Ash's Precious Little Girl - CH XXV: Are We Still Going To Get Marry, Daddy?

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Ash's Precious Little Girl - CH XXV: ^~^ Are We Still Going To Get Marry, Daddy? ^~^

(Pallet Town, Ash's home)






"Honey, you don't need to shout. I'm right here in front of you." Ash's mother spoke up sweetly. The young mother appeared out of nowhere.

"Ooh…." Ash looks embarrassed.

"That's okay, baby!"

"MOM!" The young prodigy scolded at his mother for calling him, her baby in front of everyone. His cheeks were slightly red from the embarrassment. Dawn, Brock, and the Pokemon could not help, but to snicker. Delia giggled at her son. Maybe she should stop teasing him for a moment. After all, he just got home from his travels. It was nice to have him back for the time being.

"It's nice to have you home, Ash." The young mother said sweetly. Ash sighed, but nodded.


Without saying another word, the young mother and her boy slowly walk towards each other. They were about to embrace each other until Pikachu jumped into Delia's waiting arms. "Oh Pikachu, I miss you, too!" She hugged the yellow mouse.

Ash fell down, anime-style with a sweat drop appearing on the back of his head. The young trainer wanted to cry. Why does Pikachu always have to ruin his reunion with his mother? The young mother ignored her son as she pulled away from her embrace with Pikachu. Delia turned her attention to the others. "Oh Brock, it's nice to see you again."

"It's nice to see you again as well, Mrs. Ketchum." The breeder said, laughing. The young mother gave him a warm smile before turning to Dawn.

"Oh and it's nice to see you in person, Dawn."

"Same here, Mrs. Ketchum." Dawn chirped. Delia gave her a smile as well. "Oh and this here is my Piplup." The blue-haired coordinator holds up her starter, who did a cocky pose.

"Oh, you're so adorable, Piplup." Ash's mother complimented. This of course, added more ego into the penguin's head.

Soon, the young mother would turn her attention to her son, who finally got back up to his feet. "So…Ash, where is Homura?"





This was going to be a little awkward to tell Delia that Homura is right here, but no longer little. "Um…Mom…you…see…" Ash struggled to tell her.

"Oh!" Delia cut off her son when she saw a new face, who happens to be Homura. "Who are you, sweetie? And why do you look so much like Homura?"

The young blonde woman wanted to open her mouth to say something, but she was so nervous on what to say. Ash decided to tell his mother the truth.

"Mom…" The young mother glanced at her son. "This is Homura."

"You mean her older sister?" The group fell down, anime-style.

Ash and Co. quickly got up to their feet. "NO!"

"Her cousin?" The group fell down, anime-style once again.


"Her mother?"

"Not even close!" Homura spat venomously.

Delia wanted to keep on guessing, but Ash interrupted her. "Mom, stop guessing. We will tell you as long as you please stop guessing all right!"

"Ok, honey!"

The group sighed heavily. It was time to sit down and tell Ash's mother everything about their travel. Let's hope it will make Delia finally understand that the young blonde woman is actually Homura. The group spent an hour explaining about everything. Once they were done, the young mother could not help, but finally understand and feel sorry for Homura. "I'm so sorry for everything you have gone through, Homura. Come here, sweetie." Delia hugged Homura.

"Does that mean…you accept me?" Homura asked curiously while hugging the young mother back. Delia pulled away from the embrace.

"Of course, sweetie." Homura looks happy.

"Thank you, Mrs. Ketchum…"

"No problem, Honey." The young mother offered her a warm smile. "You're always welcome here and speaking of which, you can live here with me and my Ashy."

"Really?" Homura looks surprised by this offer. Delia nodded. "Thank you, Mrs…"

"You can call me, Mommy."

"Thank you, Mommy!" Homura cried happily, hugging Delia tightly. Ash and Co. smiled at this heartwarming, which made Brock cry in tears.

"…*sniff*…It's so beautiful….*sniff*…"

Delia and Homura pulled apart from the embrace. The happy blonde teenager turned her attention to her daddy. "Did you hear that, Daddy? I get to stay with you and Mommy. That means we get to be together forever."

"Looks like it." Ash chuckled.

"Oh….and speaking of which…." Oh boy. "Do you remember my promise to you?" Ash gulped nervously and nodded.

"Yes, but Homura…we…"

"You promise, DADDY!"

Delia was curious on what promise did her son agreed to. "Ash, what promise?"

Before Ash could tell his mother that it was not important, Homura cut him off. "Daddy promised to marry me!"

Everyone waited for a shock expression from the young mother or at least see her faint from the news. However, neither of those happened. A motherly smirk appeared on the young mother's face. "Honey, is this true?" She eyed her son like a hawk.


"This is GREAT!" Delia chirped happily.

"What? No, MOM! You don't understand."

"Oh, honey. Do not be so embarrass. I'm so happy that you're getting married."

"MOM! I'm fifteen years old!" Ash argued. However, his mother was not even listening. She was so excited about her little boy getting married.

"Oh, I need to tell Professor Oak, Gary, and Tracy about this." Delia squeaked in delight.

"WHAT? NO, MOM! DON'T!" Ash cried.

"They need to know." The young mother hurried off. Her son quickly follows a suit.


As the mother and her son were out of sight, Homura could not help, but grinned. "Hehe. Can't wait to marry Daddy!"

"Don't be so happy, Homura." Dawn interrupted the young blond woman's victory celebration. "You still got me to deal with. I'm still your rival."

"Not for long, big sister." Homura said, smirking. The two rivals stared at each other, ignoring Brock's shout.


Suddenly, they heard a loud shout. "NO! DON'T SHOW THEM MY BABY PICTURES, MOM!"

"But you look so adorable, baby!"


Ah, yes. What a way to welcome someone back home by embarrassing him or her even more.

The End!

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