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Edward Elric stood in the middle of an underground, abandoned city, in a huge hall, right in the center of an unusually large transmutation circle. He knew that reviving his brother would require no less than his own life as payment to the gate, but he was willing to sacrifice himself for him. As he placed his hands on his chest, light flashed from the intricately designed circle beneath his feet. No sooner had he activated the transmutation, a gigantic black gate appeared before him, also known as the truth or true knowledge. It opened up to reveal millions of tiny black wiggly hands, that shot out of the gate the moment after it opened, eager to take their prey. They grabbed Ed and pulled him beyond the gate, which closed afterwards with barely a sound.

It was a rainy day after work and Eva Brown, a policewoman in London, finished up her work in her office, packed her bag, grabbed it and walked out of the building, towards her car. It had been a boring day as usual, although she didn't want to complain, she was happy that it was peaceful. She got in and started driving home. Since it was raining there weren't many people outside, especially since she had worked overtime again. She preferred doing that than getting up early in the morning.

As the policewoman drove, she passed a lump of something on the pavement. It struck her as weird so she stopped the car near the side and got out to see what it was. She was shocked to find boy lying outside on the wet ground in this weather. Eva walked up to him to check if he was alive and was relieved when she confirmed he was indeed alive. She touched his forehead and wasn't too surprised when she found out the boy had a fever. Who knows how long he had been lying there. Miss Brown lifted him up and put him lying down on the back seat of her car. She wondered where his parents were. Maybe they abandoned him, or maybe he ran away. But what if he didn't have any? She vaguely wondered how old he was, most likely around 8-9 or so...

Ed was only half awake when he smelled the air around him; it reminded him of...a hospital? He blinked a few times before he sat up and looked at his surroundings. The room was white... in fact, everything was white, even the sky was white because of the clouds. He was right, it was a hospital. The young alchemist sat there for a while, wondering how he got here and if Al was alright. He seriously hoped he was alright, but there was nothing he could do to find out in the moment. His gaze shifted slightly and he saw his red travel cloak, his pocket watch and his shirt and pants on a chair. The boots lay on the floor. When he got up, he noticed a mirror and could only stare at it in horror. He looked, dare he say it, shorter. Ed stood there for a while staring at the image the mirror showed. 'Why in the world do I look like I did when I was 9? At least I still have the limbs that Al gave back to me. Damn... Now my clothes are too big for me.' Just after he thought that, he heard voices outside his room and quickly climbed back into the bed.

"So, doctor how is he?" asked a feminine voice.

"He's alright, I checked on him this morning and he seems to have recovered from his fever already." replied another voice, probably the doctor.

"That's good." the first voice said, as the door was opened.

Both of them were quite visibly a little shocked that he was awake. After seeing him awake Eva Brown quickly asked the doctor if she could speak to him alone. The Doctor nodded and left the room. She closed the door softly and made her way to a chair that was beside his bed. Unsure what was about to happen next he just watched her.

She sat down and said: "Hello, my name is Eva Brown, what's yours?"

She seemed to be staring at his eyes, it unnerved him a little, but it must have been because people didn't normally have golden eyes. For a moment he just stared at her and said nothing, then he decided to tell her the truth: "Edward Elric" Ed hoped she wouldn't ask too many questions, but he was already mentally preparing himself for the dialogue to come.

"Alright Edward, where do you live?"

Oh crap, he hadn't thought of an answer for that one yet. "Uhh, I don't know..." the blond decided to say. 'Good thing I look like a kid... I should probably be a bit more polite.'

"Oh okay, do you know where your parents are?"

"Nope" he replied and added: "Why are you asking me all these questions miss Brown?"

The policewoman sighed and told him that she found him on the streets last night and brought him here. Oh so, that must have been where the gate dropped him off at.

"How old are you, Edward?" She continued

"Err... 9..." He guessed.

"When's your birthday?"

"3. Fabruary"

"Do you know your parents' names?"

He thought a bit before answering. His father might still be around. His mother on the other hand, had never been here. If he told the policewoman her name, then some other woman might be getting a little surprise visit. He decided to go with the option: "My fathers name is Hohenheim Elric. I don't know my mum's name..." It was lame, but she would probably believe it.

"Alright, thanks for cooperating, I'll come back tomorrow." With that she left him there.

"Edward?" That Brown woman was the one who opened his door. From his bed Ed shifted his gaze towards her. The doctor told him not to get out of bed unless he really needed to.

"I'm here." He answered. She closed the door and sat on the same chair as the other day.

"Are you feeling better?"

"I'm fine." 'just tired of you.' he thought, but didn't say anything.

"That's good..." She trailed off, frowning at him a little.

It pissed him off so he said: "Would you mind not staring? It's rude."

"Oh! Sorry, I was just kind of deep in thought." When he looked at her questioningly, she elaborated. "Well, I looked up the people born 9 years ago and couldn't find you. You weren't in the citizen registry as well. I looked for your father as well, but..." She halted for a bit, as if needing time to prepare for what she was about to say. "Well, I found him in a list of people who died a while ago." she gave him a small smile. "You have no idea how long it took me to go through all those documents..." Then she sighed and spoke in a quieter tone. "He died in 1981, that means 8 years ago."

"He... Died?" He looked at her in disbelief, but she must have interpreted that wrongly.

"I know, how you must be feeling. It's hard, but I'm sure he moved on to a better place." He nodded at her slowly, then he remembered something.

"What's today's date?"

"Hmm? Oh, wait... It's the 28. July 1989." 'So does means I'm in the future of the place I was in last time...'

"How did you get on the street anyway?" Brown asked him.

"I don't remember..." He said, hoping she would believe him. 'Argh, this is getting annoying. Why can't she just leave me alone?'

"Well, I guess I'm going to put you in an orphanage then" she said.

The golden eyed boy just blankly stared at her and in his mind he was screaming: 'NOOOOOOOOO...' but he couldn't really argue with her.

As much as Ed hated the idea, he couldn't really give her a reason why she shouldn't put him in an orphanage, it's not like a 'kid' as 'old' as him could take care of himself (although he very well could, if he wanted to) and he didn't have any money.

2 days later and Edward Elric, the Fullmetal alchemist found himself in... an orphanage. Just great. Sigh, at least he had his own room. That weird woman from the hospital put him here and he hoped he never had to see her again. He finally concluded his body must have indeed reverted to the time when he was 9 years old and he even found proof. First of all he believed to have been... 'a little less tall' when he was 8 and second of all his body didn't feel like it went through his teachers hard training when he was 10... So that leaves him with 9. He had concluded this in the two days before he got here.

Now in this very moment a woman who worked at the orphanage was showing Ed around the place. He absentmindedly noted where the important places were such as: kitchen, eating place, toilet, exit, and of course his room, where the tour ended. She told him what time they would be eating everyday and also that he would be going to school starting next week.

Another fun factor in his new found life. Starting next week, he would be a 4th grader all over again. Sigh, but he had to try his best not to seem too suspicious. He didn't want people spying on him. This would mean... he had to make sure he didn't get perfect grades every time. The only upside would be that most likely the school would have a library, which would mean he could have books to read.

The woman left him and he entered his room. Although it didn't have much, just a bed, a cupboard, a desk and a desk lamp, he found it pretty cozy. He opened the cupboard and found some clothes in it. He added his oversized travel cloak, boots, shirt and pants to those already in there.

Okay, now that nobody was watching the young alchemist, there was something he had to try out for himself. He closed the curtains and door. Clapped his hands together and touched his desk. A blue light flashed, as he pulled a stick from it, leaving behind an indention on the desk. He held the stick in his hands and blinked. So it seems that alchemy does work. That was good, although using it in front of people would probably make them think he was some kind of evil sorcerer. He would have to get by without using it, although if he would get into trouble, it could save him. Edward placed the stick back on the table and put his hands together gently, not wanting to make too much noise, and transmuted the table and stick back to normal. Since it was almost time to go to bed (at least for a 9 year old), he flopped himself onto his bed and promptly fell asleep.

Somewhere in a dark place…

"What do you want?" A hissing voice said.

The woman in front of him bowed down nearly touching the floor with her head and replied: "I came across something very peculiar today at work: While I was monitoring spells casted by underage wizards out of Hogwarts, a strange signal that I've never felt before caught my attention. It wasn't like any normal magic, it felt rather dark. I kept it a secret from the ministry. What shall I do, my lord?"

"This sounds interesting… Find this person and watch him or her, he or she might be useful in the future. Do not speak of me, at least not yet." The hissing voice said again.

"It shall be done, my lord." Was the reply and the person stood and walked away.

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