Chapter 36


Edward's Point of View

I reached over and grabbed a hold of Bella, before cuddling her to my chest. She rested her head on my naked chest and let out a soft mumble of words that I did not understand. She would quite frequently talk in her sleep about random things. The other night she started murmuring about a couch that was on fire. How that got into her mind, I will never know. I sighed happily. I was warm and holding the person I loved the most. This was very quickly thrown out of the window. A small body decided that it was a good time to throw itself at me. I groaned as the small child's frame collided with mine. The small person let out a giggle and started poking my cheeks.

"Charlie, what are you doing?" Bella mumbled with a sleepy voice.

"I'm waking up, daddy." Charlie replied. Bella nodded and rolled over. I opened my eyes just as Charlie's small finger dug into my eye.

"Shit, shit, shit." I cursed as I lifted him off me and placed him in the middle of Bella and I.

"What's the matter now, Edward?" Bella groaned as she turned over and saw me holding my eye. "What happened? Charlie, did you put your finger in daddy's eye?" Charlie looked down and I internally groaned. I knew he was going to start crying any minute now just like he always does when we scold him.

"I didn't mean to hurt him." Charlie wailed. I sighed, opened my eyes and brought him back onto my lap.

"It's ok, buddy." I said as Bella rubbed his back. "You didn't hurt me."

"Charlie, what do you say?" Bella asked. Charlie looked up at me and sniffed a little.

"I'm sorry for hurting you, daddy." Charlie whimpered. I smiled and kissed his forehead.

"It's ok, Charlie." I said. "Just don't play with people's eyes, ok?" Charlie nodded before freezing and looking back up at me.

"But, daddy." Charlie said curiously. "I thought you said I wasn't allowed to play with girls pillows?" I groaned and knew Bella was going to ask what he was talking about.

"What are girls pillows, Charlie?" Bella asked him.

"Them." Charlie said happily as he pointed to Bella's breasts. She narrowed her eyes and slowly turned her head to look at me. I gulped and gave her a guilty smile.

"How about you go into your room and put your dressing gown and slippers on." I said to Charlie as Bella's eyes bore deeper into my soul. He nodded happily, not even sensing the conflict that was going to occur as soon as he left the room. He sprinted out of the room and shut the door behind him just as Bella's fist connected with my arm.

"Pillows?" Bella shrieked. "You made him call them pillows? How did you two even get started on that sort of conversation?"

"Well, we went down to see Alice and Rose by the pool the other day and he sat on Rose's lap and started playing with her-um-her-" I tried to explain to my wife.

"You let him play with his Aunties boobs?" Bella shrieked as she punched my arm again.

"Of course not." I said. "I took him off her before he could do it anymore. He's only a kid. They didn't care. They just laughed and continued to sun bathe."

"What if he does it to someone who isn't family?" Bella asked. I shrugged and shoved my head under the blankets. "Edward, this is serious."

"No it's not, Bella." I argued. "He's not even three years old. Nobody cares if he does stuff like that. I've already told him that he's not allowed to do it. And he just sat in front of you and told you that he knew he wasn't meant to do it. Don't worry so much. He won't do it again."

"I'm done." Charlie yelled as he ran back into our room wearing his dressing gown inside out and his slippers on the wrong feet. Bella giggled and helped him get ready. "Thank you, mommy." Bella and I got changed and then walked, hand in hand, downstairs with Charlie rambling on about his birthday party next week.

When we walked in the entire family was seated in the dining room. "Hi Grandma, Hi Grandpa." Charlie yelled from the other end of the hall to his grandparents. They both looked up and smiled at their grandson. He let go of our hands and ran towards them. Bella and I sat down before eating some porridge.

"Hey Charlie, come here for a minute, dude." Emmett said. I looked up and was instantly sceptical about what he wanted with my son. "See these? What do you call them?"

"There Aunty Rose's pillows, silly." Charlie giggled before kissing Rose on the cheek and running over to us to have some breakfast. "Daddy, I don't think Uncle Em knew what they were." The entire family laughed at both Charlie and the blush that was currently spreading across Bella's cheeks. From Rosalie's arms, Adam let out a high pitch squeal and kicked his little feet against his mother happily.

Boy, was my family crazy or what?

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