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The Cullen's and I, or shall I say we, moved to Forks after Volterra. It was a funny feeling walking through the town, seeing how everything had changed. But it was nice at the same time.

We have lived her for a year and a half now. Edward and I had returned to Volterra once in that time and the two of us checked up of a few cases in Seattle for my kings. Overall our life was quite peaceful. We decided to not get married in Volterra. They might have invited everyone in the vampire world, but we didn't want that. So we put the wedding on hold till we found the right place and time. Finally yesterday, in front of the Cullen's, Volturi and the Denali clan, we got married. Everyone left right after the ceremony and returned home, leaving just us, the Cullen's, in forks.

While my kings were here, Caius let it slip that Aro went ahead and killed Alec and Dasha right after I left. He told me that he himself got the privilege of sweeping up Jane's ashes which were left behind after I killed her. He told me he couldn't help but smile at the events that went on that day. Even when he told me, he chuckled at every new point in his story. Deep down I knew he loved the fact, that thanks to me, Jane and Alec were now gone. I always had the feeling he hated how they thought they were so superior in Volterra, when in fact, they were nobodies according to Marcus.

Aro once again congratulated me on my happiness with Edward, and he seemed more open to the idea that I was no longer in Volterra. I knew that even though he constantly brings up the fact Caius misses me, I know he does to. So I make sure to send them constant letters of my life with the Cullens. Everything from the activity of nearby covens to the boring stuff about my diet, love life and activities we do. I know what ever I write they would love. And in return I receive updates on their lives, of course it always involves a list of now dead vampires and possible treats in the current world. But every so often they go on to talk about parties, their wives, jokes they pull on each other, and of course at the end of every letter, how much they miss me, and then they sign it with all their love.

Over the year my powers have returned to normal. Sure I lost all powers I had obtained, but my shield is as good as new, and I feel it's even stronger than before, which is a good thing. I've been more careful this time as to what power I obtain. Like before, I left the Cullen's gifts alone. I don't want to have their powers. Instead I've been stealing the small useful ones from travelling vampires. I haven't received many additions, but I'll get there over the years.

I somehow convinced Edward to not wait for the wedding night to make love. In his opinion our souls were already both destroyed, so why wait? So the night I decided to leave Volterra we made love in the Volturi castle in my old room. Truth be told, he was amazing. I finally understood the term making love. And that's what it was, Edward and I showing exactly how much we loved each other.

So now I was finally, after over 1000 years, Mrs. Bella Cullen. And you have no idea how amazing it was to have that title. It was worth, to me, greater than my title as queen. After leaving a little cottage Edward and I spent our wedding night in, we wandered over to the one spot we claimed as ours, the one spot in forks that had not changed in time. Our meadow. We both laid down in each other's arms, holding each other close.

We didn't talk, we didn't need to. We only enjoyed the feeing of the sun above us shining down on our skin, and the feeling of being in each other's arms. Words couldn't describe our shared happiness.

In the distance I could hear the howls of the wolf pack in the reservation. It was funny how after 1000 years I had no idea about the werewolves which occupied Forks. Jacob Black, my old childhood friend was now the leader. Gosh he got a shock when we met up after the Cullen's and I returned to Forks. They wanted to meet to make sure the Cullen's didn't bite and change another human. Of course they didn't expect to see me standing amongst them. Jacob and I ended up standing there, long after everyone including Edward left for their home after the danger and concern was settled. We caught up on everything, I explained my whole life as a vampire, and he described everything about Werewolves. It was so fascinating. It was sad to learn that after all this time, Jacob still hadn't found his 'imprint' as he put it. It was why he still remained a part of the pack, he refused to stop changing, until he found the one. So while all the werewolves around him slowly went back to human so they could live a long life with their imprint, he waited.

Even though I was now a vampire, the barriers between Vampires and werewolves didn't change. Sure Jake and I decided to overlook the bad smell, but the rest of the pack and Cullen's didn't trust each other like Jake and I. At least I have him back though. Funny thing was, Lynette, my old assistant in Volterra ,joined the Volturi on their trip over to Forks for my wedding. In that time I introduced her to Jacob, who I found liked her very much. I haven't seen him since yesterday, but maybe, just maybe, Jacob has finally found his imprint. At least Lynette will now live the life she deserves. When the Volturi returned to Volterra yesterday, Lynette didn't go with them. She has decided the Vampire life isn't cut out for her. Who knows, maybe the next wedding I attend will be Lynette's and Jacobs.

I looked up to Edward. He looked so peaceful. His eyes were closed and with one hand around me, his other arm he was using as his own pillow, as for me on the other hand, I was using him as my pillow, wrapping my arms around his waist. I tucked my head into his chest once more and let out a sigh of pure happiness.

"Edward?" I asked

"hmm?" he answered back, with his eyes closed.

"I love you" I whispered, finally he looked down to me as I looked up.

"I love you too Mrs. Edward Cullen" and with thank he tilted my head up and kissed me.

This wasn't the end I realized. It was only the beginning.

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