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"Bit of a dump, isn't it?" Anne frowned, wrinkling up her small, unfreckled nose in disgust, dumping her purple Prada suitcase on the floor.

"I like it!" her cousin, Kitty, cried brightly, dumping her own suitcase down onto Anne's toe, "Oops. Sorries"

"I do not know this word?" Anne - Clara frowned. She was the newest in the group of the six young women, a plain girl from a place called Cleves in Germany. They had needed a sixth flatmate, and she had appeared needing a place to live. It all worked out.

"That's because it isn't a word" Kate grumbled, "She made it up. Again. Where did your brains go to, Kitty?"

"Oh, leave her alone" Jane whined, ever the peacemaker, ever the saint. She smoothed back her long blonde ponytail, "And it isn't all that bad"

"That is because you are a happy person" Catherine, the last of the friends, pointed out in her heavily accented English. They were certainly a peculiar group, both in looks and personality.

Catherine was a rich Spaniard who had moved to England a few years back. She was neither fat nor thin, neither short nor tall, but she was pretty enough, with long auburn curls and intelligent green eyes like emeralds.

Anne was the opposite. She was a clever and talented young woman, but her main aim in life was to attract any man who crossed her path, and she saw no problem with that (neither did any of the men). She was slim and fragile-looking, with hair that was such a dark brown it could almost be called black. Her eyes were dark and always seemed to be searching around in that alluring way for their next target, either to love, or to destroy.

Jane was a somewhat short and curvaceous girl, but she couldn't be called fat or dumpy. She had blonde hair that was nearly always tied back, so as not to attract attention to it, though when it was loose it shone like the sun. Her eyes were blue and seemed always so innocent, but there was really an clever brain behind those eyes. Much to the amusement of her friends, Jane was also a devout Catholic.

Anne-Clara was certainly not the prettiest of the six best friends. She had a kind heart and good intentions, but was not blessed with looks. She was rounded, but not in a nice way like Jane or Catherine, and her hair was a dull gold, but it didn't shine. Her eyes were muddy brown and always wary. Her thick German accent made her difficult to understand sometimes, too.

Kitty, Anne's cousin, was just as stunning and seductive to the opposite sex. Her hair was long and brown and glossy, sometimes curly and sometimes straight, depending on whether she remembered to turn her GHD straighteners on and let then warm up without burning her hand (she didn't have many brains in her pretty head), and her eyes were a dark, sapphire blue, and they winked and sparkled so expertly that she could charm men with a single look.

Kate was the last of them, with brown hair always tied in a bun or plait. She wasn't ugly, but she wasn't as beautiful as Anne or Kitty. She too had blue eyes, a watery blue, and lived half her life in blue denim jeans from River Island. She was generous and generally quite kind, though she had a fearsome temper when she needed it.


"Do I look okay?" Anne asked crossly, examining her new 'work' outfit, a white ruffled blouse, with a long, thin black cardigan and a black pencil skirt, fishnet tights and stiletto boots. She had outlined her eyes with mascara and her lips with red lipstick, and she was ready to do what she had done at all her other jobs - seduce her boss. It got her a pay rise, more sex and at least two promotions.

"You look adorable" said Catherine, rolling her eyes, knowing it was best to just humour Anne, "Can I use the mirror now?"

"I never said you couldn't" Anne shrugged, moving out of the way and scrutinizing Catherine's work outfit. She had to admit it was nice - but there was no way she was going to be outshone. It was a well-cut grey suit that flattered Cat's body type pretty well, with a pearly grey silk blouse, matching shoes and thin, plain black tights that looked about five denier.

"I hope you shaved your legs, if you're wearing that" Kate commented. She hadn't really bothered to dress up, just wearing her usual faded blue jeans and a chequered red shirt. Her hair had a few cute little black pins in it, though.

"I did indeed" Catherine grinned back, twisting her hair into a loose, thick plait, like she used to wear it in Spain, "Do you want to try my coral lippie?"

"Of course" Kitty interrupted, swooping into the already crowded bathroom, snatching the lipstick and applying it tidily to her plump lips. Her short black skirt that showed a shocking amount of leg was teamed with a red silk shirt, low cut and embroidered with red glitter and sequins. She knew that she looked good in it. She always looked good.

Anne-Clara, however, was another story as she attempted to make herself look at least passable in her favourite black suit and thread-embroidered cotton blouse. Make-up looked all wrong on her sharp, powder-pale face, and lipstick just emphasised the thinness of her lips. She sighed, dumped the make-up into her handbag and settled down to watch MTV as she waited for the others. Anne and Kitty were already in the lounge when she got in there, both looking stunning and dancing along to Love Game, Anne's current favourite song. Anne-Clara picked up a magazine instead.

Jane was the last of them all, and she was debating the merits of leaving her hair loose as opposed to having it tied up. She swooped it up into its usual bland ponytail and jammed in a blue plastic headband for effect. Her simple black suit was a little similar to Anne-Clara's, but she decided not to let that bother her. When she went back into the lounge, they were all waiting for her.

Anne and Kitty were still dancing, but this time to Sweet Dream, by Beyonce. Kate and Catherine were laughing fondly at them, downing quick mugs of coffee and shovelling toast down their throats as they did so. Anne-Clara was reading a magazine, and was on another pointless diet, so she wasn't eating. Jane sat down next to her.

"We need to get going now" Anne pointed out as the adverts came on. She wasn't even breathless from the dancing, as the others would have been.

"How many trains is it again?" Kitty asked nervously. She wasn't very good with directions.

Kate sighed, "Two, Kitty. From here to Victoria, then from Victoria to Waterloo, okay?"

"Okay" Kitty squeaked, "And how many stops is that?"

"Eighteen, Kitty" Catherine told her wearily. Anne-Clara sighed too.

"Just stay with me, Kitty, I know the way, alright?"

"Okay" Kitty squeaked again.


"This certainly isn't a dump" Kitty said, awed, as she looked around her. The ceilings looked like something from 500 years ago - blue painted, a lovely sky blue, with gold leaf. It was kind of like an old, converted manor house, except for the modern touches, like reception desks, the glass sign above the door reading Tudor Communications (with the logo of a flower next to it -what was that all about??) and the hundreds of well-dressed men and women walking around with cellphones pressed to their ears and shoes that clacked on the floor.

"No, it isn't" Kate agreed, impressed.

"Where do we go?" asked Jane nervously, "It says offices off to the left, but which office are we in?"

"Wait a minute, I've got the paperwork here somewhere…" Catherine started rummaging through her tiny black Dior handbag. Anne raised her eyebrows in disbelief.

"You can fit paperwork in that thing?" she asked incredulously. Catherine laughed.

"You have all sorts in yours" she pointed out, not wanting to go into detail about the various things that Anne had in her bag. Anne grinned, thinking about her Gucci patent bag, and its contents.

A man in a navy blue suit appeared, with a hat on his head that looked faintly Jewish.

"Are you the new office workers transferred from Lancaster House?" he asked, a little breathlessly.

"Yes" said Kitty, pouting gorgeously at him. With Kitty, the phrase 'Anything in trousers' totally applied. The navy-suit-possibly- Jewish guy grinned lopsidedly back at her.

"We are in Office 2" Catherine told him proudly, holding out the paperwork to him. He scanned it quickly, then shoved it in his pocket.

"I'm Thomas, I oversee Office 1. You'll be in the office overseen by our boss"

"Who's he?" asked Anne, with interest.

"Henry Tudor. And what are your names?"

"Catherine D'Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne-Clara Cleves, Kitty Howard and Kate Parr" Anne-Clara told him, pointing to each of them in turn. Thomas nodded.

"Lovely. Here we are, then" he opened the door to a huge area filled with oak-wood desks, and led them onward into an adjoining office, in which the whole far wall was made of glass, and the whole of London was visible.

A young man, not much older than the six girls, sat behind the desk, looking extremely bored, his fingers tapping rhythmically on the wooden desk. He had curls that flopped prettily over his smooth forehead, in a shade of reddish-blonde. His eyes were brown and looked intelligent and understanding. The six friends mentally swooned. Anne smirked triumphantly to herself. She certainly wouldn't mind getting it on with this boss.

Henry eyed them all appraisingly, his finger resting thoughtfully on his dimpled chin. He smiled at them all.

"Hello, Ladies" he said with a grin, "I'm your boss, Henry Tudor"

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