Okay, so this one is... different XD It took me a long time to write, but even more to type up because I got bitten by my snake, so only had one good hand. I've been wanting to write this for a long time, but never could do it right. I hope you all enjoy it ;)

Don't own House (sadly), nor do I own SMA. For those who don't know, SMA is a milk formula here in Britain for babies & toddlers.

"House! Come on, open the door already! It's freezing out here!" I yelled, banging on the front door of our apartment. I was beginning to get worried; he didn't have any plans tonight that I was aware of, and I knew he was in because I left him here an hour ago to get my hair trimmed. Just out of curiosity I tried my key, and felt like an idiot when the door opened. The place looked exactly as I left it, which puzzled me. A strange sound - familiar and yet somehow new - caught my attention. I checked around the room, hearing the same noise another two times. It seemed to be coming from the couch. I tried Greg's cell and was annoyed to hear it ring in one of his jackets, thrown over something on the couch. I picked it up, and very nearly had a heart attack at I saw underneath it.

I found myself staring at the bluest pair of eyes I'd ever seen, apart from Greg's. He was swimming in what I recognised as one of Greg's shirts which, strangely, was the same one he was wearing today… He couldn't of been more than three years old, and looked like he'd been crying. I swallowed, and took a risk.

"Greg?" I asked the small boy, praying I was wrong. He nodded, and my heart sank. I saw he was sitting on what would appear to be Greg's jeans and even his boxers. I groaned. We had nothing that would fit a toddler - the topic of kids never came up - so I knew I'd have to go out and buy some. Which left me one problem. What was I going to do with Greg? I couldn't take him with me, the looks I'd get for walking around a baby equipment store with a toddler wearing only an adult shirt would be embarrassing.

Suddenly, I had an idea. Our neighbour would probably sit here for an hour or so. I knelt on the floor to look at Greg properly.

"Greg. Jimmy has to go to the store for a bit, but I'm going to get someone to keep you company, okay?" His bottom lip wobbled, and I braced myself.

"Jimmy stay?" He asked, and that was almost my un-doing.

"No, buddy, I can't. But I won't be long, I promise!" I said as I picked him up and walked to the door. He wrapped his little arms tightly around my neck and refused to let go when I tried to hand him over to Sarah, our 13 year old neighbour. She gave me a look that said 'what can you do?' when I tried to persuade Greg to let go.

"No! Gweg stay wif Jimmy!" I decided to try a new approach.

"Greg? If you stay with Sarah I bet she'll let you watch whatever you want on TV?" He lifted his head and look at her, as if seeking confirmation. She nodded, smiling. Greg seemed to give in, so I kissed his head and handed him over to Sarah. Once at the store, I bought everything I thought I'd need: a couple of t shirts, jeans, underwear (since I'm pretty sure he was out of diapers), even socks and trainers. A set of pyjamas also made their way into my slowly overflowing basket. When it got to food, I was confused. Greg was too old for baby food, so I just got a small container of SMA and a bottle just in case. I saw a set of toy emergency vehicles that I couldn't resist too. Because I literally had no idea what to expect, I picked up a small toothbrush. I made it back as fast as I could, paid Sarah $20 for her trouble and saw her out. As I hid the toy cars behind the sofa, I found Greg on the couch, eyes glued to the TV screen. I stood in front of it, blocking his view and getting his attention.

"Jimmy!" He exclaimed, arms shooting up. I smiled, and picked him up.

"Hey champ! I got you some proper clothes!" I said, putting him down on our bed, getting out the shirt and jeans and getting Greg dressed. The second I put the t shirt over him he plastered himself to me and buried his face in my stomach. I sighed.

"Greg… if you're planning on hiding you won't be able to see the present I got you!" His head shot up.

"Present!! Where?" I lifted him up and sat him on my hip, walking into the living room.

"It's around here somewhere… where did I put it?" I questioned, setting Greg on the floor. I watched in fond amusement as he toddled around, looking under the couch cushions, under the piano, even under the rug.

"Why don't you try behind the couch?" I told him. He peered behind the couch and gasped when he found his present.

"Nee-Nor cars!" He yelled, running over and hugging my leg. "'Ank you, Jimmy!"

"No problem, buddy! How about you play with them while I get some dinner sorted?" I said, getting them out of the box and setting them where I could keep an eye on Greg from the kitchen.

"'Kay!" He plopped himself down on the rug and began making the cars chase each other around. In the mean time, I prepared a simple cream of tomato soup and sliced some bread. It was ready in 5 minutes, so I went to get Greg. As soon as he saw me, his arms shot up. I grinned, and scooped him up in my arms.

"Hey, hungry?" I asked, to which he nodded. I sat him down at the table and found us some spoons. Ripping off chunks of bread and dropping them in my bowl, I felt a sense of pride when Greg copied my actions, vigorously tearing the bread to pieces and watching them sink to the bottom of his small bowl. I'd never realised that soup could be so messy until this moment, out of the corner of my eye spotting several soup-coloured spots on the table now. I waited until we'd both finished before taking our bowls to the sink and left them in soak. I then noticed the time - 9 o' clock?! I couldn't believe it was that late. I lifted a suddenly sleepy Greg out of his chair and went to put his pyjamas on. He was getting tired, I could tell - yawning every now and then, so I took him to the bathroom and brushed his teeth. I tucked him in on his side of the bed and softly ruffled his hair.

"Goodnight, champ. I love you, and I'm just outside this door if you need me, okay?"

"'Kay. 'Night, Jimmy." Greg mumbled, before closing his eyes. I quietly slipped out of our room, leaving the door ajar, and sat down on the couch with my head in my hands. I was unable to fathom what was happening here. My boyfriend has been regressed back into a 3 year old with seemingly no explanation. It physically wasn't possible. I didn't want to scare him by sleeping in the same bed as him, so I got the blanket & pillow from the closet and made myself comfortable on the couch.

A few hours later, I was woken by Greg softly poking me in the side. I opened my eyes and looked at him properly. I couldn't deny that he looked totally adorable - standing there clutching his shirt - but at the same time a tad scared, as if I was going to shout at him. I sat up and rubbed my eyes.

"Hey champ, what's wrong?"

"Jimmy milk?" He asked, moving between my legs and trying to reach my shirt. For a split second I got the impression that Greg wanted me to breastfeed him and almost burst out laughing. Instead I picked him up and gave him a soft squeeze, kissing his air when he buried his face in my neck and put his arms around it. I prepared the SMA formula, filling the bottle when it was done. I brought it over to the couch and sat down. Sitting Greg on my lap I let him hold the bottle as he drank, helping him when he almost dropped it. When he finished, he snuggled against my chest, obviously planning on going back to sleep. I softly sighed, and without jostling him too much I stood up and put the bottle on the side, then made my way back to our bedroom. Yet again I placed Greg on his side, causing him to stir a bit, then quickly changed into some sweat pants and one of Greg's t-shirts and climbed into my side. He crawled over to me and into my arms, and I couldn't help but pull him closer.

When I woke up, I felt a strange sensation on my head. I cracked one eye open and was confused to not see Greg in my arms. I rolled onto my back and looked up, laughing when I discovered Greg playing with my hair, twirling it in-between his small fingers. So as not to startle him, I slowly got out of bed. Greg pulled himself to his feet using the headboard and walked over to the edge of the bed. I softly chuckled as yet again he wanted to be held, so I lifted him into my arms.

"Morning buddy! Have a good sleep?"

"Yup!" Greg said into my shoulder as I went into the kitchen. I set him on the counter while I prepared some toast. When he saw me put the bread in the toaster he broke into a grin.

"Toast! He exclaimed, clapping his small hands. Something in my stomach fluttered when I heard him laugh and I forced it down, I couldn't get my hopes up. I knew that Greg & I were going to have to talk about kids one day - especially after this - but I didn't know how to bring it up.

"That's right, champ!" I smiled. The toast popped up, so I buttered it, set it n the table and then brought Greg over. Thankfully, toast doesn't stain.

A few hours later, we were sat watching TV when Greg tugged at my sleeve.

"Jimmy? Tummy hurts…" He moaned, fidgeting. I pulled him onto my lap and gently rubbed small circles on his chest.

"Is that helping?" I asked him.

"No…" He moaned, hiding his face in my chest. I was puzzled as well as concerned. I couldn't think of any reason why he was hurting - then again, I also failed to think of a reason why he was 3 years old. I yelped in surprise when he suddenly shot up by 6 inches, keeping a firm hold on him.

"Jimmy, what's happening to me?" Greg asked, looking into my eyes. He looked about 6 now, and my stomach was doing somersaults.

"I think you're changing back to normal, buddy." I said, and carried him back to the bed. I stripped him of his clothes as they were definitely too small now and put him under the covers. After some quick thinking, I went to our medicine cabinet and prepared a shot.

"What's that?" Greg asked when I returned - I noticed he was another 4 inches taller. I knelt next to him and swabbed his elbow.

"It's medicine, it's gonna make you sleep for a little bit, okay?" I said, injecting the syringe.

"Okay then…" He mumbled, and closed his eyes. Once I was sure he was out, I went and found him some clothes, and his Vicodin. I didn't want to drug Greg, but I knew that growing back to normal would mean re-experiencing the infarction. So it seemed the safest choice.

When I got back, I was glad to see Greg was back to regular size, and beginning to stir. I put his clothes on the bed and slid into bed beside him. As he came around, I pulled him towards me with a sigh.

"Urghh… Jimmy?"

"Yeah?" I whispered.

"Where.. Are my… clothes?" Greg mumbled, sounding out of breath. I dragged them over to him and let go so he could fumble into a pair of pyjama pants and a t-shirt. As soon as he did he fell back into my arms and rested his head on my shoulder.

"How do you feel?" I asked, softly pressing a kiss into his hair.

"Weird… last thing I remember is you going out and me sitting on the couch. After that… it's a bit of a blur." Greg sighed, looking around. When he spotted the bag from the baby store in the corner, he lifted his head to look at me.

"Why is there a bag full of baby stuff in our bedroom?" I gulped.

"When I came back from the hairdressers… I found you turned into a 3 year old. Since we didn't have anything to take care of a child, I had to go out and buy some stuff. I got as much as I thought I'd need…"

"Oh." He whispered, looking at his hands. I sighed, and kissed behind his ear.

"Can you think of anything that would explain why you turned back into a three year old?"

"Not really… oh… wait. It's impossible…" Greg mumbled. I would of put money on the gears in his mind working overdrive.

"What? Greg, what happened?"

"It's stupid… but while you were gone, I was thinking about stuff. Stuff before my leg. I remembered playing hockey, running around the pitch. I wished that for just one night I could walk and not be in pain." He sighed, absent-mindedly rubbing his leg. I passed him two Vicodin, which he gratefully dry swallowed. Greg then got out of bed and limped over to the bag, staring down at its contents. I carefully followed him and embraced him from behind.

"I'll take it back tomorrow, okay?" I asked him. For a few minutes all I could hear was the sound of Greg's breathing.

"No." He whispered. My head shot up from his shoulder and I turned it to look at him.

"What?" I gasped. Greg turned around in the embrace and slipped his arms around my waist.

"No, I… I don't want you to… take it back."

"Greg… are you saying that you want kids?" He looked around the room before looking into my eyes and nodding.

"I've thought about it for about 6 months now but… I didn't know how to bring it up." Greg answered, a hint of a smile on his lips. "Do you?"

"Yes." I nodded, grinning. He smiled, and kissed me.

"So, we're actually gonna do this?" Greg asked, smiling. I nodded, and rubbed my thumb against his cheek. "It's not gonna be easy, you know?" He continued.

"I just looked after you. How hard can it be?" I joked.

"Hey!" Greg laughed, and pulled me against him in a hug.

"We're gonna need a bigger house…" He mumbled against my hair.

"So we'll move!" I exclaimed. This smile wasn't going to fade any time soon.

"Okay." He choked out after about a minute. I looked up at him, and saw him hastily wipe at his face.

"What's wrong?" He briefly closed his eyes, shook his head & smiled.

"Nothing. I just really, really love you." Greg said, our foreheads touching. I felt my heart flutter, and kissed him. When I pulled away he followed with a moan, and I grinned.

"I love you to, so, sooo much." He kissed my forehead, and gave me a soft squeeze.

"I can't wait to buy a house with you, James. It'll be a joint thing and not just mine." He whispered. I stroked his sides, my head against his chest.

I couldn't wait either.

Phew! That was long! Hope it was a good read :)