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Chapter one: "A new beginning"

I can't believe I was that stupid. I believed his lies and fell for what seemed to be true love. Well I was wrong. He obviously doesn't love me the way I love him. The way I thought I loved him. Now looking back I fell in love with what he made out to be. Not who he really was. The way he left me laying there on the cold, hard forest floor, made my decision all that easier. It took three weeks after that horrible night to get out of bed. Another two weeks to start responding to people. Another month to finally start realizing the truth, that I was wrong to love him and overall it wasn't really love, just lies. And another week to finally find the will to stop replaying the short life we had shared together.

But through all this there was one thing he told me that never left my mind. The Volturi. The way he told me they were the ones his kind went to, when they wanted to die. And the way I was feeling then, it sounded like a perfect idea. I felt ridiculous, ashamed, and I had nothing else to live for. I didn't care if Ed... He, said it was where 'his' kind went. It seemed like the only way I could get what I wanted, a one way ticket from this life. I knew all too well I didn't have the will power to do it myself, and knowing no one in forks would help me out; the volturi was my only choice.

Within an hour of my decision I was at the bank. With a withdrawal from my account, I had all the money I needed to get me from the small, lonely town of forks to Italy. I then cancelled my account before quickly returning home for the last time and writing my dad a goodbye letter. It was short and a little harsh, but it said what I needed it to say without telling him where I was going. After doing that, I packed a small suitcase for clothes and left. Not even bothering to even lock the door.

And so now here I sit, on the aeroplane waiting to touch down. It was my third aeroplane in the last three days I had to go on to get to Italy, and the short 25 minutes I had left seemed to be taking forever. I had used almost all my money I had taken from my bank account, the money that was one day meant to be going towards university, and I was lucky to have just enough of what I thought would get me a taxi towards Volterra.

Finally, after what seemed like a life time, the flight attendant called over the loud speaker announcing the decent of the plane. As he plane went down I looked out the window, and the view was amazing. It took my breath away, and I had to admit it was beautiful. The hills and the trees that covered them created the perfect atmosphere. And with the night sun setting behind them, I thought it created the perfect surrounding for my final hours, and that made me smile for the first time in what seemed like month. This was also the first time I had gone anywhere outside the borders of America, and with a quick thought I realized it would also be my last. As I stood off the plane the flight attended smiled at me and said "have a nice day", I gave her a quick smile back, before going up the ramp that lead to my bags.

I was in luck. My bag came out just as I walked from the plain into the terminal. Without a look back, I walked out the airport doors and called a taxi. I was surprised at how fast a taxi showed up, but as I jumped it and told the man the address, it was all forgotten. As I was sitting in the back seat, sleep finally caught up with me. I hadn't slept in what must have been three days and I found myself falling asleep on the way to Volterra.

I was woken as the taxi driver shook me, saying something to me.

"Yeah?" I answered finally realizing where I was.

"Sorry miss for waking you, but we are here" I was shocked the man spoke English but as I looked out the window I could see we were defiantly in the city. I handed him the rest of the money I had, not checking if it was enough, and got out pulling my bags behind me.

Volterra was nothing like I expected, it was old and the building that surrounded me were beautiful. They must have been built over 1000 years ago and they still looked as good as they would have back then, though it was dark under the clouds that covered the moon, I could still see the detail in the buildings. I didn't spend a long time admiring them; I had a bunch of vampires to persuade. And with that in mind I left to find the volturi. But the truth is I had no idea what I was looking for, so I started to head in what seemed to be the right direction.

The small narrow lane I walking along gradually became wider. And before long I found myself standing in a large square built around a water fountain that still run in the middle. I looked around and found what looked like a clock tower. I didn't know if that was it or not, so I decided to wait till I found someone, so I could ask them. I sat on the rim around the fountain and placed my head in my hands on my lap. I was still tired, but I didn't want to sleep.

It wasn't long till I spotted a shadow heading down one of the lanes. Leaving my bags at the fountain I took off running towards the shadow. I ran down the street and found the owner to the shadow turning the corner about 100 metres down the small lane. I ran after it and as I turned the corner I found myself running straight into the person I was following. I fell to the ground, and looked up and what now seemed to be a girl. Her skin was pail while, even in the darkness and she was incredible beautiful. She was around the same height as my once best friend Alice. And with that I knew I had found who I was looking for.

"May I help you?" she asked in a voice that sounded like bells. It took me awhile for me to find my voice.

"Yes! I need your help! I know what you are!" I realized I was shouting at her, so I turned to a whisper "please, the volturi is my only chance."

The girl's eyes grew wide, "what did you say?" she was defiantly shocked at what I had said. I knew there was probably no human who knew about the volturi, and it shocked her when I used there name.

"please, I don't know your name, but I know about the volturi, I know about your kind, and I need your help, I need you to kill me" the girl let out a small giggle, before turning serious, she glared at me for about three seconds before her face turned into sheer terror.

I didn't understand, but I thought she was afraid I had told others about who she really was, so I quickly without thinking blurted out "please, please help me. Don't worry I haven't told any other human about you, so there is no need to be afraid about that. I just really need someone to end my misery."

The girl continued to look at me, "wait. You really don't feel a thing?"

"Feel what?" I was confused, what was I meant to feel. I had been thought 100 different emotions in the last few months let alone, but what now, right here was I meant to feel?

"Oh my goodness!" she let out a small giggle before holding out her hand, "hi, I'm Jane!" a grabbed her hand and she helped pull me up, "wow, Aro is simple going to love you!" I didn't know who Aro was, I just remembered the name from when Ed... he, had told me about Carlisle's past and how he once lived with the volturi, one of them being Aro.

"Nice to meet you Jane, I'm Bella. But may I ask, why is he going to love me?"

She looked at me for a moment before answering, "wait, you don't know? I thought you knew about us?"

"I do, I know your vampires, and I know you can help me. But I don't know everything about you obviously; I only know the basic things about you. I know you're the closest thing your world has to royalty. I know you enforce the law, one of the reasons you should kill me. I know too much. And I know it's one of your laws for us humans not to know about you. So you really should just kill me now." She looked at me with shock slightly showing on her face, but that disappeared quickly, and was replaced with a grin.

"Im so sorry Bella, but I can't kill you" I felt the disappointment wash through me, and I grabbed the closest wall for support. If the volturi wasn't going to kill me, who was? I couldn't live a life like the one I had lived in the last few weeks back in forks. I needed to end my past and this was the only way I could think of.

"Bella," Jane said interrupted my thoughts, "Bella I can't kill you, for one I'm not allowed to in the walls of Volterra, even though you smell simple mouthwatering, And two Aro would kill me if I don't introduce you to him. You see, I know you know about vampires, and I know you know about powers some vampires have, and well I am able to create illusions of pain. All humans and vampires usually fall in sheer agony. But you my dear," I looked up at her, looking into her blood red eyes "well you didn't even flinch, and with that talent, I only must show you to Aro. I know he would be very pleased. So please..." she said holding out her hand for me "please follow me, and I'll see what I can do." I reached out for her hand and took a step forward.

Within seconds she had grabbed me, pulling me into her arms and taken off, it felt like we were flying as she ran down the lane. I felt us drop, and the temperature suddenly became colder. I assumed we were under ground. There was little light so I couldn't see a thing. But soon enough I spotted the light at the end of the tunnel, which soon turned into two big wooden doors.

Jane stopped just outside, and placed me down back on my feet. She knocked twice and the doors slowly opened. The inside was beautiful. Just like what you would expect a palace to look like. Jane gestured me forward, and together we walked towards an elevator. We stepped in and a didn't even know if we were going up or down, but suddenly the doors opened to reveal to me another room just like the one before, though this one looked more like a waiting room. We continued to walk forward towards another two big doors.

This time Jane didn't even have to knock before the doors began to open. They revealed on the other side what seemed to be a throne room. "This way" Jane said leading me in. There sat in one of the chairs that looked to be fit for a king, sat a man with very pale skin that almost looked translucent. He had very long and jet black hair, and when he sat up and walked over to meet Jane, it seemed as though he was gliding. Jane looked over to me and signalled with her hand to stay there. I stopped as I watched her walk over to meet Aro. The embraced in a quick hug and kissed each over on both cheeks.

"Jane dear, you have returned! I hope to hear you had a pleasant trip, OH! And wait you brought back a guest!" he said turning to look at me.

"Yes Aro! I was almost home when I came across her. Well she came across me actually. See?" And with that Jane reached for Aro's hand and touched him. His eyes seemed to be locked on the wall behind me, when finally he came back to reality with a quick laugh.

"Well that is amazing? Bella? My name is Aro; it's a pleasure to meet you. Jane has just showed me your little conversation down in my street, and I have to ask, who told you about us? And why in the earth would you want to die?"

I took a deep breath, before looking down at the stone floor. I ended up telling them both my whole story. The way I met Edward, How he told me about the volturi, and also the way he left me and how I came to my decision to die. I found for the first time I was able to say Edwards name since he left. And that made it easier to tell the whole truth to Jane and Aro.

"Hmm..." Aro said once I was done, "Now that my dear is one interesting story." I looked up from the floor at Aro. He was smiling at me, but soon started slowly walking towards me, "Bella my dear, do you mind if I try my powers on you? You see, when I touch someone, it shows to me their whole life, all their memories in a split second! And I was wondering, considering you're immune to Jane's special gift, I wonder if you're also to mine? Do you mind dear?"

I knew if I agreed he would see my whole life with Edward, the way we were together, the way he kissed me, the way he touched me. But I soon realized if I had my way it wouldn't matter. I would be dead, I wouldn't care what Aro knew about me.

"Sure" I said to him, "why not?" Aro's face lit up as he hurried to close the few metres between us. I reached my hand out to him and he grabbed it quickly and he looked at me.

At first he had a smile spread across his face, but it slowly faded and shock soon replaced it. He looked down at our hands, before flipping my hand and rubbing his against it.

"Hmm..." Aro said before taking a few steps backwards. "Well that is interesting!" he looked at Jane, a new smile across his face.

"Jane dear, you were right to bring her to me, this one," he said gesturing back to me, "she is special, if only?" Aro looked back to me, before walking back over and placing both his hand on my shoulders.

"Bella, may I ask you to reconsider your will to die, and may I ask you to consider another agreement?"

"And what is that?" I asked Aro.

"I was wondering Bella, if you would consider joining me! You will be placed at the same rank as Jane here, and it would be better than dying, I also promise you will never see the Cullen's again, and you're also lucky that all human memories usually fade after the first 100 years, so there is really no need to die. Pease consider it Bella?"

This all came as a shock to me, was he telling the truth? For ages I wanted to become one of them, but did I still want it now? I knew he was right about the memories, all I had to do as stop thinking about my human life and it will soon be all forgotten. And Aro was right; it was a better offer than dying. And when it came to the Cullen's... why would they ever need to come here? They wouldn't!

"Aro," I started to say, I looked up into his eyes and I soon felt a smile spreading across my face, "Aro I would love nothing more but to join you!"

Aro let out a laugh before gesturing to Jane, "Jane you know what to do, See you soon Bella Dearest!" Aro took off through the doors we came, calling out to someone named Marcus and Caius.

The next thing happened way too quickly. Jane had run to me, placing her arms around me and placing her lips upon my neck. She bit hard then stepped back, before grapping me and running me through another door, heading up stairs. The rest was all blurry as I felt what seemed to be fire trailing up my neck and down my side, soon covering my whole body. It was agony. Worst than the time James had bitten my arm. And as I now laid on what seemed to be a bed, the pain just got worst. I soon couldn't see anything and the only thing I could hear above my screaming for it to end was Jane telling me to be quiet and it would all soon be over.

It felt like years before the fire started to slow and I could now feel my fingers move. My heart was racing so fast it hurt, but finally the pain ended and my heart stopped. It gave me a fright but I could hear someone gasping next to me, I figured it was Jane. Once I was sure the pain was over I opened my eyes, and took in my new life.


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