Message in a Bottle

Chapter One

Harry had just finished all of his lessons for the day and is now intending to have a leisure time for his own. He headed for the lake knowing that it's very peaceful in there and it's a perfect place for relaxation.

Ever since the four of them returned to Hogwarts for their final year, Harry and Ginny have been ignoring each other since the incident in Dumbledore's funeral happened.

Harry reached the lake and sat under the tree. He leaned his back and something hard hit his back. He turned around and saw that it was a bottle with a piece paper in it. He took the paper out and read its contents.

The message states that there's a lonely girl out there who had a break-up with her boyfriend 2 years ago and yet, she's still not over him. She's asking for whoever guy finds her letter will help her and love her just as much as her boyfriend did. She promised that she'll also try her best to love him back as much as she loved her boyfriend, maybe even more.

After reading the girl's message, Harry noticed how late it was. He decided to head to the Great Hall for dinner.

"Where have you been, mate?" Ron asked as Harry took his seat beside him.

"Around." Harry said simply.

"Okay, why are you smiling like that?" Ron asked suspiciously.

"No reason." Harry's smile widened. He glanced at Ginny who had her eyes focused at her plate then back at Ron then said, "I'll tell you later."

At the Common Room…

Harry, Ron and Hermione were sitting by the fireplace when Ron asked, "So, what's up?" he looked at Harry.

"Wait, where's Ginny?" Harry asked.

"She's already asleep." Hermione stated.

"Oh…" Harry sounded disappointed. "Anyway, about what happened earlier, let's just say I met a girl." Harry looked at Ron from the corner of his eye then continued, "Well technically, we didn't meet face to face. We just met through a letter which was in a bottle."

"That's so romantic!" Hermione squealed then Ron glared at her. Ron wasn't pleased that Harry has already found a girl. Sure, Ron is Harry's best mate but still he's not happy about Harry's idea knowing that it would hurt his little sister.

"Harry, are you sure about this?" Ron asked with a lot of concern in his. "What about Ginny?"

"What about her?" He asked sarcastically.

"Its just, you and Ginny, you know, if she found out that you're with another girl it would hurt—"

"Good! In that way she'll be able to understand how much pain she'd caused me." Harry merely shouted as he stood up. "I'm sure by the time she founds out, I'm already living peacefully with that girl who cares about me."

"How do you know she'll even care about you?" Ron shouted and stood in front of Harry.

"Keep your voice down, Ron." Hermione said as she took Ron's wrist but Ron just shrugged her hand off. "WELL?"

"I don't Ron. But I'm sure she's a lot better than Ginny is." Harry was breathing hard. "Now, if you're not gonna help me with this girl, it's fine by me. Just don't hold me back from my decision." With that, Harry stormed off to the 7th year Boys' Dormitory Room.

"See what you did?" Hermione snapped.

"I didn't do anything! I was just trying to tell him that whatever he's doing is wrong." Ron said and the famous Ron-Hermione bickering started. Moments later, Ginny approached them and restrained them from fighting.

"Please don't fight you guys." Ginny said in a low voice. Ron and Hermione calmed down. "Harry's right. He should be with the one who's gonna love him dearly and that's not me." Ginny sobbed as she sat on the couch. Hermione sat beside her and rubbed her back soothingly. "You heard everything?" Ginny nodded.

Ron sat at Ginny's other side and wrapped an arm around her. "Do you want me to do something about it?"

"No Ron. But thanks for your concern." Ginny gave him a weak smile. "I'm sure like Harry, I'll also find another guy for me to love and eventually I'll be able to move on. I just hope that he'll love me for me regardless with the bad attitudes that I have."

"You're not bad, Ginny, stubborn yes. But you can change that." Hermione smiled. "I promise, when you found the right guy for you, I promise I'll help you with him."

"Thanks 'Mione."