Previously in Temptation
**********************************************************************Johnny woke up with a terrible headache..Last night couldn't have been real.
He looked down and saw Rebecca on the other side of the bed.
He leapt out That he probably would have remebered he reasoned.
She woke up as he leapt.

"Would you stop runnning away from us and listen? We're the only shot you've got"
Rebecca cried after Johnny who was trying to leave on his motorcycle. The Caretaker smiled at her, and yelled out.
"You've been his since you made that deal."
Johnny stopped and turned around.
The Caretaker laughed,
"Congratulations your chances just went from none to slim."
Rebecca rolled her eyes.

"It makes me feel alot better to know that I'm the Devil's Bounty Hunter. Thank you really."
Johnny was having a harder time accepting this than Rebecca had realized.
"Johnny Wait.."
Rebecca grabbed his shoulder and glanced into his eyes. Everything in Johnny's world hazed. A bright light seemed to radiate off of Rebecca, Her wings spread. He could hear her voice, soft and soothing in his head.
"Johnny you made that deal. The only way to get out of it and regain your salvation is to beat him. I know its difficult and I know that its scary but you need to pull through for me..and for Roxanne."
Roxanne's beautiful face broke through his thoughts. He saw then what would happen to her if He let Blackheart succed.

Johnny climbed on his bike and turned to Rebecca.
"Let's Go."
The Caretaker smiled and patted Rebecca on the Shoulder.
"You've still got it kid."
Rebecca climbed on her bike and they began the long journey back to the city.

Blackheart kneeled in St. Michael's Church. He stood before hundreds of flaming candles. The shadows flickered across his face occasionally showing his true nature.
The Priest was working in the back room when he noticed the glow from the front of his church. He feared a fire had broken out, perhaps caused by a careless soul. He rushed out. He saw a man in all black with pale skin like marble kneeling.
Blackheart heard the man coming and smirked. Why just do your job when you can have fun doing so at the same time?
"Forgive me Father for I have sinned"
He smirked and looked at the terrifed man.
"I've sinned alot."
Blackheart suddenly got to his feet and stalked menacingly toward the Priest.
"Where is the contract of San Venganza?"
"I don't know what you are talking about!"
"You were charged to protect it."
The Priest quit playing dumb.
"Protect it from the likes of YOU!"
Blackheart could see this was going nowhere.
"You know there's an old saying, Raise no more demons than you can lay down...My father raised one too many."
Blackheart swooped toward the man and destroyed him.

Rebecca gasped and lost control of her bike. She flew off and landed several feet away. Johnny was immediatly at her side.
"What happened?"
Rebecca grabbed at her chest as she felt the suffering.
"He's killing again."
Rebecca got up and they drove to Johnny's appartment.
They walked in and saw the Police, Everywhere.
They held up their hands as they were cuffed and dragged downtown.

"I don't care who you are.. I don't even care why you're here. What I want to know is why was someone able to identify you at the scene where several bodies turned up?"
The Detective waited for Rebecca's reply. He became impatient when she didn't say anything and slammed his fists onto the table.
"Would you FUCKING talk!"
Rebecca glared.
"Look buddy even if I explained anything to you you wouldn't understand it because you're an imbecile who won't believe anything that doesn't fall into your logic."
An angry yell from another room caused Rebecca to look at the door.
"Look lady if you're not going to talk then we're just going to have to keep you in confinement until you do."
He put the handcuffs on her again. Rebecca rolled her eyes, if only he knew how easy it was for her to get out of those stupid things.

He led her down a hallway of jeering men. The detective and one of his men had talked and agreed that they didn't want to have to drive the 50 miles to the nearest women's correctional facilty. They decided to keep her in the empty "Visitors" cell.
Rebecca looked at all of the sinners, the hardened criminals and the innocents. They leered at her (a halter top probably wasn't the best thing to be wearing in a jail....)
She shuddered at their whispers and they transported her memory to another time, another cell. She was brought back when she was shoved into the dank space.
The detective smirked at her.
"Don't worry Blaze will probably get to stay at this luxiourious facility as well...though I think he'll be in a cell with a little more company."
Rebecca cursed at the man as he left. She walked around the interior of her cell ignoring the catcalls. She sat down on the uncomfortable little cot. Rebecca's eyes closed as she continued the trip down memory lane.

The villagers' cries rang throughout the room. Rebecca stood in the middle in a dirty ripped white dress, with bare feet; bruised from marching to the town hall. Tears streamed from her eyes as she sliently pleaded for anyone to show kindness.
"Rebecca Kahrs, you have been accused of witchcraft. There are people here who say they saw you heal Master Robert from the deathly illness he suffered from. What do you have to say?"
Rebecca's voice cracked.
"Please I did nothing wrong just please let me go..."
The man accusing her slapped Rebecca in the face.
"Nothing wrong?! My child you've lost your soul to Lucifer himself!"
Rebecca turned and pleaded with the man she loved. He glanced at her with cold unfeeling eyes.
"I sentance you to be burned at the stake at sunrise."
Rebecca sobbed as they led her into the small dark cell. The door shut and she was completely enshrouded.
"You shouldn't cry its not very attractive, even on one such as you."
Rebecca's head whirled she looked for the source of the sound.
"Is that you again Methasopholies? I thought you said you'd make him better and make our lives turn out the way the were to be!"
Rebecca lashed out at the darkness.
She felt two hands wrap around her wrists.
"Don't ever call me that."
A small light shone throughout the cell. A man held her, he had black hair and blue but somehow also black eyes. She stared into them trying to figure out how they could be so beautiful.
He smiled at her.
"That's better."
"Who are you?"
"My name is Blackheart..the rest of the details are...unimportant. I've seen you around, watched as you fell for that fool Robert."
Rebecca's eyes clouded over,
"Please don't mention him."
Blackheart smiled down at her, pushing her against the wall.
"You deserve so much more."
His lips gently grazed hers.

"Good memories?"
Rebecca jerked back into conciousness. Blackheart stood before her.
"I was naeive."
Rebecca got up, her hands blazing with black fire. Blackheart looked at her and sighed.
"We could fight this out little one but then think of all of the people who would hear and come over to many innocent lives do you want to be resposible for?"
"You're a monster."
"You love me."
"You're also deusional apparently."

Blackheart laughed, grabbed Rebecca and threw her into the wall, he pressed up against her looking down, his hands moving along her body.
"Tell me you feel nothing."
Blackheart's eyes went to her very soul...well...what little of one that she still had.
"Tell me you feel nothing for me and I will treat you as I treat any other opponet. No special treatment."
Rebecca's mouth was dry. She knew she had to say she felt nothing... but she couldn't...she did feel something. It was the most intense feeling she'd had in a long time.
He touched her lips gently.
"I know you feel something...because I feel something."
His lips captured hers, roughly but lovingly. The heat of the kiss made her gasp, she felt all of him pressing against her and she blushed like a schoolgirl.
He broke off the kiss with a wolfish smile.
"Well it seems you've distracted me yet again, sadly I have business to attend to...unless you'd care to join me?"
Rebecca glared.
"Go to hell."
"Been there done that.. not that exciting. Enjoy your cell."
He left her heated and confused in the cell.

Rebecca's eyes widened as she saw Johnny in Ghostrider form stalk by her cell.
She quickly walked through the bars and went outside in time to see him speeding away on his Hellcycle.
She leapt on hers and quickly followed.