a/n this is from chapter 12 of The Road is Bumpy Still. I own Mollie Jarrett and Melanie Borden. Ashton Reso is property of Kennedy's Friday Night Delight.

Mollie Jarrett, Ashton Reso, Melanie Borden, The Motor City Machine Guns and Beer Money sat in Melanie's house watching the Hockey, The Detroit Red Wings vs. The Nashville Predators.

"Boring…" Mollie chorused as expected, well it is what Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin were expecting.

"You only say that because you can't play…" she coaxed.

"No! Don't do it." Alex shouted as Ashton and Mollie stood to their feet. Beer Money and Melanie exchanged glances, Chris noticed.

"This turned out ugly once… and it's not going to happen again."

"How ugly?" Melanie asked with a smile and Mollie, Ashton, Alex and Chris went onto explain.


"Why are we watching hockey replays?" Mollie asked in an annoyed tone. "It's boring!"

"You only say that because you can't play it." Ashton growled at the Southern woman.

"You wanna bet Ashton Reso?" Mollie stood up from her seat.

"Let's go Jarrett." Ashton stood too. The girls went to other ends of the house, only to meet up out of the front 10 minutes later. Both had a hockey stick, a mouth guard and warm clothes. Their boyfriends watched on confused. It was the middle of winter and two girls in layers of clothing were playing hockey in the street.

"I can so play hockey." Mollie snarled. Ashton dropped the puck and the two went at it. Things got rough, and before Alex and Chris knew it, Ashton had a black eye.

"You elbowed me in the eye! What is your problem?"

"Hey, it's 3-nil. I'm winning." Mollie ignored the question and reminded the smaller blonde that she was losing.

"Not for long." Ashton took after Mollie and scored the next three goals. It was tied and the two girls were very competitive. As Mollie was going for her next goal, Ashton came around her side and went to hit the puck, only to get Mollie right leg with the stick.

"Ajay! What the fuck?!" She screeched and held onto her leg and watched the blood come through her pants, "Could you hit me any harder?!" but she was screaming at nobody, Ashton had made her way to score a goal.

"I win!" she shouted and Mollie wobbled over to her. She grabbed the puck, before placing it on the ground. She took her stick and whacked it as hard as she could into Ashton's bedroom window.

"What is your problem?!" Ashton launched herself at her friend, but was stopped by her boyfriend Chris.

"Stop it."

"She broke my window!"

"You broke my leg!" Mollie over exaggerated.

"Let's go inside. It's freezing out here. Alex said and helped his girlfriend, Mollie, inside. "Let's check this thing out." he took his girlfriend into the spare bedroom while Ashton went to hers to see the damage.

End Flashback

"I ended up with 15 stitches in my leg because of my remark. But I broke Ashton's window and gave her a black eye, so… it was worth it." Mollie laughed.

"You knew that I am uncoordinated. Yet you still challenged me, its your own fault." Ashton shrugged.

"I have a scar on my leg because of you." Mollie pulled up her sweat pants to show everyone the scar.

"Remind me never to get into a fight with either of you." Melanie said.

"Yeah. Mollie's put people in hospital." James told Melanie who looked at the Tennessean who laughed.

"Ashton knows how to torture people with forks." Robert said and Melanie quivered, looking to the Canadian who had an evil smirk on her lips.