Ash's Precious Little Girl?! - CH I: The Lost Girl!

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Genres: Adventure, Romance, Drama, Family, and a slight Humor…

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A/N: I wrote this story for the fun of it. I hope you like it. The OC (The little girl) who will be in this story, I based her around Shizuku (Bleach: Fade to Black: Movie 3) the little girl's name will be Shizuku. (Just to let you know)

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Ash's Precious Little Girl - CH I: The Lost Girl!

Ash, a proud protégé of his hometown 'Pallet Town' and future Pokemon Master was resting his head on the lunch table with a tired expression on his face. He was dead tired from all the walking he and his friends did. They were three days away until they reach Sunnyshore City for Ash's last gym badge. Not only he was dead tired……he was dead hungry.

"Ash Ketchum, get your lazy butt off that seat and help us set up for lunch." Dawn scolded at her mentor.

"I-I can't I need food……I'm so hungry……Need food now before I starve to death….." Ash replied weakly.

Dawn resisted the urge to roll her eyes. She placed her hands on her hips. "I swear Ash, you're just as lazy as a group of Slakoth put together and you eat as much as two Snorlax." she teased.

"That's not true." Ash pouted.

"Yes it is." Dawn exclaimed cheerfully.

"No it isn't." Ash argued.

"Yes it is."

"No it isn't."

"Yes it is."

"No it isn't."

Off from the sideline, Brock sweat dropped to see his two friends arguing once again. "Those two……I swear…..they should just come out clean and admit they……." Brock paused when he heard cheering right beside him. He glances down to see Pikachu and Piplup in pink cheerleader outfits. They were cheering their trainers on while shaking pink palm palms. Brock sweat dropped. 'I should have seen that coming….'

"Ash! Just admit it!" Dawn argued.

"No!" he chimed.

"You better or else…."

"Or else what?" Ash challenged.

"Bad choice to say that, Mister." Dawn smirked.

"Oh really?" Ash taunted.

"Yes, really!" she still has an evil smirk on her face. Suddenly, out of nowhere she pulls out a giant marshmallow. Ash's eyes widen.

"Where did you go that from?" he asked with dumbfounded look on his face.

Dawn shrugged. "Don't know; don't care because I'm planning on torturing you, Ashy."

"By hitting me over with a giant marshmallow?" Ash asked dumbly.

Dawn roll her eyes but giggled. "No silly, worst than that."

"What can be worst than that?" Ash started to panic.

"Like this….." Dawn placed the giant marshmallow right in front of her and started to nibble on it. "Mmmmmmm……it's so chewy and so good."

"Wahhhhhhhh! I want some….Give me some please, Dawn."

"Nope!" she chimed then took another bite out of the fluffy marshmallow. "Mmmmmm."

Ash shot straight from his seat. "If you're not going to let me have a bite then I'll just have to take it from you then." he smirked.

Dawn squeaked childish as she ran off with her giant marshmallow into the forest. "Never!"

"Come back so I can eat you, marshmallow!" Ash ran off right after her into the forest.

Off from the sidelines, Brock chuckled. "Well that was interesting." then glances down to see Pikachu break dancing while Piplup cheered him on. Brock's eyes popped out from his sockets for a second then they went back in. Out of nowhere, Brock pulls out a camera and starts filming the break dance contest between Pikachu and Piplup.

The forest…

"Marshmallow, stop running from me…."

"Ash, are you hungry talking again?" Dawn teased.

"Don't tease me, marshmallow. Come here and so I can-" Ash lunged at Dawn, knocking her down. Both of them fell to the ground, landing on top of each other. The giant marshmallow went flying into air and landed several feet from the two brunette.

Ash and Dawn both blushed. The young trainer landed on top of the young coordinator. Their faces were an inch apart. They can feel each other's breath touching one another cheek.



Both trainers tried to say something until their faces were inches closer. Ash and Dawn were leaning in each other's lips when Ash remembers something, he suddenly pulls away which made Dawn frowned.

"What happen to the giant marshmallow?" Ash move away from Dawn and got up to his feet. He glances around until he sees a flock of Starly and Starvia eating it away. "NOOOOOOOOOOO! MARSHMALLOW! WAHHHHHHHH!" Ash fell to his knees and cried as anime tears poured down his face.

Dawn shook her head at her friend being so overdramatic. "Oh Ash." she mumbled then she got up to her feet.

Suddenly, Dawn heard a weak moan. "What was that?" she asked herself, completely ignoring Ash who was still in a stage of depression over the loss of the marshmallow. She glances around the area, trying to locate that weak moan she heard a second ago. She didn't spot anything. "Was I hearing things?" Dawn took one final glance around the area and shrugged. "Must have." She was about to walk back to Ash when….

"aa…ah…" a faint moan near the bushes.

"Who's there?" Dawn looks a bit afraid.


Dawn gulped nervously as she inches closer to the bushes. "I swear if that's you, Team Rocket. I'm going to call out Mamoswine and order him to stomp over your bodies." she threatens.

"…" No response.

Dawn continued to inch closer to the bushes. Once she got to them, she slowly peeks over the bushes and saw a four-year old little girl with light green hair, while the roots appear to be bright pink. Along with that, she wears a light pink kimono with a brighter pink, down-turned, collar. She also wears a yellow cloth around her waist.

"Oh no!" Dawn gasped in shock. The poor girl was lying on the ground near a tree, covered in blood. It seems she was severely wounded. Dawn quickly glances over her shoulder and calls out Ash's name. "Ash!"

Ash snapped out of his overdramatic state as he turned his head to see Dawn with a worried look on her face. "Dawn? What's wrong?"

"Ash, come over here quickly before I hit you over with another giant marshmallow."

"MARSHMALLOW!" Ash chimed happily as he rushes over to her and stands right beside her side. "Where is it?"

"Right here!"


"OW! That hurt!" Ash pouted cutely.

Dawn roll her eyes. "Well duh but that's not important right now, peek over the bushes now and tell me what you see."

"Huh? Is that a trick question?" Ash blinked dumbly.

Dawn slapped her forehead. "Just do it!" she hissed.

"Ok…..Ok….." Ash said to her. "You need to chill, Dawn…..Sheeesh!"

Dawn rolls her eyes…

Ash peeked over the bushes and same the bloody girl lying on the ground, barely alive. "Oh no!" Ash passes through the bushes to check on the poor injured girl. Dawn follow right behind him. Both of them kneel down to the little girl to see if she was still alive.

The injury girl was still breathing but barely. Ash turned to Dawn. "Dawn, go get Brock and tell him to bring the fit aid kit with him and hurry!"

Dawn nodded. "Ok but what would you be doing?"

"I'll stay with her and give her comfort. Now GO!"

"Ok but you didn't have to shout." Dawn complained.

"Oh sorry Dawn but just GO NOW!"

"Stop shouting at me, Ash!" Dawn shouted back.

"I said I was sorry. Just go already." Ash argued.

"Fine!" Dawn huffed then ran off to go fetch Brock.

Ash turned his attention back to injury little girl. "Don't worry." he placed his hand on the little girl's hand to show her some comfort. "Help is on the way, please hang on, ok?" he gently squeezed her hand. Ash didn't know if she heard him or not but suddenly the little girl moved her hand underneath Ash's hand then grabbed his hand and squeeze it gently. Ash smiled. He was happy that the little girl is still alive.

"Brock! Brock! Come qui……What are you doing?!" Dawn made it back to the campsite to see Brock tries to break dance while Piplup and Pikachu cheering him on.

"Oh……uh….nothing." Brock quickly got up to see his feet with a red face.

"Whatever." Dawn sighed. "Hurry Brock, please come with me, we need help."

"What?! What happen? And where is Ash?"

"No time to explain. We need to hurry."

"Hurry where? What's going on? I'm so confuse right now." Brock grabbed his hand.

Dawn explained quickly. "AshandIfoundalostandinjuredgirlnearthebushesandneedshelp. So let's HURRY!"

Brock blinked confusedly. He didn't quite follow what she said but quickly nodded. The breeder quickly grabs the first-aid kit and follows right behind Dawn, leaving Piplup and Pikachu to watch the campsite.

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