected coming our way. The other council members are scrambling their own units, but you command one of the armored units of the Sacramento Alliance, I need you to get out there and defend the border" Alfred ordered.

"Ya Alfred" Ludwig responded using the German form of acknowledgment. Ludwig quickly left to get his unit together and prepare their defenses.

"Alfred?" a familiar voice sounded behind Alfred.

"Bellana? What are you doing here?" Alfred asked.

"We heard that there was an alarm" Belana explained.

"We?" Alfred asked.

"We all came in response to the alarm" Natalia answered.

'OH GAWD WHY!' Alfred screamed mentally seeing Natalia there.

"Where did brother go?" Natalia asked.

"Um, he, uh, went to go recon the area" Alfred answered.

"Such a valiant man brother is" Natalia said as her eyes suddenly sparkled in admiration her imagination obviously going into overdrive.

"Um, where's Matvey?" Katyusha asked her eyes full with worry.

"He went with Ivan to scout what the Purity Clan was calling us about" Alfred answered.

"Oh?" Elizabeta sighed. "What did they call about?"

"Something about a huge horde of infected swarming the west coast, so they're coming our way for refuge" Alfred answered.

"Doesn't that seem kind of suspicious to you?" Mei (Taiwan) asked.

"It does, that's why I sent Matthew, and Ivan in F-22s to go check it out" Alfred explained.

"Have you heard back from them yet?" Katyusha asked.

"No" Alfred answered. "I suggest you get back to the mall, everyone else is mobilizing, and the kids need at least one of their parents with them" Alfred instructed.

"Well, not all the kids" Elizabeta responded.

"What do you mean?" Alfred asked alarms going off in his head.

"HI DAD!" Eric cried as he and the others his age entered the radio room.

"OH GAWD WHY!" Alfred cried.

With Ivan and Matthew

"Raptor 11 to Raptor 12, do you hear me?" Matthew called over the radio.

"I hear you good Matvey da" Ivan replied.

"We have about a minute before we cross our territorial borders, what do you expect to find Ivan?" Matthew asked trying to start up a conversation.

"Hopefully something to blow up da" Ivan said sounding eager.

"We'll that's gonna happen no matter what Ivan, if it's not a horde of infected, then it will be the Purity Clan" Matthew said.

"Yay da" Ivan cheered.

"I meant, do you thin we'll find infected, or the Purity Clan trying to pull a fast one on us?" Matthew asked.

"I don't know, but my Russian senses are tingling da" Ivan replied.

"You don't have Russian senses" Matthew said.

"Fine, Stalin senses da" Ivan replied.

"NO SUCH THING!" Matthew cried in irritation.

"Da" was all Ivan could say in response.

"Hey, look that should be the Purity Clan down there" Matthew said as he eyed a large sparatic convoy of vehicles down on the ground. Matthew managed to counte maybe a hundred vehicles varying in different shapes and sizes. As Matthew continued to watch the convoy, he could tell that each individual vehicle wasn't moving co-operativly with each other, as if each individual driver was desperate in someway.

"Then what's that da?" Ivan asked as he looked beyond the convoy.

Matthew looked well beyond the Purity Clan and saw a wall of dust rising in the air, Matthew noticed the wall of dust spread across maybe the whole horizon. "Well, there's a lot of something on the ground, let's get a closer look".

Ivan and Matthew flew closer, towards the wall of dust, and as they flew closer, they could see things covering the ground, varying in shapes and sizes. However what horrifed the two first was the fact that despite seeing shapes, they couldn't see the ground.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!" Matthew cried.

"Getting lower da" Ivan said as he angled his plane downward. Ivan got much closer to the ground, but well out of reach of anything on the ground. Ivan managed to make out more distinctly what was there, however, it would only make his stomach twist with horror. "It's all zombies da" Ivan said.

"What?" Matthew replied, "That can't be?"

"Matvey, check further up the wall, see if it's all zombies, or if it's just air current carrying the dust around da" Ivan ordered.

"Got it" Matthew replied as he turned his plane the other way to see if the zombies stretched as far at the rising wall of dust. As Matthew flew along the line of zombies, his stomach turned in horror, "This is insane" Matthew said. "Alfred, you there? Alfred!"

"I'm here Mattie" Alfred replied.

"Uh, I don't know how to say this Al, but, We've got a whole army of infected, and then some" Matthew reported.

"Come again Mattie, I thought you said a whole army?" Alfred asked, obviously unsure of what he just heard.

"I did say that Al" Matthew answered. "Thankfully it seems to be just zombies, I don't see any mutants in the crowd"

"So risk of Juggernauts being in the horde is, slim?" Alfred asked.

"It's not a ruled out possibility, but I haven't been able to clearly see any as of yet." Matthew replied.

"At least some good news" Alfred said.

"MATVEY!" Matthew heard a desperate call on the radio from Ivan.

"What is it Ivan?" Matthew asked.

"THERE'S FLYING THINGS ATTACKING ME DA!" Ivan cried over the radio.

Matthew immediatley turned his plane around and at full speed, sped back towards where he left Ivan. Matthew arrived in a few seconds to see Ivan's plane pulling random stunts in the air and shooting his cannon, wildly at several black figures swirling with him. "IVAN, WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS!" Matthew cried as he armed his cannon.

"YOU TELL ME DA!" Ivan said as he fired his cannon bringing down several more, but it didn't seem to even dent the ever increasing numbers of the things attacking him.


"WHAT ABOUT YOU DA!" Ivan asked.

"I'VE GOT IT COVERED" Matthew answered, though both he and Ivan knew that there was nothing stopping the flying infected from attacking Matthew from behind.

"MATT, WHAT'S GOING ON!" Alfred cried over the radio.

"AL, THE INFECTED HAVE FLIERS!" Matthew answered.

Meanwhile in the radio room

"FLIERS, WHAT DO YOU MEAN!" Alfred cried.


"Get back in one piece bro, I'll help our forces get mobilized." Alfred said before he set down the radio, and left the radio room.

Alfred ran out of the room, past Eric, Troy, and all the other kids their age, leaving them rather bewildered.

"Hey, dad wait up" Eric called.


"But we wanted to help" Eric said.

"NO, YOU KIDS DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO HANDLE A WEAPON YET!" Alfred cried in desperation.

"We know how to fire a weapon, that should be good enough in this situation" Gabriella stated.

"That's not enough" alfred whined, trying to keep the kids inside the city.

"But dad, you said yourself that when this started over sixteen years ago, you nor Uncle Matthew had any knowledge on weapons" Eric argued back.

"GAK!" Alfred was dumbstruck, he had aboslutely no response to that, Alfred quickly processed possibilities in his mind, however Alfred couldn't think of anything that would make a sound arguement against them coming with him, aside from the 'worried parent' arguement, however he knew all too well, that that arguement wouldn't convince them. "Alright" Alfred sighed, "However your going to go with your older siblings" Alfred instructed.

"WHAT!" Tony cried in disbelief, not wanting to be left with the responsibility of babysitting his younger brother and his friends of all people.

"Don't worry Tony, your cousin and your friends will help you" Alfred grinned menacingly.

"WHAT!" Tony's friends cried.


"Yes" Alfred sneered.

"I...Hate...You" Tony growled.

"I know, well have fun" Alfred waved as he ran off.

"Douchebag" Matt Jr. sighed.

Eric walked briskly up to his older brother, and smiled. "Well brother, take good care of me or you know what mom will do" Eric said with a dark smile.

"OH GAWD WHY!" Tony cried his voice echoing throughout the whole city.

Author's Notes

I'm struggling to make this work, I know I'm not putting out as good content as before, but hey I'd like to see someone try to pull a story as long as this one as still keep the quality about the same while trying to work through some plot problems. Anyway, next chapter is going to have a lot of combat with the zombie horde, as well, it's a zombie horde. Anyway, I'm welcome to suggestions, and thoughts, and criticisms, so PLEASE REVIEW, I NEED DA REVIEWS.