I think I wrote this when I was about 10, maybe 11. I found it while cleaning room the other day, and decided it was kinda cute. I think it's from Tasha's POV. Tell me how you like it! note: I don't own Star Trek. Wish I did...

I looked up into his golden eyes.

A thousand thoughts raced in and out of my overcame me and surged through each of my veins.

I swear If you looked close enough, you could have seen a faint glow about my skin.

I trembled slightly; My intuition told me mover closer.

Instinct kicked in and I did the same. our lips met.

His hands crept around my waist.

Love contained far to long emerged with strong, deep passion, overriding any other emotions that attempted to cross our mind.

clung to each other, as if we would lose one another if we broke our embrace.

He softened our kiss.

we slowly drew apart, our hands meeting between us.

I opened my eyes.

Tears parted my eyelids as i buried my head in my pillow.

My dream would never come true, and I knew it.

Data was more a fantasy to me than dragons and sea monsters.

We could never truly be together.

I was just a Wendy looking for her Peter Pan.

I could never live in my fantasy.