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~~~One Monday Morning~~~

"Good morning!" A 15 yr. old girl greeted to her classmates.

"Good morning to you too!" They greeted back.

"Kagome!" Sango, Kagome's best friend, gave her a big hug.

"I'm afraid that too much uppers might kill you." Kagome teased at her very happy friend.

"Put that aside. I saw a music shop down the street from school. Let's go!" Sango exclaimed.

"I don't know. I... Still have piano lessons to attend to." Kagome said sadly.

"Aww... Why don't you just tell your teacher that your doing some research?" Sango asked.

"Yeah maybe, but about what?"

Kagome and Sango thought about it for a moment when suddenly...

"Kagome!" A red-headed girl with pigtails came running to them.

"Watcha doin'?" Ayame, the red head, asked.

"Thinking of a way to excuse myself from piano lessons later." Kagome said putting a hand under her chin.

"Oh I see." Ayame joined the thinking pair.

"Kagome!" A girl with a small pigtail at her left side of her head came running to them.

"Guys, you know how much I hate thinking right? Or is this another Math assignment I forgot to do?" Rin asked the trio.

"Nope. We're just thinking of a way to get Kagome excused from piano lessons later on." Sango said still thinking.

"How about pretending to be sick?" Rin suggested.

"Nah. Too common." The trio chorused.

"Mm... Doing a very hard assignment?"

"Nah. Too general."

"What about doing a project that is very hard and it's deadline is tomorrow?"

"Nah. Too impossible."

"What day is it today?"

"A Monday duh." Ayame replied.

"Geez... No need to be moody and all. I thought Kagome has her piano lessons every Wednesday?" Rin asked.

"Oh right! I forgot! Looks like I'll be going with you Sango!" Kagome exclaimed full of happiness despite of all the SMS that happened.

"So, where the heck are you two girls going?" Rin asked.

"A music shop down the street from school." Sango said,

"Wow! Really? I'm coming!" Ayame said.

"I'm coming with you guys too!" Rin said.


"That's the bell! Okay classmates! Be ready for homeroom! Take your seats now!" Kagome the Class President announced.

Actually, Kagome is the PSC or the President of the Student Council. The front door opened when Ms. Kaede, the class adviser entered.

"Good morning class!" She greeted.

"Good morning to you too Ms. Kaede!" They greeted back.

"So for homeroom, I can see that you students are really in your best in academics. Though some are not, they exceed in co-curricular activities. You students make me really proud."

There were whistles and "yehey". Besides, they are the Star class after all.

"Also, I would like to congratulate our Class President Kagome Higurashi for being the Champion in the First Quarter English Quiz Bee."

"Wow! That's what I call a genius!" Sango clapped her hands loudly.


~~~Lunch Time!~~~

"I'm starving!" Rin exclaimed.

"Hey what's your lunch for today?" Ayame asked the girls.

"I don't know what's this called." Sango pointed out some of her food.

"Me neither." Kagome looked at her food.

"Let's start eating! I'm already starving!" Rin complained.

"Alright. Alright. Let's all eat now!" Kagome announced.

"Hey, you know the band SKIM?" Rin asked to them.

"Oh yeah! SKIM! They are so hot!" Ayame squealed.

"Yeah I like their songs!" Sango said.

"Uhm... What are you guys talking about?" Kagome asked dumbly.

All eyes were on her and mouths begin to open.

"What? Did I say something wrong?" Kagome asked.

"My dear! You don't know them? They're like the hottest band ever!" Sango exclaimed.

"They also have the biggest issues! It also involves Kikyou." Ayame immediately put a hand at her mouth.

"It's okay. Besides that was the past. She left me for popularity and ruined my reputation. I don't know why she had a sudden change of mind. She told me before that we had the same dreams to become a singer or a popular musician. She gives me the best smile but then, she left me." Kagome zoned out into nowhere.

No matter how Kagome tried, she can't seem to forget how Kikyou dumped her for popularity. She chose friends that are not nice and they are bad influence. She knew there was something behind it but, she can't help herself to be angry just thinking about it instead of knowing what is the real reason behind all of those things. Though, she still believes that the Kikyou she knows is inside and she's ready to accept her even though she caused her pain.

"You really shouldn't bring that topic anymore." Sango said in a low tone.

"It's alright really. What happened to her and that band anyway?" Kagome asked.

"Don't you know? It's the talk of the town for months! Kikyou have her own band now but they only play during school programs at her school. Her band members are the former lovers of the boys of SKIM. They have issues that they are separated but they still love each other." Rin explained.

"What does SKIM stands for? And who are their ex's?" Kagome asked.

"The 'S' is for Sesshoumaru, the guitarist of the group, whose the ex of Kagura." Rin said.

"Never heard of the guy but the girl, definitely." Kagome said.

"The 'K' is for Kouga, the drummer, whose ex is Kanna." Ayame said.

"I repeat, I never heard of the guy, but the girl, definitely." Kagome said.

"The 'M' is for Miroku, another guitarist. They say he's a perv but I don't care. He's so hot! Anyway, his ex is Yura (A/N: they're sexually the same if you know what I mean)."

"Hey! How about the 'I'?" Kagome asked.

"The 'I' stands for Inuyasha. He's an all-around. Younger brother of Sesshoumaru but he's only half demon. His ex is Kikyou." Sango said.

Kagome just answered an "oh".

"You girls like all of them huh." Kagome said.

The girls nodded with happy faces.

Rin looked at the clock and time seemed to fly fast.

"Oh my gosh! It's almost time! Let's fix our things!" Rin panicked.

The girls fixed their things and headed back to their class.

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