"Very well then. You heard that Inuyasha? Let's go.", Miroku turned and began to walk towards the boulder.

"No way! I'm going to save Kagome!", Inuyasha yelled as he prepared to jump but Miroku held him still.

"What the hell you think you're doing!"

"Relax Inuyasha, you don't have to worry about Kagome. Sango-san is there and I'm sure she's capable enough to hold the fake Suijin. 'WE' need to save Suijin and I cannot destroy a boulder by myself understood?", explained Miroku while dragging a half whimpering Inuyasha.

End cap:

'Relax, I'm pretty sure we would be save in here. Though I don't know if Sango....', Kagome thought but didn't finish her pondering afraid of what might happen to her new friend. Currently, Kagome and the unconcious children were hiding under the main house.

Suddenly a loud creaking noise was heard and a panting Suijin reeled back from an unknown force. He held his hoko tightly and his eyes were focused to a certain direction. 'What is he doing?', Kagome thought.

Then she saw a woman that has her hair tied into a high pony tail.

'Sango!'. Kagome felt relieved because of her friend unscratch state. Sango glared at Suijin with her unwavering orbs, "You're not the real Suijin, are you? The aura that you has is the one of youkai. Stop pretending to be a God, snake....", she said with malice seeped into her voice.

Suijin smirked, "Very well then, I'll show you my real form."

Then Suijin's body started to lengthen and grew scales. He still has his human form for the upper part so that he could hold the hoko.

Sango ran towards Suijin with her wakizashi on both her hands. Suijin launched blue fire to Sango continuosly. She dodged each of them skillfully and jumped towards Suijin both her wakizashi dug themselves deeply in Suijin's shoulders. Suijin hissed in pain as Sango pulled out the Wakizashi and landed soundlessly on the ground.

'How could a pathetic human jump as high as that?', Suijin thought while constantly wincing in pain. "You gonna pay for that human!", Suijin roared and sped towards Sango with the hoko pointing dangerously at her.

'Got you!'. She performed a very fast hand seals and whispered "Water Style: Water Dragon Technique".

A massive water dragon quickly made its way towards Suijin. The water god widdened his eyes in surprise. He tried to dodge but the water dragon slammed at him in full force. He shot down to the lake with a loud splash.

Meanwhile Kagome practically gaped at Sango. She beat Suijin with that giant water dragon! How could she controls elements like that? Maybe she would ask Sango when they 'survived' from Suijin.

"You're calling yourself a God? You couldn't even dodged the water, and it's your natural affinity.", said Sango quietly. Suijin launched of the water, his eyes red in anger. He turned into a massive white snake that hissing menacingly at Sango.

Sango narrowed her eyes and then sheated her twin wakizashi. She put them inside her leather bag. Then she reached inside her shirt and pulled something. It was a red chain necklace. There are many things attached to the chain, but Kagome couldn't see them clearly. Sango pulled one of the things as it glowed bright orange. When the glow died, at Sango's hands there was a long katana. Its blade was clear silver and the hilt was black and red. The guard shaped like 5 pointed star.

"Kyohaku-hime(star princess). Tougetsuei(Moon Tower)!", Sango shouted and swang her katana in an arc in front of her. A tower of hundreds electric blue crescent moon forming into existence. With a single flick of the katana, the crescent moon shot forward one by one in lightning speed. Suijin howled in pain as the crescent moon tore him into pieces. The fake water dragon fell into the lake in numerous splash as his body no longer in one piece. Anakoino Hoko dropped to the ground in a clang and Sango quickly picked it. She pushed Kyohaku-hime back into the chain in a bright orange light and it became a miniature again. "What a pathetic creature.."

Shippou opened his eyes painfully. He groaned as his head throbbing in pain. As his sight became clearer, he spotted someone that had her jaw on the ground. In a closer inspection, he finally realized who is it, "Kagome?"

Kagome quickly whipped her head towards Shippo, "Shippo are you okay?", asked her in a worried tone.

"Yeah. What had happened?", the fox look around and squinted his eyes to see things clearer, "Where is Suijin?"

Kagome gulped and spoke in a dry voice, "Sango beat him."

Shippo widdened his eyes and yelled, "Wow, did Sango really beat him? Cool!"

"Yes I beat him. He now has gone to where he belong.", said someone behind him.

Shippo whipped his head and spotted Sango. She was unscratched and not even a single sweat presenced on her. Her face bore no emotion. It cause a chill ran down his spine.

"Let's go find Inuyasha and that houshi.", said Sango quietly and started walking away.

Shippo and Kagome quickly went after her. Kirara in her beast form carried the two unconcious children on her back.


"Sango, we found out that the one holding the Anaikono Hoko is a fake! Here is the real one!", shouted Miroku. He held the Suijin on one of his hands.

"Kagome, are you okay?", Inuyasha asked.

"Um, yes. Thank you for worrying me."

Inuyasha blushed and folded his hands, "Keh who's worried about you?"

Sango stared at Miroku and stretched the hands that was gripping the Hoko,'' Suijin-sama, this is your Hoko. Next time don't let anyone steal it."

Suijin nodded her head, "Thank you."

As soon as she touched the Hoko she grew to the size of normal human,"Thank you for helping me get my Hoko back. That snake that stole my Hoko was a normal water snake living in the lake. He stole my holy halberd and trapped me inside a boulder.", explained the Water Goddess. "I will help you cross the lake."

She pointed her hoko towards the lake and chanted something. As soon as she finished, strong winds divided the lake into two.

Shippo stared at the lake disbelievingly and breathed, "Wow!"

Kagome's eyes fixed on Sango, 'Sango could control water too. Instead using a tool she used her hands with that weird gestures and out of nowhere that giant water dragon appeared. Who is she really?', thought her.

They crossed the lake, walking on the dry ground. Sango sensing Kagome still staring at her. Without looking at the priestess Sango asked, "Kagome-san, is there something on my face? You looks like you got something to say."

Kagome snapped out of her little thoughts and laughed nervously, "Ahaha, nothing! I just wondering how could you form a water dragon with that weird hand motions."


"Eh what?"

"It's not just hand motions, it was seals that were necessary to form jutsu."

"Oh", Kagome nodded in understanding, 'Sou ka, that weird dragon was a jutsu or whatever it is, and what is that sword? She pulled it out from her necklace and it turned into one super big sword! There's so many things that we don't know about Sango.'. She glanced at Sango with a determine face, 'I need to find out'


"Thank you so much for saving my son and the village!", shouted Nanushi with teary eyes.

"Yeah, you should say your Servant's son.", said Inuyasha smugly.

Nanushi looked panicked and then said, "Please don't say that to the villagers! I would give you a cart full of gifts!"

"Ho ho ho, thank you Nanushi-sama!", yelled Miroku. He has the biggest business smile plastered on his face.


A little girl was panting and breathing heavily. She sat with her back leaned to one of the trees. Deep in the woods.

Her eyes were red and puffed for crying all night. "Mother, Father, everyone....", She sobbed and buried her head in to her knees, "Please save Rin.."


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