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Terms used:

kyoto-ben: japanese in kyoto dialect

-chin: a cute way of saying -chan

Midori: melon liquor (it's taste pretty gud)

Bayleys: a milk coffee liquor (this is nice too!)

A week after the "Meeting":

"Che. Why do we have to go to this stupid thing anyways?" Kuga complained to her girlfriend who was currently holding on to her arm, as they walked towards the neon lit building.

"Mai wanted to meet our new friends, and remember Natuski don't start anything like last time." Fujino answered and reminded. She looked back at her and her girlfriend's doppelganger that trail not far behind.

"Ara, I don't think I would mind if Kuga-san started anything with my Natsuki again..." Viola teased in a dreamy voice when she overheard the younger couple's conversation.

The four of them blushed at the memory - two from embarrassment, while the other two blush for an entirely different reason.

"Ara, what's the hurry?"

Fujino Shizuru and Kuga Natsuki turned to Viola who had just entered the room, fear was evident in Kuga's eyes.

Panic struck, and Kuga, feeling immediate danger, reacted on the instinctual need to get herself and her girlfriend out of the room and into safety.

She leaped out of the bed, while holding tightly onto her girlfriend's hand effectively pulling the young brunette from her seat and forcing her to stand behind herself.

"Run for the door Shizuru, and keep running. Understand?" Kuga commanded as she took Fujino by the hand and dashed toward Viola who stood in the way of their only exit.

"Natsuki, what are yo-" Fujino started to question just as Natsuki pulled onto her, she ran behind Kuga to keep herself from falling.

After closing the small distance between the bed and the door, with just a few steps, Kuga let go of Fujino's hand and charged towards Viola.

"Go, Shizuru. I'll hold her off." Kuga said without even stopping in her motion.

"Ara?" was all Viola said in response to her guests' reaction to her entrance, her face held a mildly curious and confused expression.

Kuga rushed to Viola's side, side stepping and turning, she was able to stand right behind the older brunette. With swift movements Kuga wrapped her arms around Viola encasing the brunette's arm to her side in a tight hold and Kuga leaned back to pick Viola up off her feet, bringing out a childish giggle from Viola.

"Kuga-san seems to be energetic again; perhaps she liked my last idea?" Viola joked while still in mind air.

Fujino, who had stopped in her tracks the moment Kuga had let go of her hand, started gathering a dark and murderous aura around herself at the sight of seeing her girlfriend holding onto another woman so tightly (even though that woman look exactly like her)

"Natsuki. What do you think you are doing?" Fujino questioned in a cold dark tone.

Unable to hear her girlfriend's question, her tone or sense the increasingly dangerous atmosphere, the young biker only noticed that her girlfriend had not followed her plan of attack and responded "What are you doing Shizuru? I told you: Run!"

"Oi! What the hell are you doing with MY Shizuru?!" Kruger bellowed from the other side of the doorway.

Kruger stalk towards Kuga, who at once realised the more dangerous threat, dropped Viola back onto her feet and turned to her doppelganger.

Kruger reached to grab Kuga's arm only for Kuga to dodge and attempt to grab the out-stretched arm.

"Fujino-san?" Viola spoke, breaking her younger double's murderous trance. "What's going on here?"

"A-ara? My apologies, Viola-san. I believe my Natsuki, had a little misunderstanding. I'll go and stop her now." Fujino replied hastily realizing her own little misunderstanding and over-reaction. But barely taking a step towards the two brawling blunettes she stopped dead in her tracks.

Kruger and Kuga were in a grappling match, neither wanting to pull punches or kicks, nor seriously hurt the other. The struggle had led to Kruger pinning Kuga against the wall beside the open door, face to face and pushing against the slender frame of her younger double's body with her own, panting slightly, and some-what exhausted from this unexpected brawl she lent in where her face was but a few inches away from Kuga, who was also panting.

Kruger thinking that she had a good hold on her younger version, took a moment to catch her breath only to be kicked in the shins and allowing Kuga to trip her onto the ground and get pinned herself. Kuga sat on top Kruger's hips with her legs on either side at her momentary victory but she quickly lent forward when Kruger tried to sit up to get to a more advantageous position, Kuga held her older counterpart down by the shoulders her, her midnight blue hair cascading down onto her pinned opponent. They were both breathing heavily from the exertion.

"Na-Natsuki?" Fujino finally choked out with a deep blush on her face, her feeble attempt to stop the two came out no more than a whisper.

She was in turmoil, inside she knew she had to stop the two from fighting, she was supposed to, and she should be stopping it right now in fact… but for some reason Shizuru can't figure out: why she should stop it?

The scene in front of her cause a thick fog to swarm her mind, a strong and tempting force pulls her towards a blissful daze, but knowing what she should be doing and trying her hardest to fight off the daze that pulls her so strongly, Fujino tries to call out again:

"Na-" A firm hand fell onto her shoulder, and Fujino turned to Viola.

Viola wasn't looking at Fujino, her eyes were fixed onto the two blunettes still grappling on the floor, she too had a blush on her delicate features, but her simple gesture gave a green light to Fujino to simply enjoy the pulls of her subconscious and succumb to her heavenly daze as she joined Viola in the viewing.

Kruger had bucked from under Kuga, thrusting her hips up and successfully throwing Kuga off of herself, she then quickly tried to pin the young biker down but Kuga was not giving up without a fight. The younger blue haired double thrashed around, making it impossible for Kruger to grab hold of her arms and thrashing eventually caused Kruger to lose her balance and fall on top of Kuga creating a heap of tangled limbs and sprayed hair.

Both Shizuru's breath hitched at the sight.

The two continued to struggle on the hotel floor oblivious to their staring audience, however their actions started becoming serious and more aggressive as Kuga was able to flip Kruger onto her stomach and sit on top of her back twisting one of her arms back behind the older blunette.

"A-ara, I believe its time to stop this before anyone gets hurt." Viola shakily said, making it known that the scene in front of her had not left her unaffected.

All Fujino was able to do was give an affirmative nod but her eyes never left the two Natsuki, whose bodies were so close to one another.

Just as Kruger was about to swing her free arm back to her opponent, in hopes to elbow Kuga's face, her lover spoke:

"Natsuki, if you don't stop this fight: this instant, I'm dumping all of your mayo back home into the toilet." Viola calmly announced.

Both Natsukis stopped in their tracks, both gaped openly towards Viola and Fujino's direction.

"You wouldn't" They said simultaneously.

"Does Natsuki want to call my bluff?"

"No, Ma'am" The two instantly separated, they remained on the floor, sitting as proper as possible with at least half a metre between them.

They arrived at the karaoke club; entering their designated room, they find that Kuga and Fujino's friends had already started the party.

"Natuski, Shizuru! These must be the infamous Viola-san and Kruger-san. Nice to meet you I am Tokiha Mai" Mai greeted as the four entered.

"Mai, wrong way around." Kuga corrected dully as Mai offered to shake her and Fujino's hands.

"Oh, oops. You really do look a like you know" Mai blushed in embarrassment and turn to shake the proper Viola and Kruger's hands whom she just previously mistaken to be her friends.

"Hi!" Mikoto popped out from below Mai's chest "I'm Minagi Mikoto. Wow it's true that you look just like Natsuki and Shizuru. Can I call you Natsuki 2 and Shizuru 2?"

Kruger made a weird face at the fact that Mikoto appeared out of no where and Viola chuckled at the raven haired girl's antics.

"Mikoto, I think it'll be best if everyone refers to Natsuki and I, and Viola and Kruger, with our last name for the night, so to alleviate some confusion." Fujino said.

"Yeah, that's probably the best. Come on, there's some seats near the stage and also Midori-chan brought some drinks along with her." Mai informed

"Erm, actually I think I rather sit at the back." Kuga mumbled, as she turned her body toward the couches closer to the door, before Fujino took her arm and led her to the seats Mai suggested.

"Drinks? As in alcohol? Aren't you guys a bit young to be drinking that?" Kruger question as she sat down on the couch seats that lined the wall of the room, sitting closer to the stage while Viola took a seat beside her.

"Actually most of us turned 20 this year; however Midori-sensei does have an inclination in supplying alcoholic beverages to minors. But I think I'll be sticking with tea this evening." Fujino informed as she and Kuga sat on the ottomans on the other side of the coffee table situated between the two couples. They sat opposite their clone counter part respectively.

"I could only imagine how her classes would be like, and would I also be able to get some tea as well?" Viola remarked, as Fujino lean over to the table next to theirs to pour herself some iced green tea.

"Tea? Geez, you didn't drink on your birthday either. When are you ever going to drink something that is NOT tea?" Kuga said after scanning the room and noting that only Mai, Mikoto and Midori were currently present.

Fujino childishly pouted at her girlfriend's comment "Mou. Natsuki I drink beverages other than tea."

"Yeah, but nothing alcoholic." Kuga noted

"Ara? I wonder what Kuga-san plans to do with Fujino-san, when she gets her drunk?" Viola added with a tease.

Fujino noticing the obvious glint in Viola's eyes, joined in: "What's this? Natsuki wanted to get me drunk? Oh dear, Natsuki intends to do beastly things to me whilst I'm unable to defend myself!" Fujino acted frail and helpless while she delivered her words.

"Come to think of it, I've never seen you drink any alcoholic beverages before Shizuru." Kruger interrupted, feeling pity to her younger clone that had begun to develop a red hue on her face. Her statement was directed to Viola.

"Does my Natsuki intend to get me drunk, tonight?" Viola questioned with unholy intent in her eyes.

Kruger avoided eye contact, folded her arms and looked around while sporting a faint pink hue, as she replied: "No, just saying is all. Oi, Kuga, what's that thing over there"

With that the two Natsuki huddled together whilst pointing towards the changing room next to the stage, Viola gave an apologetic shrug towards Fujino just as Midori came along to introduce herself… as the warrior of justice and love…

After successfully redirecting the conversation, the two Natsuki huddled at their end of the table.

"You really need to teach me how to handle them" Kuga whispered with a hint of desperation in her voice.

"I'm not much better off either. Look let's make a deal, we each take care of our own little devil and keep each other safe from their dual power of teasing, and we might come out of this alive." Kruger plotted.

"Agreed." Kuga confirmed, along with a determined nod. They turned back around to face their significant other only to see that Midori was telling some exciting and action-filled historic re-enactment to the two Shizuru, who were both listening and laughing politely.

As the night wore on it was filled with singing, drunken performances and conversations. For the past hour Mai and Midori had been adamant in giving their singing performances, whereas Mikoto feasted on their order food, the two Shizurus quietly sipped at their tea with an oddly glazed smile as they happily listened to the red heads sing, whilst Kuga and Kruger had been in deep conversations and debates on topics that ranged from bikes to guns to mayo.

"Look I'm telling you, there's no way you could beat me in a drinking contest. I'm older; it's obvious I can handle more alcohol than you." Kruger said

"That's just it. You're older, your body doesn't work as well as mine, and it won't be able to take as much alcohol as I can."

"You're on." Kruger announced her competitive streak surfacing.

Kuga left the table to grab some liquor and shot glasses. Upon returning she settled down a few near-empty bottles, a salt shaker and a few lemon slices onto the table.

"This is all that's left. We'll have to mix, since there's only like two or three shots left of each. Damn, Midori can drink a lot; it's only been an hour! And this is the straight stuff!" Kuga complained.

"That's fine, let's do the vodka first." Kruger said while pouring herself and Kuga a shot glass full of the clear liquid, they took the gulp, whilst ignoring the giggling coming from Viola and Fujino, who were whispering quietly with a very tipsy Midori.

"Shit. That tastes disgusting by itself." The younger blunette complained.

"What? Backing out already?" The older blunette taunted with a smirk.

"Hell, no. Let's have the tequila next." Kuga quipped

"Alright. Do you know how to drink these?" Kruger asked while pouring the brownish liquid into the shot glasses.

"Of course I do." Kuga replied as she gave a small lick to the back of her hand and sprinkled a bit of salt on it. Kruger soon followed in her actions.

"Ok, 3, 2, 1." They both said, and then they licked off the bit of salt off their hand, downed the shot and took a bite from their wedge of lemon.

After sucking at the citrusy juice for a bit, Kuga felt a little light headed but shook it off and tried to propose the next drink.

"Okay, how about-"

Just as the two was about to decide on the next type of liquor they would consume they heard a small commotion near the door, they both turn to look and they found that their respective partner were no longer sitting beside them, instead they were over where the new occupants had entered, where the commotion was.

"Nao-chin is here! Why were you so late, Nao-chin?" Fujino asked childishly, her arms wrapped around the young red-head's neck and her body pressed up against the side of her slim form.

"Wha-what the fuck?" Nao stuttered, while Chie and Aoi who she arrived with were standing behind her snapping photos off their phone.

"Ara? Nao-chin? What a cute name." Viola joined in, she too was draped around the red-headed girl. Viola then closed in her face to Nao's and using one hand on the red-head's chin, she turn it to face her so that her red eyes could stare into the lime green pools. "She has a cute face too." she whispered seductively.

Nao ripped her blushing red face away from the alluring brunette and whipped it around to scan the small enclosed room and bellow "K-KUGA! WHY THE FUCK IS THERE TWO FUCKING SHIZURUS?! AND WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THEM?!"

"Nao-chin is too loud, she's hurting my ears." Fujino pouted beside her and tightened her grip around the red-head's neck, effectively pushing her chest more firmly against the younger girl's arm.

Both Kuga and Kruger rushed, though a little clumsily, to the small group by the door.

Kruger pulled Viola away, along with Kuga who pulled Fujino away from the heavily blushing red-head, who looks as though she's about to collapse and Kuga asked: "Shi-shizuru! What are you doing?"

"Hm? We were just greeting Nao-chin, who only just arrived!" Fujino answered brightly and smiling broadly at her biker girlfriend.

"Oi, Kuga! What's going on here? Why are there two of you and two Shizurus?" Nao asked testily, while straightening out her outfit and taming her blush.

"My apologies, I haven't introduced myself. I'm Shizuru Viola, it's nice to make your acquaintance." Viola smile sweetly, taking a step away from Kruger's grasp to shake hands with Nao – her pheromone and charm on full blast, but only to be pulled back possessively by her lover.

"And I'm Shizuru's partner – Natsuki Kruger." She said from behind her brunette girlfriend with a voice that held an edge and eyes that seems to be trying to communicate that the woman in her arms is hers.

Nao was taken back by the near identical names but quickly recovered. "Yuuki Nao" She said with a nod, she can see clearly that this new Natsuki had the same trait of protectiveness as the one she knows.

"And I'm Harada Chie, and this is Senoh Aoi." Chie and Aoi greeted with a wave pushing past Nao after securely pocketing their phones.

Kruger gave a curt nod of recognition and Viola smiled politely.

"Chie, Aoi, Nao! You guys finally got here!" Mai entered the scene, drawing the new entrants' attention and allowing the Natsukis to pull their respective Shizurus back to their seats.

"Geeze, Shizuru. What's with you?" Kuga asked the brunette who had taken up to clinging ever so intimately to her girlfriend's arm.

"Nothing. Na-tsu-ki. I just wanted to talk to Nao-chin" Fujino replied playfully, and then switching her attention to the other brunette in the group "Oh, Viola-san, come here. Come here."

The two brunette shuffled over to the couch side of the table and began to whisper and giggle into each other's ears, leaving their slightly bewildered girlfriends on the other side of the table, with the ottomans.

The blunettes gave each other a small shrug and took their seats and continued their drinking game. They looked at the table with their array of various straight alcohols trying to decide what to drink next when a mischievous Kyoto-ben voice drifted through the air.

"You two should have a 'quik fuck'" Viola suggested with a sly smile and a wink, Fujino giggled beside her while holding her green tea and sipping it every now and then.

Kuga and Kruger went red at the comment; Kuga about to openly speak out against the joke but was stopped by Kruger's hand that nudged her to pass the Bayleys.

"I believe it's Midori with a layer of Bayleys right?" Kruger asked cautiously making sure Kuga knew it was a trap and that a 'quick fuck' was a drink.

"Yeah" Kuga nodded. "Do you know how to layer?"

Kruger nodded in reply.

"Did someone say my name?" Midori popped in between Kuga and Kruger, her movements showed she was intoxicated, that is if the half filled bottle of whiskey and her breath was not enough of an indicator. Kuga even felt dizzy from inhaling her foul stench… at least she believes that was the cause…

"No, we're just making drinks, you want one?" The younger blunette asked.

Midori not one to refuse any form of alcohol, took up her offer and Kruger made another green layered with a milky caramel liquid drink, and the three of them took the shot.

"Phew! That's was good!" Midori said as she slammed her empty shot glass back onto the table while the two Natsukis, placed there's down gingerly, feeling the effects of the alcohol from earlier kicking in. "Hey, Shizuru? Want to join in? Hey! Oi-oi!" Midori continued to call out to the two brunettes on the other side of the table, waving her hand trying to grab their attention.

The two brunettes looked exhausted, slumping against the back of the couch and their faces tinted with a defined red, but the two were still whispering and giggling into each other's ears. Pushing each other's shoulders playfully every now and then, caressing each other's cheeks, tucking stray hairs behind ears, looking deeply into each other's crimson eyes…

Kruger and Kuga sat frozen at their seat, but their face was scorching hot, both blushing immensely at the sight and their mouths open, threatening to allow drool to drip.

They couldn't think straight anymore, the effects of the sight alone would be able to send anyone into a blissful daze but along with the fact that the heart pumping effect of it caused the small amount of alcohol to circulate even faster in their blood system. And because of the fact the both of them can barely hold their liquor.

"Hey Kuga, you *hic* you seeing what I'm seeing?" Kruger asked her younger counterpart with a minor slur in her speech.

"If what you seeing is two Shizurus being *hic* awfully close to one another, to the point that *hic* they look as though they going to… do something then yes." Kuga replied, leaning back and forth from her seat trying to steady herself, her eyes not once leaving the two Kyoto-born in front of her.

Viola was once again whispering into Fujino's ear, drawing back only a little it seems she was too tired to go far instead she opt to rest her forehead on the younger brunette's shoulder and just twisted her head so to continue talking, her lips tauntingly close to her doppelganger's smooth perfect neck…

"Hey, Kuga. What's up with your doubles? Did you and Shizuru clone yourselves for some perverted sex game?" Nao mocked as she neared the table along with Chie and Aoi. "Hey? I'm talking to you, you know?" The young red head waved her hand in front of the dazed blunette, realising she was staring at something she followed where her emerald gaze was set upon.

"My god, I'm going to make millions with these photos!" Chie said excitedly while busy snapping photos with her phone.

"Chie, Chie. This angle, get this angle." Aoi said eagerly pulling the dark haired girl to the side.

"Shit, I was right?!" Nao asked to nobody as she witness Fujino cuddling up to Viola, both giggling like there's no tomorrow and slumped against the other as though they never knew what the idea of personal space was. A blush was adorned on Nao's face once more.

The young red-head ripped her sights away when a thought came to her, scanning the table top in front of her she find the two tea cups. She snatched one up and smelt it.

"Hey, guys. Anyone want to sing?" Mai came up to the small crowd that gathered around the couples. "What is Shizuru…?" She begins to question as she too got pulled into the effect of the pheromones the brunettes were emitting together as if they amplified one another's.

"Mai, taste this for me." Nao shoved the tea cup into the cook's hand, effectively dragging her out from a life-threatening daze. Mai took a sip.

"Whiskey and green tea?" Mai queries.

"More like Whiskey with two tea leaves. Someone spiked the two Shizuru's drinks." Nao nods towards the giggling brunettes. "And the dog and her double isn't faring well either." motioning to the zoned out blunettes still staring stupidly at their girlfriends.

"But who would spike Fujino-san and Viola-san's drinks?" Mai asked rhetorically. Then a snicker was heard, Mai and Nao turn to look at the red-headed teacher.

"It was me!" Midori boasted shamelessly, standing up with both hands in the air – nearly tumbling down as she did, one hand still held the quarter filled bottle of whiskey. "I started off, giving them so little that they didn't notice, and then I kept adding more! Good thing they go through their tea so fast, or it would have been ages before I got them to this stage!"

Both Mai and Nao palmed their face and sighed heavily.

"We should probably get them home, before they make a scene." Nao suggested to Mai, glancing back to the brunettes who had stopped talking in their own little world and has called out to their girlfriends to join them on the couch.

"Ok, but I don't know where Viola-san and Kruger-san is staying though."

"We'll just dump them at Shizuru's, I doubt you want all four of them at your dorm."

"…I don't know I think someone should be looking after them." Mai said worriedly, and then she looked back at the two couples and changed her mind.

Kuga and Kruger had stumbled clumsily to the other side of the small table and fell as a heap on top of their own girlfriend, eliciting a melodious laughter from Fujino and Viola who instinctively wrapped their arms around the waist of their blunette girlfriends. But the innocent laughter soon turned to seductive whispering and hands wandered on the bodies.

"Well! You know, they're adults! I'm sure they can take care of themselves! Good luck Nao, make sure you lock their door on your way out!" Mai quickly quipped nervously and added a firm pat on Nao's shoulder before escaping towards the stage.

"What?! I'm not taking them home!" Nao protested to the back of Mai's retreating form.

"We can if you like." Chie offered from behind her still flashing phone.

"No! Natsuki would kill us if we let you alone with them in this condition, heck you should count yourself a miracle if you even survive after selling all the photos you've already took!" Mai warned, as she returned to the group.

"Then, what are you going to do Mai? You'll need at least four people to carrying them back, Midori-chan is out since she's just as drunk as them and Mikoto… I don't think it's a good idea to have her around these four at the moment."

"Shi-shizuru" one of the Natsukis moaned out.

Mai sweat drops. "You've got a point… Mikoto! You look after Midori-chan until Haruka-san and Yukino-san arrives, we'll be back." The cook said before she goes and try to pry one of the blunettes from the possessive arms of her girlfriend.

The next morning, Kuga woke up with a headache and an extremely dry mouth. She notices a weight on top of her and she could feel bare skin against the skin of her belly. Two possessive arms were wrapped securely around her topless torso… and an arm that lay under her neck…?

Kuga turned her head towards the owner of the arm and sees her double.

"AH!" she shrieked sitting up abruptly waking the sleeping brunette on top of her.

"Natsuki?" Fujino said… from the other side of Kruger, who also had jumped into a sitting position once she realised Kuga was the one resting on her outstretched arm.

Viola stirred, unwrapping one arm from Kuga's waist to rub her eyes.

The four of them were on Fujino's queen sized bed, from the left it was Viola, who was missing a skirt; then it was a topless Kuga wearing her black bra and jeans from the previous night; third it was Kruger, with her jeans unbuttoned and slightly pulled down while her shirt was fully undone; and lastly there was Fujino with her dishevelled hair, half open shirt and hiked up skirt.

The four was very bewildered and groggy, but with Viola's suggestion and Fujino's adamant agreement they decided to try and figure out what had happened the night before, after a hot cup of tea.

They exited the bedroom through the wide open door to find Mai, Nao, Aoi and Chie fainted on the ground, with large pool of dried blood on the carpet.

"Shit! What the hell?!" Kuga cursed worriedly, kneeing down to tend to her fallen friends.

"It's alright, they're still breathing." Kruger assured after checking the four's pulse, whilst Viola looked on in concern.

"Ara, it seems like Chie was recording something." Fujino noted as she picked up Chie's phone from the unconscious girl's hand.

The two couple gathered round the small device, curious to what information it may provide about the previous night.

Moments later the four of them fainted as well - face red and blood trickling down from their noses.

A/N: Yes, even Shizuru can not stand against the combined power of KugaxFujinoxKrugerxViola! lmao!

You can go and let your imagination go wild on what the video has recorded - either that the four of them just tried to change into their pyjamas unsuccessfully and ended up falling on the bed and going to sleep or that something did happen. Whatever tickles your fancy! ^-^

Omake 1: At Viola's Hotel

*Viola's hand laid firmly on Fujino's shoulder, stopping her from ceasing the fight*

*Fujino turns to see that Viola was taking photos of the two brawling blunettes on her phone*

*Fujino whips her face back to the Natsukis, taking out her phone to record a video*

Viola: We'll share the files later, okay?

Omake 2: At Shizuru's Apartment

*Haruka storms into the apartment with Yukino trailing behind*

Haruka: Oi! Bubuzuke! Where are you? What happened last night? Where'd you take the others?

Yukino: Haruka-chan? *points to the eight fallen victums*

Haruka: What the? Oh no it happened again the mysterious nose bleeding epidemic from last week!

Yukino: Look *picks up Chie's phone from Fujino's hands and plays the short clip*

*The two watch the clip, Yukino turns red and faints*

Haruka: Yukino!

Boring stuff about the fic:

Yeah that's right I made it Haruka as the only 1 tht can stand up against the four's "powers"! mainly cos i dont think she has the receptors for this kind of thing!

Originally the Natsuki fight scene wasn't in it, I'm more a Shizuru fan myself so I only intended Kruger to tackle Kuga... but then my mind started to wander... those two fighting would be something I'd like to watch (but not for the same reason shizuru would!)

and lastly: just incase no one realises this but this is the end of this two shot! so no more sequels