Paper Mario X: The Thousand-Year Door

Epilogue: Where Are They Now?

A few Weeks Later-

"…Oh, wow, that's crazy, Bro.! You had a pretty rough time of it, didn't you? That's harder than my own adventure!"

Mario and Luigi were sitting at their table, just like they had before both of then were whisked off to their own adventures. Mario had decided to bore Luigi with his own story, but as usual, Luigi was fascinated and looked up to his bro. Mario admitted maybe he should quit falling asleep during people's stories…

"But I guess that now Peach is safe, everything's okay. Really though, how amazing is it that you saved the world again? AGAIN, Bro!…and say, it's been a little while since then. Are you ready for a new adventure?"

Mario just shrugged, but then decided a little action wouldn't hurt.

"Yeah, you the man, Bro! I wonder what everyone who traveled with you is up to?"

As if on cue, Mario's Mailbox SP went off for a final time. Luigi nearly jumped out of his seat.

"Whoa, what was that, Bro? Was that your newfangled mail gadget?"

They jumped out of their chairs so both Bros could see the message.

Dear Mario,

What's up? Goombella here! I'm still here working with Professor Frankly. We beat the Shadow Queen, but there's still tons of Rogueport lore that we still don't get…so, my research with the professor goes on and on. With the info I gathered with you, we have lots of great leads now though! Mario…like I said, every myth has a kernel of truth-

"Hey! That's what Monterey Jack told me on my adventure…" Luigi recalled. Mario gave him a look. "Sorry! Continue…"

-Speaking of which, know what was in the chest that the professor discovered? You're totally not going to believe me when I tell you! It's…a secret! Ha ha ha ha! But I'll tell you next time I see you. As part of my research, I did go back to many of the places we visited…and I saw everyone we traveled with too! Koops is living peacefully in Petalburg with his dad and Koopie Koo. And, Mario…guess what Koops wants to do now! He wants to become the mayor of Petalburg and live there in peace! Can you imagine? Still, it might just be perfect for him, come to think of it. He's so much more of an adult now than when you left Rogueport!…still, I think Koopie Koo has his wrapped around her little finger!

"What do you know? That is pretty cool! I wish I could be mayor of Something…"

Mario: Luigi…

"Sorry! Sorry…"

Flurrie's back on stage in a big way, and the crowds are totally ecstatic. And, the play she's doing right now is the story of our adventure! Yeah! It's called "Paper Mario"! I saw it twice! It was totally the best play ever! And somehow, Doopliss has joined the troupe as an actor! Who saw that coming? His transformation skill are serving him well, but it still kind of creeps me out…oh, and little Spike? Yeah, he's fighting solo in the Glitz Pit! He says he's even getting pretty close to a title match even! Isn't that just ADORABLE? He's calling himself "The Great Gonzales Jr." in the ring, by the way. It's sorta silly, but kinda cute, don'tcha think? I've seen Sonic in the audience supporting his Soul Partner during an important title match…oh, and I have to get this exactly right or Spike'll get, like, SO mad at me…He uh, said that "he could totally take you in the ring now, so bring it!" I guess he doesn't change…isn't that too cute?

"Ah, I've always liked Sonic…oh wait, I'm interrupting again, aren't I?"

Vivian's gone back to hang out with her sisters. Family is important, after all…Now that the Shadow Queen's been defeated, I don't think Beldam's into evil…oh, and Beldam promised me that she'd never be mean to Vivian ever again. Yup, I think the three Sirens are going to live pretty peacefully from now on…but you should so totally go visit her sometime. Bobbery goes out to sea everyday with Cortez…I think his soul has healed. I ran into on accident on Keelhaul Key the other day, which was nice. He was so happy. I thought he was going to blow up in me for a second. You know, I bet Scarlette is looking down on him and smiling right now…Oh, almost forgot…everyone on Keelhaul Key is well and they say hello.

"Longest e-mail ever…"

Ms. Mowz still runs the badge shop in Rogueport, so she's happy. She comes over to Frankly's sometimes to visit…but, as usual, as soon as she steps out of the shop, she turns into a badge-ninja! She said the other day she had found some super-rare badge, actually. That's our Globe-trotting, mystery-making, flirting, little badge thief, huh? Kirby, I recall, had visited Poshley Heights to receive some pasta and have a chat with Pennington, where he remet with Bow! Cool, huh? I bet he DID blow up with happiness…chances are, he won't be leaving for quite a while. Oh yeah…In my travels, I heard a rumor that both Grodus and Lord Crump were both still alive. I guess that makes them pretty tenacious baddies, huh Mario?

"This is a pretty tenacious message…"

But they've mellowed out a lot, just like Beldam has, and I don't expect more trouble. Plus I hear Grodus is just a head, which really cuts down on mischief making. Speaking of miracle survivals…guess whose favorite calculator is still computing? He says he really wants to see you and Peach again! Well, I'm totally rambling at this point so I'd better wrap it up…I just wanna say, even though things got tough, I'm grateful for our time together. And…there is one thing that kind of weighted me and I never got to express to you. See, I…well, maybe that's best kept a secret. So please say hi to Peach for me, okay? Til we meet again!

Your Friend, Goombella

"Hey! That's awesome Bro! Sounds like everyone's doing great over there!" Luigi exclaimed. "Oh, by the way Bro…I remember something kind of important…"

He pulled out a red watch-like device out of his pocket and handed it to Mario.

"It's a communicator, so that you can still talk to the rest of your team- and even mine and Peach's! Except I'll give Peach hers later…" he pulled down his sleeve and revealing the exact same watch, except Luigi-green. "Yeah, I got one too. Tails designed them. He figured that if there was ever a huge universe-wide emergency, we should stay in contact!"

Mario nodded and slipped it on his right wrist.

"Yeah, Malon was supposed to give Link his, Tails was going to give Sonic one, and Meta Knight Kirby's…but we had no way of finding Samus, so Tails made it so we could sync with the communicator with her suit just in case. He's such a clever kid…but remember- emergencies only!"

Mario nodded in understandment, admiring the fancy watch and wondered if he'd ever need it while the SP in his pocket buzzed again. He pulled it out, and read one last line he forgot to read:

P.S. I have no idea what happened to Link…just in case you were wondering.

. . .

Back in the Boggly Woods, Zelda was leaning against the Great Boggly Tree, half-asleep from the tranquility of the woods, while Link sat not too far from her eating up his Jelly Ultraz.

"What did I tell you, Princess? It does exist!"

Zelda smiled, hiding what she had learned from TEC so long ago. "It's almost like the Sacred Grove…only far better…"

"Yeah..." Link breathed. Not to mention the place was entirely romantic in his eyes. His gaze turned down to Zelda, with the light breeze softly blowing her hair around as she enjoyed the sight. With a small smile, Link reached over and grabbed her hand. "Zelda…"

"Yes Link?"

"...I love you."

Zelda wasn't stunned at the statement. She just gave a light laugh and draped her arms around Link. "I love you, too."

As she rested her head on his shoulder, Link smirked, pulled a velvet box out of his bag, and held it out to where Zelda couldn't see. He turned to the fourth wall and asked:

"Can you guess what I'm going to do?"

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