A/N: In comparison to my other fics, I'll say this is slightly cracky, mainly due to the situation and Natsuki's thought process.

And like always although its under humor, u may not find it very funny - things seem funny in my head n when i type it down it doesn't seem so funny anymore... yea...

Doppelganger: It is a german word. It is a theory/superstition that meeting your double (someone who looks exactly like you) is an omen and that something bad will soon happen ie. you die.

Japanese words in Kyoto-accent I've sprinkled in the fic:

Kanin-na: Forgive me

Ikezu: Meanie

ShizNat's Doppelganger Meeting


I tapped my finger gently on the phone as the dial tone continued to ring in my ear.

Ring-ring. Ring-ring. Click.

"Natsuki?" Finally, I hear my girlfriend's smooth accented voice greet me through the phone.

"Hey Shizuru, what took you so long?" I questioned.

"Kanin-na. I was getting changed, do you need something?"

"Oh! Um yeah I was calling cause I was hoping we could -er- go on a da- I mean go out for lunch today. If you're not busy that is." I stuttered my reply while my fingers on my free hand found a lock of my hair to twirl with as I tried to calm myself.

'Really! She's my girlfriend, so why can't I ask her out over the phone without getting all nervous?'

"Ara? Sorry Natsuki, I already made plans today."

"Then what about dinner?"

"I'm not sure how long we'll be going out for. I'm sorry I'll make it up to you next time, Natsuki."

"Oh… That's okay, I didn't really ask before hand or anything, so it's fine…" I could feel my face frown slightly at the disappointing outcome. "Where are you going anyways?"

"Fuuka Mall." She gave me a short reply and from the sound of it, she was moving about on the other end of the line.

'Is she still getting ready?'

"With?" I continued in a poor attempt to seem interested, all the while checking my hair for split ends.

"A friend." It was then that a bit of curiosity hit me and I let go of those strands of hair I had been inspecting.

'That's odd, why is she giving me such curt replies? Better yet, who is this "friend"? If it was Reito or Haruka she would have just said so, heck, she wouldn't even go shopping with them, so who in the world is she going with?!' Panic and paranoia struck me as my thought process took place, just as I was about to voice my query I was cut off.

"Who's this-"

"I'm afraid I have to go now, I'll call you again tonight. Okay, Natsuki? Love you." Click.

I stared at the device I gripped in my hand. What started off as a hint of curiosity, soon escalated to a panic frenzy.

'Did Shizuru just hang up on me?! Wha-? Why? Who?'

I was confused to say the least - Shizuru has never hung up on me like that before, just the thought of her doing that to anyone seemed out of character, and then there was the question of who this "friend" was.

'Did she hang up on me because she didn't want me to ask? But why? Who can it be? For Shizuru to not want me to meet or even know she is going shopping with…'

Unconsciously I had started to pace back and from in my living room, my arms in the same position as Shizuru's infamous kaichou thinking pose; where one of my arms was tucked on top of my abdomen, the hand supporting the elbow of my other arm, which was raised so I could support my chin.

'Is she cheating on me? Could she be going out on a date with some girl?! And blatantly, in broad daylight too! Right under my nose!'

I shook my head violently.

'No, no, Shizuru wouldn't do that… It's too obvious, with too many flaws- I mean she loves me and I trust her, she wouldn't cheat… then who could it be…'

The cogs in my mind turned.

'Maybe it's one of her fan girls… it would explain why she wouldn't want me to know since she knows I would murder the lot of them if I had the chance… but then there's still the question of why they would be shopping and the fact that it's only ONE fan girl… could it be she has an extreme crazy fan girl case and was forced to go shopping alone with her? And the reason she's keeping it from me is to protect the fan girl from grievous bodily harm, which in turn protects me since I'll probably go to jail for inflicting the said grievous bodily harm!'

I continued to pace around the living room until finally I was content at my own speculations and reasons. With a nod to myself I stopped pacing, standing up straight I thought to myself with determination:

'Then I need to go and protect Shizuru from that so-called "friend"'

I whipped out my phone once again and dial a familiar number.

"Neh, Natsuki?'"


"I really don't think kaichou-san is the type to cheat..."

"I told you Mai we're not following her to see if she's cheating on me. Shizuru would never do that. We're going to protect her from the evil crazy nut case that some how managed to corner Shizuru into going shopping with her." Natsuki exclaimed.

"Oookay, whatever you say." Mai rolled her eyes.

The two had just arrived at the Mall's entrance after parking Natsuki's bike. Natsuki adorn in her renowned full-body biker suit and Mai wearing her casual clothes.

"Look, here's the plan: we'll split up from here and you take the east wing, while I take the right. When we reach the end double back here, alright?"

"Okay, okay. I can't believe I'm spending my one free day in two weeks helping you stalk your girlfriend."

At that the red head received a dirty look from the biker.

"Look, just call me if you find them." The two split up, stalking off to their assigned areas.

After some time Mai had already search her side of the Mall and with no sign of the infamous ex-kaichou she headed back to where they were supposed to meet, then a glimpse of blue caught her eye.

From the years of hanging around Chie and Aoi, Mai's instinctive reflexes drove her to dive behind a nearby potted tree for cover, and from behind this tree she peeked out to see the blue-haired figure.

From Mai's viewpoint she could see Natsuki, wearing a blue dress suit, blushing with a small delicate smile on her face as she was being lead by the hand into a diner by none other than the object of today's mission – Shizuru, who was wearing a lilac coloured sundress and also adorning the same loving smile.

"Mou! Natsuki doesn't even tell me that SHE found kaichou-san!" Mai said to no-one, causing passerby-ers to look at her oddly, remembering not to speak aloud to herself she thought:

'Well at least they seem like they made up…Judging from that love-y dove-y grins they had. Good thing I saw them, if not I would had been waiting by myself like an idiot.' With that, the red-headed cook decided to leave the two love-birds alone and set off to the bus stop to get back to the dorms.

Ring –Ring. Ring-Ring. Click.


"Mai! Where the heck are you? Aren't you done with your end yet?"

"What are you on about Natsuki?"

"What am I on about?! God, don't tell me you started shopping and forgot what we're here for?" The biker face-palmed herself trying her hardest not to yell her head off into her phone.

"No, I mean I saw you with kaichou-san, and I've left, so I don't understand why you are still looking for her…"

"What do you mean you saw me with her?" Natuski questioned. Her attention was fully on her red-headed friend's answer.

"Well, I was heading back to the entrance to meet you but then I saw you with kaichou-san outside a teashop. You two were all love-y dove-y so I didn't want to disturb, I went home… Hmm? Come to think of it… when did you change your clothes?"

Natsuki gritted her teeth in anger.

'Love-y dove-y? She really is cheating on me! Shit, and with someone that looks just like me, too! Wha-what if I lose her? No! There's no way there's anyone better suited for Shizuru than me. I'm not losing her without a fight.'

"Mai." Her voice was curt and had a dangerous edge to it. "Where was this teashop?"

I got to the teashop Mai described, it wasn't one Shizuru and I had visited before, it was tucked away one side and it had no particular eye-catching sign that drew attention, but it seemed popular none-the-less.

I got inside and quickly scanned around, soon I spotted her. Shizuru was sitting in a 4-person booth, she was facing towards me but she haven't noticed me yet because she was speaking to-

'A blunette that looks just like me?' I thought venomously to myself, as I stormed towards them, my hands balled to a fist.

From my angle I couldn't make out anything apart from the bitch's hair, which I must admit, had striking resemblance to my own.

About a metre away from them Shizuru finally noticed me – her face showed surprise and it didn't go well with me.

'Are you surprised that I caught you cheating?' Even in my mind, my voice was dripping with venom.

"Shizuru, fancy seeing you here." I said in my obviously false polite voice and overly fake smile, my hand dropped solidly onto my supposed rival's shoulder that still has her back facing me.

From Shizuru's subtle reactions I can see that she sensed the underlying anger in my tone, quite frankly it would take a certain special person to not sense it, but I didn't care.

"Who might this be? A new friend?" I continued in my false polite voice with that hideous smile still plastered onto my face as I turned the girl's body to face me.

What I saw was indeed a shock, to me and to the person in front of me.

We looked exactly the same, perhaps she was a little older, but still we looked pretty much the same.

I assumed we would look similar since Mai so easily mistaken us, but I didn't expected it to be to this extent. I was struck speechless but then the next thing that happened forced me to take a seat to steady myself from the shock.

"Ara, who might she be Fujino-san?" A kyoto-ben voice asked from behind me, taking my attention away from my doppelganger. It was another Shizuru. Like me with the one in front of me, she looked just like Shizuru, maybe a little older, but still the same.

My world seemed to have stopped. One moment I'm confronting my girlfriend and her 'other woman', the next I'm encountering a parallel universe.

"Should I do the introductions?"

Fujino Shizuru offered, she then gestured to the blunette that sat next to her on her side of the booth.

"This is Kuga Natsuki, my girlfriend. And, Natsuki, she is Shizuru Viola, I meet her a few weeks ago when she came to Fuuka on business." the young brunette gestured to the older version of herself that sat opposite her in the booth.

"And next to her is her partner, Natsuki Kruger, they're currently here on a holiday right now." She explained to a clearly shocked girl, who seemed to have trouble accepting the facts that has been given to her.

"Wow" Kruger started "I can't believe how much we look alike…" she looked oddly at the young Kuga, then moving her attention to the two Shizurus. "And I still can't believe how alike you two are!"

"Yeah, you and me both." Kuga agreed with her voice and manner resorting back to her hostile and unsocial able demeanour.

"Indeed. You have no idea how shocked we both were when we bumped into each other on the streets. Or how amazing it was when we realized we had so much in common." Fujino added before gracefully sipping at her tea.

Viola smiled politely. "Yes, I agree. But I wonder if Natsuki and Kuga-san will have as much in common as we do."

The table fell into a momentary silence as Kuga eyed her older double sceptically and everyone else took a moment to consider the possibilities. Then, Viola spoke again.

"Hmmm… Mou. But seeing how Fujino-san's Natsuki looks like, now, it's probably impossible to convince you to join me and my Natsuki in bed, no?" Viola asked Fujino with a childish innocence.

"WHAT?!" Both Natsuki exclaimed, both acting at the same time – slamming their hands onto the table as they stood from their seat, and both sporting a defined blush on their face.

"Ara? Is Natsuki not happy with the idea?" Viola asked her lover innocently, turning her head to her direction.

"What?! WHAT?! What the hell gave you the idea that I WOULD like it?!" Kruger yelled at her lover, her arms flying about as she struggle against the urge to pull out chunks of her own hair.

"But Natsuki said that: for her birthday, all she wanted was me. So, since Fujino-han look so much like me, I thought two is better than one, Natsuki." She explained with feigned hurt in her eyes as she slowly gets up and close the distance between her self and her love.

Noticing her lover's hurt expression, the older blunette softened her stance, unable to meet Viola's eyes, and spoke in a much calmer and levelled tone.

"Th-that's thoughtful and all, bu-but it's just not a good idea and-"

"Ara? Does Natsuki not like the idea of the two of us serving her every beck and call?" Viola added seductively into the blunette's ear.

Her voice was no louder than a whisper but the all the occupants on the table heard her – crystal clear.

At Viola's "suggestion": her younger counterpart, the only remaining sitting occupant, blush a red hue over a good portion of her face. While Kruger, after taking a moment to recover from the shock of her lover's word, became completely flustered and resembling a tomato began to yell once more:

"Wha-What the hell are you saying, Shizuru?! They're kids! They're not even past the freaking drinking age! There's no wa-"

"Fufufu, Natsuki is so naughty, you want to get her drunk before you have your way with us?"

"T-that was not what I meant and you know it!" The older blunette hissed through grit teeth, trying her utmost to calm herself down and keep the blood vessels in her face from bursting – from both embarrassment and anger.

Meanwhile on Kuga Natsuki's end: she was still standing with her hands firmly on top of the table, her emerald eyes were wide open, staring blankly at the surface of the furniture, as she was held in a standing-comatose state the moment Viola had suggested that she and her Shizuru "served" Natsuki.

Images and more images flooded her mind – ones that would probably put many into a blissful and eternal slumber from death of massive nosebleed or heart attack - Kuga Natsuki being no exception.

'Natsuki, come to bed with us.'

'No Natsuki, let's take a bath. I'll wash your back.'

'Oh yes, and I'll wash your front' The two Shizurus offered eagerly stripping their cl-

The rate her heart, beat faster than she had ever experience before, not even riding her motorcycle 200kpm around cliff curves could compare to how she felt at the thoughts of those images. Blood was rushing to her head, the room suddenly felt very warm, her vision was blurring, she felt dizzy and everything seemed so far off, everything except for those images.

Luckily, or unluckily, words got through the blunette's hectic mind - words that snapped her out of her life-threatening daze.

"Then does that mean Natsuki wouldn't be willing to 'play' with Kuga-san for me? It would be such a nice show too." the older Shizuru pouted at her loved one.

Choke. Cough. Cough.

It seems the words did not only break through Kuga's trance but also caused the younger Shizuru to choke on her tea in which she was quietly nursing in the corner of the table.

"Wha-WHAT?! L-like hell, am I going to be part of some show! I never agreed into doing ANYTHING w-with... HER" Kuga burst out, having not notice her girlfriend's actions and pointed aggressively at her older double. At the same moment she wondered to herself as to whether she just offended herself in some peculiar manner. "-just so you can watch! And there's no way in hell am I EVER going to be! Right, Shizuru?! Shizuru? Hey, say something."

Kuga look to her side at her girlfriend, anger started to escalate when she realised her girlfriend had not once spoken during this whole absurd conversation, and fear (or maybe it was excitement) bit at her when the thought of her Shizuru actually wanting to participate in those discuss… 'activities'

"Natsuki…" Fujino spoke in a calming tone – the one she uses to persuade others, causing the biker's eyes to widen in disbelief. "…you need to calm down; Viola-san is only jo-"

"What about a foursome, then?"

Attention returned to the older brunette, but it soon shifted elsewhere when a loud bang sounded, along with the crashing sound of teacups and saucers colliding and smashing onto the floor.


"Shit! Shizuru! You shouldn't take your jokes so far!"


Throbbing pain woke the sleeping blunette, her groggy eyes reluctantly peeled open to see white ceiling bathed in the orange glow from the setting sun.

"Natsuki?" A soft caring voice spoke out.

With a pained groan the biker look to the side and sees her girlfriend waiting on her by the bed side, the ice pack that previously laid on her forehead slipped onto the pillow.

"Shizuru? What happened?" She rubbed her forehead to find a sore bump had swollen up.

Shizuru made a light chuckle and took the fallen ice pack and placed it onto a nearby bed-side table. "You fainted in the diner and hit your head on the ground, were the ideas too much for my Natsuki to handle?"

Low grumbles emitted from Natsuki. "Stupid clones and their stupid ideas…"

Shizuru chuckled, and the room fell into peaceful moment of silence.

"Neh, Shizuru…" Natsuki started.


"Were you seriously considering… j-joining those two…?"

"Natsuki, Viola-san was only joking. From what I can see, all of us are quite possessive of our significant other, so I doubt anyone of us was seriously considering." Shizuru replied in a soothing manner. "Though I must say, I wouldn't mind if I had two Natsukis serving me for a day." She finished with a mischievous wink.


Melodious laughter came from the elegant brunette.

"Ara? Natsuki don't tell me you didn't think the same about Viola-san and I, when you froze like a statue after hearing the idea?"

Natsuki blushed and pouted childishly –annoyed at being caught but knew better than to try and pretend it wasn't true.

"Yeah, well probably wouldn't end well for me anyways, that Viola would probably kill me with her teasing… if the idea alone hasn't killed me already, that is." She propped herself up on the bed so that she was in a sitting position.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure to protect my Natsuki from anymore life-threatening dangers" The brunette assured as she moved to wrap her girlfriend in her arms.

"And who will protect me from you? Your teasing isn't much better either." Natsuki playfully joked while returning the hug.

"Ikezu. Natsuki knows I hold back on her."

"Heh heh, if that's holding back I don't want to know when you're serious." She loosened her hold on her girlfriend, so she could look at her in the eyes. "By the way Shizuru… why didn't you tell me about Viola? I got kind of worried you know…"

"Was that why Natsuki decided to follow me?" Shizuru asked with a teasing grin.

"Just answer the question" Natsuki huffed.

"Hmmmm… Promise you won't make fun?" Shizuru said shyly, her fingers gently playing with the ends of Natsuki's hair.

Slightly confused at her girlfriend's uncharacteristic behaviour Natsuki pulled Shizuru back into a loving embrace as she gingerly agreed.

"Yeah… promise."

Shizuru nuzzled her face into the dark locks whilst replying softly "I kept Viola-san a secret… because I was scared you might find her more attractive…"

At Shizuru's little confession, Natsuki couldn't help but bring a smile to her face; the thought that the all-powerful Fuuka kaichou had felt insecure brought a guilty happiness in the brunette's chest.

"Silly, there's no way that would happen."Giving her girlfriend a small squeeze, then another question appeared in her thoughts.

"Hey, Shizuru … where are we?"

"Oh, we're at Viola-san and Kruger-san's hotel room." Shizuru replied as she pulled herself out of the brunette's arms.

"…H-hotel room? Why are we here?" The biker questioned nervously, her eyes darting around the suddenly very suspicious room – a feeling of danger encased her.

All of a sudden she felt like a caged prey waiting to be pounced upon.

"Well, when you fainted, Viola-san just took charge. She instructed Kruger-san to pick you and bring you here saying it was the closest place and that you needed to rest."

"V-viola did? Shizuru, we need to get out of here. NOW." Her voice was laced with panic, her hand gripped onto her girlfriend's slim wrist causing Shizuru to worry.

"Ara, what's the hurry?"

The two turned to Viola who had just entered the room, fear was evident in Natsuki's eyes.

A/N: thought of writing sumfing like this when i randomly remembered seeing a fanart with FujinoxViola, took ages for me to think of scenario that could make it possible but stil not break up the ShizNat duo. And man, it got confusing when it was the four of them and weird when I started referin to them with their last names... Anyways off u go to read the omakes!

Omake 1: Doppelganger, an omen for those around you as well?

Little did the four know, that at the teashop, the moment that they sat down together, all occupants of the shop fell silent and were intently observing the beautiful ladies, that is to say when Viola made her 'suggestions' everyone heard as well.

By the end of the four's 'meeting', Fuuka Hospital had a sudden surge of patients, Fuuka now have a deficit in their blood bank, the teashop looks like a brutal-mass murder crime scene. And Takeda, who unfortunately walked into the shop the moment Kruger carried Kuga out of the building bridal style, suffered from a near-fatal heart attack.

Omake 2: Epilogue?

Viola: Ara, what's the hurry?

Kuga: 0.0

*Kruger in the background, tied and gagged with ropes and bondage, on the ground trying to wiggle free*

Kruger: MhmmpMMpphhpp *manages to spit out her gag* Run, children! RUN!

Omake 3: Their Opinions

Kruger: Why is my Shizuru (Viola) depicted as a pervert in this? We're Otomes aren't we? There's no way we would engage in such activites.

Viola: I believe we were chosen because of our age, Natsuki. Since we're older, its only natural to expect that we're more ... 'open' to new experiences.

Kuga: Yeah, but we all know my Shizuru (Fujino) is more than willing to want to do something like this. Where is she anyways?

Fujino: *in a corner, smiling like an idiot while in a life-threatening daze thinking about the two Natsukis, with tea in hand*

FYI: just to shatter one or 2 ppl's imaginations, Kruger and/or Viola does not intend to engage in any of the discussed activites (they really are too possessive of each other to do so) and the ending of the actual fic is just a misunderstanding on Kuga's part.