2. Band of Idiots

It seems wherever I go, I'm surrounded by idiocy.

I mean, GOD, how can be do that to her, and why does she act like she doesn't notice? Does she like it when he makes a comment totally directed at her, then licks his finger to show his own self-admiration? Because she smiles whenever he does that, and then looks away like she doesn't know. I can't believe - I won't believe, she's that stupid.

And what's with his sexbot? She seems to have been programmed to support his nubile behavior. I wonder if the person who designed her specifically did so because he thought it would be funny to raise a child without any morality, who goes on limbic-addled quests to personally insult any female living thing in the world.

It's like he has this charm attached to him that turns intelligent women into brainless automatons who thirst for nothing more than his degenerate comments. The girl we met (after nearly dying, I need to exclaim again! to deaf ears), Sayol, was flitting her lashes and other unmentionables at Haken almost immediately. It's like the boy is cursed with being in stasis to his own nubile self.

He does look pretty good in battle though, even if he is cocky. He's always in control, even when we were fighting that witch who we saved. Sometimes, honestly, I'd rather I not have left Daddy in this stupid search. He makes me so angry. Not Daddy. Haken.

At least I have Gunny. He listens. He ALWAYS listens. Even though, well, he's not alive, but so what. He does exactly what I tell him and when, unlike certain cowboys who I can't stand.

This castle is weird. The statues freak me out a lot. I never show my fear though. One hundred years of never getting a date taught me to do that.

Where's my little Gunny. Oh, there he is. I'm going to talk to Gunny now. Leave me alone.