1. Gang of Four


Mid-Keil crystals in abundance having attached to the walls of the inn. Haken Browning is gingerly touching one with the nozzle of his rifle, but his eyes have fashioned on Princess Kaguya. He seems unfocused today. He has constantly been keeping a close eye on Princess Kaguya, but noting his history, it seems unlikely he will take action. Suzuka of the Shiki-Oni is watching Haken. Her reactions to him reflect a tone of anger and impatience, but due to the flush on her skin and the heat of her body temperature, I gauge that she has a kind of admiration for him, 'as sick as that is,' my internal BABY phrases gently to my AI.

Analysis of Mid-Keil crystals: having a pink-reddish color, they have proven unbreakable and cause distortions of reality when focused on, similar to when living things stare into the sun for a long period of time, except Mid-Keil crystals do not cause scarring of the eye tissue. On other worlds, they grew in places where space-time was weak, but here on Elfetale, they grow with increasing urgency, as if they were actually feeding off a living object. The comparison of the Mid-Keil crystals in the mountain pass near Espina Castle versus the Mid-Keil crystals in Kagura Amahara and even those few we found on Lost Herencia are of a much stronger and durable quality. They are nearly unbreakable, as Aschen Brodel has already tested on several occasions, 'hurt like a man without love!' my internal BABY phrases to my AI. Complaint noted in Log slot under 'human emotions' category.

Haken is speaking with Kaguya now. His vocal vibrations assume a tone of condescension, and looking back at his historical situations, Aschen Brodel must assume Haken is going to make a statement about her anatomy that slips the AI category of 'Careful.' Internal BABY taking over.

"Hey, Hat-Head! Take your eyes off her parts!' Aschen BABY raises her fist and knocks Haken back, her cyborg fist slamming into his shoulder at a speed much higher than safe parameters, which forces Haken Browning back into the front desk of the inn, and topples him over headlong, his feet lifted into the air and a crack ensuing from behind the counter.

"Maybe I did deserve that," Haken mutters from about one meter away, his voice muffled.

"What?" Kaguya says. Aschen Brodel notes that she did not even realize what Haken was doing, far too taken with a small bird outside a window covered in small Mid-Keil crystals having grown around the lattices of the curtains like little flowers. The bird flies away, frightened by the sudden movement of Aschen Brodel's arm as Aschen BABY touches Kaguya's arm in sympathetic response.

Suzuka mutters something that Aschen Brodel is unable to receive. She stomps away and walks into the hallway.