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Jirou stretched languorously as the afternoon sun streamed in through the window to envelope him in warmth, chasing away the remnants of sleep. Rolling over the youth buried his face in the feather pillow to inhale the spicy scent of Atobe that lingered in the heir's wake. He had grown accustomed to waking alone due to the immense workload that his lover took upon himself. Sighing into the pillow he fought the urge to sulk, he understood that his boyfriend couldn't spend the day lying in bed spooning, even if he had cleared the day for them to spend together something was likely to come up that he needed to see to immediately. It wouldn't be fair to for him to hold it against Atobe when it wasn't his fault. Besides, he always held Jirou until he fell asleep at the very least, even if he had important work to do.

Judging by brightness of the sun he had been asleep for quite some time. Clutching the pillow to his chest Jirou cocooned himself in the warm duvet. He could let Atobe work for a little while; after all, he had let Jirou do as he'd pleased earlier and Jirou still needed to think of a way to return the favor. Racking his brain he tried to remember if the silver haired heir had ever mentioned a kink he had wanted to try that the two hadn't already done. After thinking for a solid fifteen minutes the blonde emitted an agitated sigh. How was he going to express his gratitude towards his boyfriend if there wasn't a fantasy of his that they hadn't enacted in the past?

Groaning in frustration he rolled out of bed and began rummaging through Atobe's closet in search of something to wear. There was little point in sitting around fruitlessly thinking. Pulling on a pair of gym shorts, a loose t-shirt and a black hoodie he looked to the bedside table for his cell phone. Sure enough, Atobe had placed the small device beside the alarm clock on the elegant wooden nightstand for the blonde to find. Scooping it up he flipped it open, pushed speed dial number three and waited for the other line to pick up.

"What?" came the annoyed reply.

"Gaku-chan, sorry am I interrupting something?"

He heard a snort through the connection, "Not really, Yuushi's making me watch Titanic; all eighty million hours of it."

Jirou giggled at the whining tone of his friend, "Good I wouldn't want to interrupt anything too important."

"No, he said no sex until the movie ended." Gakuto groaned, "It's just started!"

"Oh, sorry." He felt bad for his friend. It was common knowledge that the redhead hated those sorts of sappy romance movies.

"Yeah, it sucks. Tell me you have an emergency and I need to leave for the few hours it'll take for the movie to end and my boyfriend to get his balls back."

Jirou fought to suppress his laughter as he heard Oshitari reprimanding the acrobat. "Not exactly. I only wanted to get the name of that store that you and Oshitari-kun like to go to; I need to get something for Atobe.

"Oh! What are you getting?"

"I don't really know yet," the volley specialist pouted, "I was hoping to get an idea from the displays."

"That sounds like an emergency to me. That's an uke emergency, I'll call Ohtori and we'll meet you at the ice-cream shop!"

Before Jirou could argue the line went dead. Laughing at his teammate's desperate determination to avoid the chick-flick he made his way downstairs to find Atobe's chauffer to take him down to the ice-cream parlor.

- - - - - - - -

Jirou yawned attempting to fight off his lethargy as he sat in his favorite booth at the ice-cream parlor that they frequented, waiting for Gakuto and Ohtori. As much as he would love to succumb to the desire to sleep he needed to be awake to shop for his lover's surprise. Just when it seemed he was fighting a losing battle the bell adorning the door at the shops entrance filled the establishment with its gentle tinkling. Looking up Jirou was grateful to see the rambunctious redhead pushing his way through the crowded dining room to throw himself into the booth opposite the blonde. Ohtori was only two steps behind, apologizing profusely to the upset patrons and pulling up a chair at the end of their table.

"Jirou-senpai what's wrong? Mukahi-senpai said it was an emergency!" the tall second-year fretted.

"Eh? Well it's not exactly an emergency." he responded, feeling slightly guilty for worrying his kohai.

"Yes it is! You need help deciding on a sexy gift for Atobe; that counts as an emergency." Gakuto cut in.

"I don't really need help." Jirou defended, "I just don't know what to do."

Blushing Ohtori offered a suggestion, "Why don't you explain the situation while we eat our ice-cream and then we can try to figure it out."

After placing their orders and obtaining the treats he told the two about how Atobe had let him turn the proud boy into a human sundae, and how Jirou had promised to make it up to him. Thus why he was stuck trying to devise a way to do just that. As they finished off the sweet desserts Gakuto drilled Jirou with questions of what type of kink he had in mind to try. Long after the ice-cream was finished off the trio sat in the booth discussing possible options. Deciding that it would be best to simply browse the stores stock until they found something suitable they paid for their snacks and headed out the door.

A mere ten-minute walk and they were entering the erotic boutique. The three teens garnered an assortment of interesting glances and outright stares from other customers as the employees, being very familiar with Gakuto, pointedly ignored the presence of the obviously underage boys. Jirou had to giggle at the astonished looks upon some of the older women's faces. Certainly they made an odd group between them: Jirou with his eyes wide and exploring as he bounced on the balls of his feet, Gakuto chatting with one of the sales clerks about new merchandise, and Ohtori nervously looking around himself as he inspected the vibrators.

Bypassing the boring, everyday sort of toys and the party favors and supplies Jirou began sifting through the more adventurous objects. He glanced briefly at the BDSM display before shaking his head; he wasn't about to make the decision to go there without Atobe. The narcoleptic boy browsed through cock rings and handcuffs and various other such things until they all started to blur together in his mind. Exasperated he turned down the next aisle hoping that he would find something soon. Stopping short with eyes alight he wondered why he'd not thought of it before. Cosplay! Rushing forward Jirou excitedly began questing for the perfect costume. After a tedious twenty minutes Jirou's exuberant squeal filled the air.

Gakuto and Ohtori hurried to the site of the noise to find Jirou hugging a slutty maids outfit to his chest, face full of glee.

"I found it! It's perfect!" the blonde bounced with uncontained joy.

"It's…Uh, very appropriate…," offered Ohtori.

Gakuto snickered before grabbing Jirou by the wrist and dragging him towards a different part of the establishment. "I know just what you need to go with that; they just got them in today."

- - - - - - - - - -

Atobe paced around his bedroom, cell phone clutched to his ear in a near death grip. Hanging up he cursed; why wasn't Jirou answering his calls. The buchou had returned to his room a half-hour ago expecting to find a still nude blonde in his bed, only to discover that not only was said blonde not waiting for him in bed but the volley specialist had left the estate even. The Atobe heir had canceled all of his meetings for the day so why would the older boy leave. Resisting the urge to throw his phone against the wall he growled as he forced himself to sit down on the bed to think through the situation.

"Rough morning?"

Atobe's head snapped towards the door, fully intending to scold his boyfriend for making him worry. The words died on his tongue as he took in the scrumptious sight before him. Jirou stood leaning against the door frame, gauzy petticoats peaking from beneath a short black skirt that left his smooth, shapely legs bare down to the strappy black high heels encasing his feet. His slim torso was adorned with a skintight black blouse with a low cut scoop neckline that displayed an expanse of pale skin taut across slightly prominent collarbones for Atobe's ravenous gaze. The look was completed with a lace apron and a feather duster that swung lazily from the boy's hand.

Smirking Jirou questioned, "Should I clean up that drool Atobe-sama?"

Snapping out of his state of lusty shock the silver haired teen began to rise. Before he got a foot from the bed Jirou was in front of him urging the taller male back down. With a flirty wink he caressed his lovers well-sculpted jaw line with the soft feathers of the duster. Atobe flipped the light boy onto the bed, pinning the slighter body beneath him. Wasting no time he crushed their lips together, pressing as close as he possibly could.

"I'm supposed to be seducing you here!" Jirou protested when he was presented with a chance to breath.

"You've seduced me already." Atobe replied as he nipped at collarbones, "That's why I'm going to fuck you into the mattress now."

"But there were all these things that I'm supposed to do first. The duster even vibrates."

Atobe sat back to smirk at Jirou, "Well we wouldn't want to put that to waist then, now would we?"

Smiling wickedly Jirou pushed a button on the sex toy before allowing Atobe to slip it from his hands. Snagging the lube that they kept stashed under the pillow he quickly slicked the pulsating rod. Reaching beneath the skimpy skirt he pushed the lacy panties that Jirou wore aside to slowly slip the handle of the feather duster into the tight entrance. He torturously teased and prepared the hole for what would come later. Thrusting the rubber made object at just the right angle to hit the bundle of nerves that would have Jirou begging for more he meticulously stimulated his lover enough to bring him near the edge without allowing him the sweet relief that he so desperately sought.

Removing the toy Atobe tossed it to the side before replacing the void left within Jirou with his tongue. Jirou was a gasping, writhing mess as the silver haired boy skillfully swirled his tongue around the puckered anus before thrusting it in to lick at the strawberry lubed insides.

"Mmm, inside!"

Atobe chuckled, "Your bossy for a maid."

Jirou ignored the sarcasm and thrust up in an effort to urge Atobe towards what he wanted. Smirking Atobe acquiesced, thrusting in balls deep with one quick thrust. They set a frenzied pace, the sound of the bed banging loudly against the wall echoing throughout the heated room. Moans and screams rang in their ears, neither one sure which utterances came from whom. The sounds built until they reached a crescendo as Jirou tumbled into his blissful abyss, walls tightening, bringing Atobe to find his own release. They rode the waves of their orgasms, milking them for every ounce of please possible, until they lay in a sweaty tangle of limbs on top of the silken bed sheets.

"So can we do it properly later?" Jirou asked through a yawn, "gaku-chan told me I'm supposed to…"

"No!" Atobe refused, "You shouldn't take Mukahi's advice. We'll figure it out on our own."