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Kagome sighed, they had been walking nearly 2 weeks and still, they haven't found any sign of Naraku or even a jewel shard! She was obviously realized that she wasn't the only one that had the thought because the aura that radiated from her friends weren't the pleased one, but rage. Inuyasha was walking with the sound of earth creaking beneath him and a steaming face. He really looks like he was going to explode in the next few seconds! Miroku, the wandering monk was struggling to keep his pace normal and steady. Oh right, he succeed, true, but he didn't realize that his staff was digging into the soil, 2 foot depths with every step he took. Shippo didn't look better either. The fact was he was the worst from all of them. He was biting his poor tail so hard to prevent him from burning anything with his foxfire to keep his boredom aside. He got a very annoyed eyes and a steaming head, you even could fried an egg on his head! But that was only going to work if he didn't bite your head off when you are doing the process!

Kagome's thoughts were cut as soon as a boar demon emerged from the forest. It had a glowing red eyes and two large fangs from its bottom jaw. It was a massive boar with glinting claws and it was a thirty foot tall. Kagome's eyes widened in surprise, she had never seen demon that was that big other than Sesshoumaru. Before she could even snapped out of her dazzling, two blurs passed her and headed straight for the boar.

She blinked several times. The first blur was purple and the other one was red. She tried to register the information and her eyes widdened(if her eyes could widdened even more that they had been), recognized that the blurs were none other than her teammates. She didn't know that Miroku could run that fast when he was wearing his super thick monk robs.

Inuyasha charged the demon with his claws not bothering to use his gigantic sword, Tetsusaiga. The boar simply slashed his own claws. The attack met each other and vanished into thin air. Inuyasha's eyes widdened and mentally thought,' How the hell could it match my claws strenght?!' while muttering all the curses in the world under his breath. Miroku not thinking twice, opened his air void and sucked everything in its path, well everything except the gigantic boar that digging its claws into the earth and a red thing that none other than Inuyasha.

He suddenly got the briliant idea to draw his sword and used it to prevent himself from got sucked by the monk's air void. Miroku realized that the boar was not going to enter his air void quickly sealed it and drawing a few sutras leaving a very pissed off Inuyasha behind." What the hell are you thinking you stupid, bitch MONK!!!!!!!!!!!" ,Inuyasha yelled on top of his lungs. Miroku not bothering to respond Inuyasha's rants swiftly threw the sutras to the boar's legs. The boar roared in pain from the sutras that immobilized one of its front leg.

It fell down to the earth with a large thud. Inuyasha quickly slashed a downward slash with his sword towards his opponent's head. It howled in pain and pure rage. Inuyasha smirked a victory smirk and glanced towards his steaming monk friend and delivered a stare that clearly said 'I'm better that you stupid monk'. Miroku glared anggrily and delivered the answer with a death glare that would freeze hell several times over and rival one of Sesshoumaru's best death glare.

Inuyasha gulped his now dry throat, and mentally noted not to piss the monk or you are really going to lose your ass. The boar demon had realized that the half demon had his guard down, and charged at him with his claws ready to slice him off. Inuyasha finally snapped his own thought sensing a large amount of energy from his right side, and at the last minute managed to put his sword to at least lowered the energy that will going to hit him.

But the force was too big, it broke severals of Inuyasha's ribs. Inuyasha screamed in pain as both no three of his teammates( I completely forgot about Shippo) yelled, : "INUYASHA!!!"

Inuyasha was slamming against two trees before finally came into stopped, he was knocked unconcious. Kagome was the first that came to him and yelled,:" Inuyasha, are you okay? Please answer me!". But no voice was heard only a grunt of pain from the unconcious dog demon.

Kagome finnaly realizing that he was not going to answer her , stood up and aiming an arrow that magically coming out of nowhere along with the bow to the massive demon,: " Die Demon!!!!!" Kagome yelled with pure hatred laced into her voice. Kagome than shot the arrow that radiating purification power ready to purified the demon into no more than ash.

But the boar demon, even with his massive body didn't mean he was slow. He jumped aside barely avoiding the arrow and quickly rushed to Kagome.

Kagome was too stunned to even moved a leg. Miroku saw that even she moved now, she wasn't going to make it. So Miroku did the only thing that was going through his mind,:" KAGOME-SAMA!!!!", he yelled while throwing himself in front of her.

The boar demon roared and swung his giant claws to Miroku since he was in range of attack. Miroku tried to block the attack by using two of his hands but failing miserably and just like Inuyasha, he crashed a block of trees and knocked unconcious.

Kagome was now vulnerable, because of her shock her bow and the last of her arrow slipped out of her hands and landed several foot in front of her. The demon was coming closer to her and in the process breaking both the bow and the arrow. It stared hungrily at her, wanted to eat her in one gulp along with the pieces of Shikon no Tama that she had.

Kagome stared at the giant beast in front of her in fear, she was silently praying to every god that she knew to let her escape from this moment.

But just about the boar demon striked at Kagome with its glinting teeth, Kagome heard a whooshing sound behind the beast and moment later a thing struck his head. It roared in pain and quickly turning into ash. It appeared the thing was an arrow.

Kagome looked at her savior with thankful eyes. The savior appeared to be a priestess because she wore the ancient priestess robe. The only different was her red pants had several golden streaks that went up to her white shirt. She had a long black hair that tied up to a high pony tail with gold ribbon instead of the usual priestess's hair style. She had a pink eye shadow that adorned both of her lids. On her shoulder rested a two tailed cute cat that appeared to be a demon. The unusual priestess was holding a bow that had kind of sharp spears along it. The only part of the bow that wasn't cover with spears was the place where she would grasp when she was aiming a hit with her arrow. The spears both had a golden dragon that adorned the part where the spears started.

Kagome was fascinated by the unusual priestess that had saved her. But her gaze turned into one of surprise that her savior, the one that had save her from being eaten by a hungry demon, began notching an arrow to her bow and pointing it straight to her.


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