A/N I wrote this at the end of season four when there were rumors that Callie was going to be pregnant with Mark's child in season 5. Hope you enjoy it.


It was a normal and ordinary morning for Callie Torres. She woke up at her usual time of 6:30 am so she could get to the hospital by seven thirty if she was lucky enough to avoid traffic. Her apartment was empty and she assumed that her roommate, Cristina Yang had already left for the hospital. Callie had a feeling that Cristina had gone in early to try and get on Erica Hahn's service. Even though Callie had suggested that Cristina focus on another specialty, Cristina had appeared to turn a deaf ear to her resident's suggestion.

Callie usually had a cup of coffee, a toasted bagel and a banana for breakfast before she left the hospital. She had a big breakfast before she left because she never knew when she would get the chance to eat again. Today, the idea of coffee made her stomach turn. Callie hoped that this meant she wasn't getting sick. Right now she could not afford to get sick. She was much too busy to be sick. She figured that the banana was okay to try and eat so she peeled the banana and took a bite of it. She managed to get it down okay, but her stomach was still turning. Callie decided that she was just going to have to tough it out. Maybe it was food poisoning from the new Chinese food place she had tried that night. Then she realized that it couldn't be or else she would have been sick all night last night as well as right now. She decided to forget about the cause of her nausea and go take a shower.

It wasn't until she had stepped out of the shower, that a wave of panic started to set in. She ran to the kitchen, still wearing a red towel wrapped tightly around her body. On the bulletin board in the kitchen was a calendar. She had insisted on a calendar when she had moved in. Cristina never used it, but Callie used it all of the time. When she caught sight of the calendar and looked at the date, she paled. She hastily looked at the previous month and now she could feel her hands actually trembling. Her period was a month late. She had been so busy that she hadn't even realized how late she actually was. Oh God, if she really was pregnant, she knew that George was not the father of the baby. It had been much too long since they had slept together. That left only one possible guy. It was Mark Sloan's child. If she as actually pregnant which was not a hundred percent sure of yet, she had Mark Sloan's spawn inside of her.

She didn't want to have to go buy a pregnancy test so she hoped that there were a few stashed under the bathroom sink. Not that Cristina had been seeing anyone lately, but maybe the gods were willing to give Callie just a little break. She went back into the bathroom and she bent and looked under the sink. She sighed with relief when she found, not one, but four pregnancy tests stashed in the back of the cupboard under the sink. At least she would feel more confident with four pregnancy tests. Especially if they all had the same results.

Callie knew that she was definitely going to be late to work, but this was one day that she really didn't care. She had to know if she was pregnant. She peed on all four tests and then lined them up on the counter. She then turned away from them so she could try and calm herself down. She remembered the time they had slept together a month ago. They were in surgery together, trying to put an accident victim back together and when they had scrubbed out, it had been pretty late so they had gone to Joe's to relax before going home. Three hours later, Callie stumbled up to Mark's apartment, feeling his hands on her waist and his lips nuzzling her neck. Callie shook her head, hoping to dislodge the rest of the memories of what else had happened that night.

Callie hadn't taken a pregnancy test in ten years and he had forgotten how nerve-wracking it was. She couldn't sit still so she tried to pace around the tiny postage stamp sized bathroom. That too was difficult .All she could think about was how she was going to handle this. She always knew that she wanted kids, but she wasn't sure that this was the way she wanted to have one. She wasn't sure about Mark's capabilities in fatherhood either. Callie had never even seen him hold a baby. She was unsure especially knowing what Addison had already done to Mark's child. Granted Addison had been married at that point so her reasoning for what she had done, made a little more sense. Callie and Mark may have both agreed that he would have made a terrible father, but he had changed .He wasn't a softy by any stretch of the imagination, but now Callie wasn't so quick to assume that he would be a terrible father.

Finally Callie stopped pacing and looked at her watch. The actual time on the watch didn't register with her, but the fact that it had been three minutes since she had peed on the sticks had registered with her. She took a deep breath before she looked at the tests. She exhaled slowly as she took it in. All four were positive. She was pregnant with Mark Sloan's child. Mark was a decent guy when he wanted to be, but Callie had no idea how he would react to this.

Callie realized that she was still in her towel from her shower. She swore to herself as she ran to get her scrubs on. She needed Cristina to do an ultrasound before she told Mark. The pregnancy tests were pretty convincing, but she wanted an ultrasound to definitively confirm the pregnancy. She wanted Cristina to do the ultrasound because Cristina could keep things quiet at least until Mark found out. Callie wanted to be the one to tell him first before he found out another way.

Callie grabbed her keys and her jacket because it was once again raining in Seattle. Callie was almost positive that it never really stopped raining in Seattle. She ran out the door, for once, her thoughts not on work but on the peanut sized thing in her uterus. Then her thoughts would turn to Mark and then she would wonder what his reaction would be. As she drove herself to work, her mind was a jumbled mess of thoughts and questions and concerns that she could not wait to have addressed.