Sarah is sat alone in her father's basement. Jethro Gibbs and Ziva David are both at work at NCIS. She's sitting alone because her parent let her have a lay in and she would go to meet them later.

She flicked on the television and was surprised to find a video already inside. She shrugged and let it play.

It was a red-headed little girl on the beach with what looked like her mother. They were happy and laughing on the beach. The little girl ran screaming, "Daddy", and ran into Jethro's arms. The mother smiled watching them as her daughter and husband played. The woman's wedding ring was shining proudly as she joined the embrace.

She had no idea her parent's were sat behind her on the stairs. Ziva was sat beside Jethro with her head on his shoulder and her hand upon his knee, covered by his own hand.

Sarah stood up and turned around to go back up0 the stairs, as she turned she froze when she noticed her parents were sitting there. She bit her lip, not knowing what to say.

Ziva put her hand out to her first born child and Sarah took her hand and was gently tugged into her mother's lap.

Ziva held her daughter close to her, "You are wondering why you didn't know about them, aren't you?"

Sarah nodded but kept her head down, hugging her mother.

Jethro nodded, "How bout we go see them?"

Sarah nodded and smiled faintly, she didn't know they were dead.

That was until they arrived at the graveyard.

Sarah looked up at her father in complete confusion, "What happened?"

Gibbs looked at her, "There was a car accident in 1992, Shannon gave evidence in a case, so they ran her off the road"

Sarah nodded, taking it all in as she was held in her mother's embrace, she didn't really understand she was still in shock, "Was you in the car?"

Jethro shook his head, "no, I was on my way back from active duty"

Sarah bit her lip, preventing herself from asking anymore questions.

Ziva looked at between the pair, neither speaking, "Do you want to know anything else?"

Sarah looked up nervously, "I was born in 1992, so how comes you and mom were together when you were married to her?"

Gibbs sighed, knowing he should've expected that question, "Your mother and I were young, I did love her but I also loved Shannon, just in slightly different ways"

Sarah nodded, looking out at the sunset and at her sister's grave, wondering what it would have been like to have an older sister but she would never know.