Great Scott, It's Ichigo!



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"Is that so?" Ukitake's brow quirked a little and he suddenly found it very hard not to smile. He set down his cup of tea, trying to remain stately. "Yes, yes, bring him in."

There was the slight scuffle footsteps against smooth wood and a few moments later Ichigo had sat down in front of him. Looking slightly serious in a way only Ichigo could, scrunching his fingers in his hakama, he looked at Jyuushirou.

Fortunately, Ukitake could guess what Ichigo was going to ask and decided to save the boy the embarrassment. "You want to know about that catch phrase, don't you?"

"Yeah, an explanation might be nice." Ichigo said dryly, relaxing his shoulders a little.

Jyuushirou sipped his tea slowly, taking his time. "Well, Shunsui's the one who coined it. He's actually quite proud of it." Jyuushirou ignored the scoff the orange-haired boy decided to grace him with and continued. "It all started at the Academy last weekend."

"The academy?" Ichigo didn't look impressed.


"Why the hell were people at the academy talking about me?"

"Because you were the guest speaker, of course." Jyuushirou said brightly.


"Do you want me to continue or not?"

"Go on…" Ichigo looked worried. Anything that involved him speaking when he wasn't the speaker sounded dangerous. Especially with Kyoraku and Ukitake around.

"You were about to be introduced to speak and--" "What the hell?"

"--and Shunsui was hiding in the crowd--"

"How could that hide in a crowd?" Ichigo snorted.

Jyuushirou gave him a stern and slightly cold look. "He's very clever when he wants to be." He sighed, "Maybe I continue with my story?"

"Yes, sir," Ichigo said quietly.

"Shunsui was hiding in the crowd--you know how he is--to introduce you." Here Jyuushirou paused and a soft chuckle came out of him. Ichigo frowned, knowing what was coming. "So, Ichigo came on stage and--"

"No, I didn't." Ichigo growled.

"You didn't, but Ichigo did." Jyuushirou looked at him pityingly. "We had a request for Substitute Shinigami Kurosaki Ichigo to speak at the Academy, but there was honestly no way the Captain Commander would let you to leave your quite…impressionable mark on their naïve minds."

"I think you've made your point."

"So we hired someone to be you," Jyuushirou smiled.


"Well," Jyuushirou blinked innocently. "We had a gigai of you made with a mod soul in it."

"A mod soul?" Ichigo was officially horrified.

"We're getting off topic. So, Ichigo came out and Shunsui decided the best way to introduce you was to be sudden and dramatic, so he shouts--"

"Great Scott, it's Ichigo!" Shunsui shouted drunkenly from the doorway.