This Chapter goes slightly AU, but not much, hope you like it x

Chapter 3

Gibbs stirred first; he was no longer the young man he used to be and was starting to feel the ach from sleeping in such an awkward position. He managed to look at his watch and realise it was very late, or more accurately very early. He felt Abby stir next to him, despite him not wanting to move Abby his limbs were protesting too much.

G: Abby? Baby, I need to move, I'm not as young as I used to be
A: (in a very sleepy voice) you'll always be young to me Gibbs.

It's funny how even in a sleepy state Abby had the knack of making him smile. He moved as carefully as he could, and scooped Abby up in his arms. He carried her upstairs like she weighed nothing. He carried her to his room. He would take the spare room tonight, the bed wasn't the best but it was better than the sofa. He gently placed Abby down on his bed and began to walk away, but was stopped by her hand holding his. He stopped and turned round to face a very sleepy looking Abby.

A: Where do you think you're going?
G: To the bathroom then the spare room.
A: This bed is big enough for both of us. Please stay
G: Not sure that's a good idea Abbs. How would I control myself?
A: Why not Gibbs? We're both adults, and friends.....aren't we? Oh, God perhaps I've pushed it too far
G: (sitting down on the bed) Yeah, we friends, good friends. She looks so sad.
A (smilling) Good, now will you stay with me?
G: OK, but I still need the bathroom.

Gibbs - bathroom

What the HELL was I thinking? You can NOT sleep in the same bed with Abby, even if you have been thinking about it for a LONG time. What if this ruins your friendship? OK, deep breath. I am grown man, an ex-marine and a dam good agent not some teenager, or DiNozzo. I can do this.

Abby - bedroom

What the HELL was I thinking? You can NOT sleep in the same bed as Gibbs, even if you have wanted this for a long time. Ok, deep breath. I am a grown woman, a very intelligent woman not some silly teenager, or DiNozzo. I can do this.

Gibbs walked back in to his bed room to find Abby had climbed beneath the sheets; it was a sight he never thought he would see. Her eyes were closed and he figured she had gone straight to sleep. He lay on top of the bed, fully clothed, and hoped sleep would come. Abby rolled over so that she was once again close to Gibbs.

A: Ouch!
G: You OK?
A: No, I just got a scratch from you belt buckle. Why don't you take them off, you can't possibly sleep in them anyway (pouting) Please?
G: she had to pout Cause Abbs, anything for you.
A; In that case can you hold me?
G: (Looking her straight in the eyes) you sure your OK.
A: I will be.

Gibbs stood up to remove his trousers, his heart beating double time in his chest; he also removed his outer shirt. As he lay back down on the bed Abby nestled herself into his side, with Gibbs arm wrapped around her shoulder and her hand on his chest. Gibbs kissed the top of her head

G: Night Abbs
A: (turning to place a kiss on his chest) Night Gibbs


It was several hours later that Gibbs awake more refreshed than he had felt in a very long time. Abby was still curled into his side and everything just felt right. He felt Abby stir next to him, he was thankful that today was Saturday and neither of them had to be in work.

G: Morning Abbs
A: Morning Gibbs. Waking up with Gibbs, I could really get used to this.
G: Can I tell you something?
A: You can tell me anything Gibbs, you know that.
G: I don't think I have slept that well in a long time.
A: No me neither.

They just lay there for a few minutes enjoying the closeness and the contentment they both felt.

G: Hey you fancy going out for breakfast.
A: (turning to look at him and smiling a slightly wicked grin) you mean like a date?
G: (gulp) If you like.
A: I like.
G: Good.
A: Good.

They reluctantly pulled away from each other, so that they could get ready. Gibbs headed to the bathroom first just as Abby's phone went off, it was Tony.

T: Hey Abby fancy going to grab some breakfast, with me and the Probie?
A: That's really sweet Tony but I already have a breakfast date.
T: Prey tell. Is he a new boy toy?
A: Don't know yet. Maybe, guess I'll now more after breakfast.
T: I want ALL the details on Monday.
A: Well, maybe you can have a few details.
T: OK Abby you go and have fun.
A: You know what Tony I think I will.
T: Bye, see you on Monday
A: Bye Tony
G: Hey, who was that?
A: Just Tony wanting to know if I wanted to join him and McGee for breakfast. I said not this time because I already have a date.
G: Good, you want a coffee?
A: Of course!
G: I'll sort the coffee you get ready.

Gibbs left Abby to sort herself out as he made his way down to the kitchen.

The coffee he had made the night before was still hot. He drank a large cup of the hot dark liquid before pouring another for him and one for Abby, adding milk and sugar to hers. Today was going to be a very interesting day. He had asked Abby out on a date and she had said yes. Well technically he asked her to breakfast and she asked if it was a date he had agreed, what was going on with him.

A: So Gibbs where are you taking me for breakfast?
G: (handing her the coffee) it's a surprise
A: ooh I like surprises
G: (kissing her cheek, a little closer to her mouth than usual) Good. You ready?
A: (downing her coffee) Yep, let go.

Gibbs drove them to a diner with a very 1960's feel to it. The smells coming out of the kitchen were amazing. There breakfast was a relaxed affair, taking up most of the morning. They talked about everything and nothing, they laughed, they joked and they flirted. Yes they flirted at work, but that was in the comfort of her lab not in a dinner in front of complete stranger, but somehow it felt right. In fact the last 24 hours had seemed right; ever since Gibbs had taken Abby home the previous night things had never felt so right. She had stayed over before but this time it felt different, more personal. Falling asleep on the sofa together, waking up with her in his arms, taking her on a date, everything was just so right.

G: You ready to go.
A: Yep.
G: Come on then let's go home. I mean let's get you home, to your apartment.
A: (sounding a little sad) OK, but I still have my bag at yours.
G: So we go to mine first then to yours.
A: Sounds like a plan.
G: You all right Abbs?
A: You know me Gibbs I'm always alright.
G: Look at me. I can tell when something bothering you.
A: Its nothing, just, I've had a really nice morning and I don't want to go home.
G: Oh. Well I was only going to work on the boat this weekend, but you can stay if you want to?
A: (giving Gibbs hug) I'd love to Gibbs. I still need to go to my place to get more clothes and maybe a book to read.
G: OK, now that sounds like a plan.

The rest of Saturday passed with Gibbs working on his boat and Abby sitting in a corner of the basement reading forensics journals. Dinner that night wasn't an elaborate affair but it was something they did together with surprising ease. As the day drew to a close Gibbs started to panic about the sleeping arrangements. He had slept so well with Abby in his arms he wanted to do it again but didn't want to push Abby into doing something she didn't want to do. Above all other things he wanted to keep Abby safe, and his track record with woman was not the best. It was Abby who confronted Gibbs about the sleeping arrangements.

A: Hey Gibbs I'm getting tired, think I might turn in.
G: OK Abbs, see you in the morning.
A: Oh Ok. Just thought you might be joining me.
G: Only if you want me to.
A: Cause I want you to! Beside didn't you say you slept really well?
G: (smiling) Yes I did, just didn't want you to be uncomfortable.
A: Never when I'm with you Gibbs. Your bed is like huge and it's a shame to waste all that space.
G: Anybody would think you were trying to get me in bed.
A: (turning to leave and speaking very quietly) Been trying to do that for years.

Gibbs had good hearing but had he just heard what he thought he heard? No, probably not, just his imagination. But then again......

By the time Gibbs had locked all the doors and windows and turned off the lights and headed upstairs Abby was already in his bed. He could get very used to that image. After visiting the bathroom he removed his trousers and shirt and climbed in to bed. Instantly Abby rolled over to assume the position she had taken the previous night. They said there goodnights and Abby turned to place a kiss on his chest like she had done the night before. Gibbs placed a finger under her chin, tilted her head so that he was looking into those sparkling eyes and kissed her very gently on the lips. Yes this was definitely something he could get used to.


Sunday passed in pretty much the same way, they went out to breakfast, Gibbs worked on his boat and Abby read. There were moments filled with laughter and moments filled with silence. Gibbs and Abby had known each other for such a long time that neither needed to pretend to be something they weren't around the other. They accepted each other for who they were not for who others thought they ought to be. They had always been close but this weekend had taken that closeness to another step, a step that perhaps should have been taken a while ago.

Monday morning Abbys Lab:

Tony and McGee are there catching up with Abby when Gibbs appears.

T: So, how'd the date go?
A: It was great Tony. Thanks for asking.
M: You had a date?
A: Yep. That's why I didn't join you and Tony for breakfast.
T: So do we get all the details?
G: Details of what DiNozzo?
M: Abby had a date Saturday.
T: Does this guy have a name.

Gibbs was curious as to what Abby would say. They had only been on two breakfast date, but it had been a very enjoyable time. Probably the best couple of dates he had ever had. He could be himself around her, although he was slightly worried about what she would say.

A: Yep.
T: Well tell then.
G: Just tell them Abbs then they might actually get some work done.
A: Gibbs wants me to tell them? His name?
G: signing: be creative
A: Leo! Yep, his name is Leo and before you ask yes I will be seeing him again.
G: Right now that's out the way can we all get on with some work
A, M, T: Yes Boss

Gibbs had to smile at that. Only his Abby could twist his first name in such a way that only the two of them knew who she was talking about without it being obvious. He just hopped that his agents didn't join the dots and connect 'Leo' to him. Then it hit him, Abby said she would be seeing 'Leo' again. Suddenly this day had got a whole lot better.

Gibbs waited till Tony and McGee had turned to leave the lab before placing the 'my girl' sign on Abbys face. That little token of visible affection now had a whole new meaning.