Author's Note

Holy Goodness 50 chapters! Wow I have way to much free time on my hands…or I just love to procrastinate (which I do ) so here it is the big confrontation. Cue the dramatic Music! *Dun Dun Dun* Enjoy it!!!!


"You heard me, so I see no need in repeating myself." he took a few steps closer. "How is my brother after he rebelled and abandoned us?" he took another step closer, he was baring down like an animal going in for the kill. He stopped. "I am sorry, I am making you nervous? That is not my intention. I do not wish to harm you in anyway."

"Of course you don't you just want me for your vessel."

"That is true, but I do not wish to force you."

"Really? Because pretty much every single angel has asked or threatened me so I would be your freaking vessel."

"Yes, my brothers and sisters really want this to end, as do I. So they tend to be a little over zealous when it comes to this current situation."

"Over zealous? That is an understatement."

"I know what they have done and I am sorry for that."

"What about Linka? Are you sorry for what she is going to be when you're done with her?" Michael sighed.

"Linka agreed to this. She agreed to be any angel's vessel if they required it. She know the risks and she knows the consequences. But, I can try to ensure that she will not be too badly damaged if that is what you are worried about. I know that is what you are thinking." He looked at Dean with a pleading look, it was so strange that it was Linka, but she wasn't there, it wasn't here speaking despite the fact that her voice was being used. "I just want to talk."

"Then start talking."

"I want this to end, we all want this to end."

"What about everyone on Earth? They'll be killed if you and your brother have this showdown."

"True, but the righteous will have a place in the kingdom of heaven."

"And what about everyone else?"

"Regrettable, but they have chosen their paths of sin and shall receive punishment for that. I simple want to end the pain and suffering that is going on. I want to stop it. I need you to agree before I can. Please. Why are you so opposed to this? It is for the greater good."

"No, what you're asking will end humanity there will be no greater good."

"Don't you see the suffering that people go through? It will be over if you just say yes."

"Hey Linka are you sure…" Michael and Dean both turned to the door to See Sam standing.

"Sam Winchester." Michael said.


"Sam that's not Linka."

"No it is not." Michael said. "I am the arch angel Michael. Do not fear I will not harm you." Michael said seeing the panic. "I did not come here to hurt you."

"Yeah because you know that won't get you on my good side." Michael sighed.

"Why do you not trust me? What have I done to warrant your skepticism?"

"You want to use me to kill your brother and in the process basically wipe out humanity. I think that warrants skepticism."

"My brother disobeyed and rebelled. He deserves what I have in store for him. It is my order to stop him, you know what that is like. My Father left me with a command to stop my brother before he became something horrible. I failed to do so the first time and I will not fail this time." Michael sounded hateful at the mention of his brother.

"You can sort out your family crisis without me."

"I cannot do that without you. I need you in order to put this ugliness behind my family."


"You will regret your decision in the future. I beg you to reconsider." There was a silence. It was heavy and seemed to compress the space making it seem like everyone was uncomfortably close. Michael looked at Dean. Linka's eyes looked deep and filled with the imploring look that Michael had resorted to in hopes of convincing Dean. Behind that there was the rigid warrior that Michael really was. The room was silent and tense. Michael stood waiting for an answer, the answer he wanted to hear.

"No." Michael tensed and drew himself up. That was not the right answer.

"Why? Why do you choose to ignore the world while it crumbles around you? This needs to be done!" Michael moved forward. "My brother needs to be ended in order to save you, all of you. My father is gone and I was left to pick up the pieces. I am left to be the peace maker. I was always obedient to my father and his wishes, I have always been there for my family even when he left us." Michael abandoned the pleading tone and adopted a stiff and mighty one that was probably his true way of speaking. " I need to kill him in order to save you…"

"If you do that millions of people will die!"

"Millions more will suffer eternity in Hell if I do not! Would subject them to that? Would allow for the innocent to be tortured for all eternity in the pit? Is that what you want?"


"Then you must do this." Michael was now only a few feet from Dean.


"I warn you that you will regret this." Michael said threateningly. "Reconsider for I will always be listening to you." Michael stepped back. "Linka will not be too badly harmed when I leave her, as I promised you Dean." Michael tilted his head back and looked at the ceiling. It was white, blinding, hot, and pushed Sam and Dean back a little. It was over. Linka had her head thrown back looking up with eyes that were wide but vacant. She fell and hit the floor crumpling into a pile. Her eyes were closed, she did not move.