Saya stood there, her face and most of her blowse splattered with blood, and corpses littered the ground around her feet.

Corpses that she made.

She had just killed three chiropterans earlier that night, and it had felt good. Really good. She had enjoyed killing them, tearing their limbs off and drinking the blood that flowed from them as a result. It was heaven, it was ecstasy, it could all be summed up in one simple word...


Everything about it had been glorious; the screams, the terror, the sweet taste of life nectar she drank from her victims. She stood there surveying her handiwork, licking up a drop of blood on her palm. But it was more than just corpses, she thought, much more. It was artwork, it was a masterpiece.

And she was the artist.

And as with any artist, there were critics.

"You have to stop now," Haji said, his voice calm and measured, as was normal for him. "You have killed enough, it is time to go to sleep."

"Sleep?" she said softly. "I've had enough sleep, it's time for me to truly awaken!" Why should she go back to sleep? She was enjoying this to much. She didn't have to listen to him, or anyone else for that matter. Neither Haji, nor her father, nor her brother...

She saw her brother standing at the end of the room. Trembling, his back against the wall.

"Stay right there, Brother," she said sweetly, but with a strong undercurrent of evil, "I have something to give you, and you me." She started towards him...

Shinkt! She looked down at her feet and saw one of the cross-like daggers that Haji sometimes used. He meant to stop her, she realized. To keep her from her rightful prey.

To interfere.

"Kai, leave now," he said. For a moment her brother just stood there, shaking so much it was a wonder he didn't fall apart right there. "Kai, leave now, while you still can." Wait, something was different about Haji's voice. It had actually sounded like there was some urgency in it. And maybe even...concern?

This time Kai didn't hesitate. He moved slowly at first but then burst out into a full on run. A minute later only she and Haji were left in the room.

She would deal with her brother later.

"How dare you try and stop me?!?" she shouted with righteous indignation. How dare someone like him even conceive the idea to stop her? "You don't deserve to continue living for that." She raised her sword, licking some blood off of it. Oh, how she loved the glorious taste of blood. She pointed her sword directly at his heart and uttered one word. One simple, little word.


"If that is what you wish," he said sadly, letting his arms hang limp at his sides.

That was all the invitation she needed.

She gripped her sword with both hands, and with all her strength lunged forward and sliced with all her might.

A second later, where there had been one Haji, there were now three. Her cut had started at his shoulder, had traveled across his chest, and bisected one of his arms.

She stared at it for a minute, admiring her new creation, then she lay prone to the ground and drank freely from the newly formed fountain she had opened. When she drank her fill she rose and went in search for her brother.

She still had a gift for him.


Kai had to keep running, he couldn't not run. He had to get away from this horrible nightmare he was in.

Saya had finally succumb to the insatiable blood-lust that had followed her around all her life.

She had finally gone off the deep and.

The most horrific thing about it was how easily she had slipped into it, how comfortable she seemed to be while in it. It was like she'd turned into a demon.

And now this demon wanted to kill him.

He thought back to earlier that day when he and Saya had been at the mall together. He'd forgotten to bring enough money for lunch and they ended up splitting a bento box between them.


All thoughts left his mind in that moment except for run, hide, and a few choice expletives he'd heard the American soldiers use.

She'd found him.

And he'd only missed being maimed be mere centimeters. He needed to find a place to hide. Or better yet, a weapon he could use to fight back with. Unfortunately, his mind couldn't spare the time to do so, not with the demon at his tail. He needed, had, to find a way to give himself some space to think.

And there it was, right in front of him.

At the end of the hallway was a window. But it was closed. That was fine, he wasn't planning on staying still long enough to open it anyway.

Crash! The window shattered into thousands of pieces when he jumped through, all of which landed on the ground a few seconds later. He followed suite.

Had the window not been on the ground floor he would have surely broken an arm or a leg when he hit the ground, if his neck hadn't snapped first. As such he only had a few cut and bruises. As he got up he turned around to see if the demon was still following him.

She wasn't. She had stopped in front of the broken window, waiting.

Waiting and smiling.

Whatever she was waiting for he didn't want to find out. He turned around and sprinted down the street for all he was worth, trying to get as far away as he could.

Eventually he noticed that his lungs were burning. He must have been running for a good ten or fifteen minutes. He leaned heavily against a lamp post, stopping to catch his breath.

When his breathing became even and his rationale came back to him. He noticed that a fog was rolling in. Very unusual for this time of year. It would also make good cover for an assassin.

Or a demon.

He became worried again, frantically looking around to see if Saya had followed him here, or if by some improbable miracle she had been unable to leave the building.

Only it was getting hard to see in all this fog. The only thing he could really see were the faint, fuzzy lights of other streetlights; like islands of light in a sea of murk.

On one of the islands he could see a soldier.

He couldn't believe his luck. Finally, someone who could help him.

"Hey, buddy," he yelled, running towards him, "you gotta help me! I'm being chased by a...a...hey, pal, you alright?" The soldier seemed to be just leaning, like he hadn't even heard him. "Officer?" he said, reaching out to shake him. The soldier toppled over, his head falling from his body.

Standing behind him, hands covered in blood, was the demon.

"Where did you run off to like that?" she asked, sounding hurt. "Don't you want your gift?"

He wanted to scream no, to run up and punch, but he couldn't. It was like his feet were transfixed to the ground, and all he could do was stare into those intense, animal, demonic eyes.

Then suddenly, he felt a stabbing pain, and dropped to his knees. He looked down and saw a sword protruding from his chest.

"This is your gift, eternal bliss." She jerked the sword a quarter turn and he choked in pain, looking at her with immense sorrow, as if to say "Why?". "And now you can give me my gift." And with that she sliced her sword again.

Bisecting half of his body.

Author's note; Layman here, wondering what you thought about my second non-Max Ride fanfic.

I really wanted this one to feel very dark and disparing, and I think I accomplished that. I'm also not as intimately familiar with the source material as I'd like to be, but I tried to stay as close to the characters as I could.

I also decided to leave the ending hanging like I did because I think that when a story gets abruptly cut of in the middle, it will leave you lying awake for nights trying to imagine what would have happened next.

At least it always has for me.