Author: Sparta

Title: With Arm's Wide Open

Pairings: Castiel/Jimmy & Dean Sam & Ruby Sam & Anna John & Ellen (Don't ask) Bobby & OFC

Rating: R

Categories: Slash

Genres: Action/Adventure, Mystery, Crime, Romance, Tragedy, Hurt/Comfort

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Death, Mayhem, Past Abuse, Stalking, Femslash, Male rape, torture, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Chapters: 1/?

Completed: No

Summery: The Angel's have had a plan for Dean all along but what if they had started it earlier? How will Dean feel when he finds out the one person he could trust turns out to be the Joker in the pack?

Chapter Summery: Bobby is forced to ask John for help

Authors Notes:

This is Marjory dedicated to sammygirl1963 who though her own fan fictions gave me back my love for Supernatural.

In addition, Thunderincrimson who has become the evil voice in the back of my mind that drives me on.

This is an AU rewrite of the full 4 and possibly 5 (since the UK has yet to pick up the series GODS BLESS YOU TUBE) series of Supernatural, for the most part it will follow the Epps but I have a few of my own twists to add to the series.

Therefore, before I kick this fic off I will point out three things

1. THIS IS SLASH, just encase no one read the disclaimer and the pairings

2. This is set before Dean goes to get Sam but eventually Sam will join him.

3. Castiel is and will be acting out of character since he's been living a human for 8 months, also Jimmy Novak in this doesn't have the family he did in the series since I thought that was really cruel to do even for an angel so his past is different.

With Arm's Wide Open

How You Remind Me

Night was falling and the storm outside was getting worse, Bobby paced the floor of his home. It had been three days since he'd sent his nephew and two other Hunters out on a routine hunt, he was getting worried. The hunt had gone bad when another Hunter, not known for playing nice with other had shown up and sent them all down the pan fast.

He'd escaped in one piece but one of the Hunters was cut up badly and the other had been brought back, or what was left of him in a bucket after being patched up the surviving Hunter had handed Ellen the remains of a bloodied cell phone that had belonged to Bobby's nephew.

"DAMIT BOY, where in gods name are ya?" cursed Bobby as he reached for the phone and called the Roadhouse.

//Harvelle's Roadhouse, you got Ellen so talk//

"Ellen tell me we have Hunters close to that last hunt? And I swear you mention the Winchester's and I'll burn down the Roadhouse myself" growled Bobby down the phone making Ellen wince.

It was common knowledge that John Winchester was a fine Hunter but he had a talent for rubbing everyone up the wrong way, where as his son Dean was ever the charmer.

For a brief moment, Ellen contemplated asking what John had done this time? knowing all to well that Bobby thought of Dean the same way he did his nephew, they were the son's Bobby never had and he treated them so.

Sobering up and realising she did actually value her life Ellen left that subject alone, knowing her next comment was going to piss Bobby off just as much.

//Then I'll bite my dam tongue//

"DAMIT" growled Bobby as he weighed up his options and sighed.

//Sorry Bobby//

"How long out?"

//An hour tops, want me to make the call?//

"Nope I've got to make that call sometime, thanks Ellen keep ya ear to the ground"

//Will do Bobby//

Bobby hung up and sighed before heading to the fridge and pulling out a bottle of beer, swigging it he headed back to the phone to make the call.


Dean hated late night fast food places, for the main reason the night staff where scarier then what he would usually hunt. Not to mention if he was lucky to see something worth his time most times they where jail bait if that. Therefore, Dean wasn't in the best of moods when he exited the stop and headed back out to the Impala.

He instantly got the feeling something was up when he saw his dad on the phone. Watching him hang up, as he hit the car was painful but the look on his face was murderous.

"Should I even ask?" asked Dean as John snatched the food from Dean and huffed into the driver's side.

Dean just sighed and got into the passenger side, the journey was silent and tense making Dean fidget with his jacket.

"We're heading to New York, got wind of a hunt gone wrong and a missing Hunter," said John without facing Dean, but Dean knew something was up.

John's jaw was set tight, his eyes never left the dark road ahead of them and the radio was off. All signs where pointing to not a good thing when it came to the oldest Winchester. The last time Dean had seen John Winchester this upset was the day Sam had walked out the door and not looked back, Dean had been forced to watch as John took his anger out on the next demon and the Bobby.

Which had resulted in them currently being up shit creek without the paddle, they where blind and flying solo now since Bobby had told them to get out and then next time he see them he'd fill John with buckshot.

Sitting back against the passenger seat Dean pulled his jacket around him and hoped for a few hours sleep before his father's rage came to a head.


Dean was awoken a few hours later to John banging on the window; Dean groaned as he pulled on his jacket and got out of the Impala. He followed behind his father silently as they headed into the apartment block, the manger chattered happily as Dean just sighed. Once the door slammed shut, Dean lent back against the wall with sigh.

"The Hunter in question has a room down the hall, I'll go check it out you stay here" commanded John as Dean growled but agreed.

Once John had left the room Dean headed to his bed and laid back, sighing Dean's mind drifted back over the events of the past few months.

Dean felt his heart pound in his chest as he lined up the sight and took the shot, the Wendigo howled in pain as its body burnt up in front of him.

"Wow nice shot, flare guns got to love them" came a happy and hyperactive voice that made Dean want to blush which for the oldsters Winchester son was an unusual feeling.

"Thanks Jimmy, owe you though. Nice work with the Ranger dude he was pissing me off" said Dean as he stretched out the kinks in his back, before freeing the abducted campers.

"Oh come on Dean he wasn't so bad, your just embarrassed that he had a thing for you," laughed Jimmy as Dean growled at him as the began the hike down the hill to the cars.

Throwing his stuff into the boot of the Impala, he watched as Jimmy packed his kit away in the boot of his red '65 Mustang.

"So tell me oh faithful one, that doesn't bother you? After all isn't that a sin or something in that book of yours?" growled Dean as he slammed down the boot, as he turned round he was face to face with Jimmy.

"FUCK DUDE, personal space issues aside the ninja shit is getting freaky. I'm wrapping a bell round your neck next stop," said Dean as Jimmy laughed, Dean felt his heart pounding harder then it had when he faced down the Wendigo.

Dean was more then a little aware of his feeling towards the older Hunter in front of him, but it wasn't his fear of his father's reaction that had stopped him taking advantage of his feelings it was the 12 gauge shot gun his Uncle owned that had.

Bobby Singer oldster of the current Hunters and main researcher for all wasn't known for his niceness at the best of times, but when it came to what little was left of his family he was like a lioness with her cubs. No one touched them; Jimmy had been 18 when he'd watched his family torn to shreds by a demon.

It was also the first time he'd picked up a gun and used it to take a life, that's how Bobby had found him hours later still clinging to the shot gun the body of the demon at his feet and his parents body in the other room.

It was also the first time he'd picked up a gun and used it to take a life, that's how Bobby had found him hours later still clinging to the shot gun the body of the demon at his feet and his parents body in the other room.

Dean was 18 the first time he met Jimmy, shoulder's deep in the guts of his Mustang covered in grease dressed in blue jeans and a Metallic top Dean knew he was falling but hid his feeling and opted for his friendship instead.

Jimmy had been there for Dean when he couldn't talk to his father about losing his mother or about the day Sam walked out of his life. To him Jimmy was as close to him as Sam had ever been and even Dean dared not mess that up.

"Are you even listing, DAM Winchester head full of rocks the lot of ya" huffed Jimmy as he slammed down the boot of his Mustang.

"Sorry, what did I miss?" asked Dean sheepishly as Jimmy walked over; closing the space between them, Jimmy put his hand on Dean's shoulder.

Dean swallowed hard as he felt his heart pounding harder as Jimmy licked his lips, a look of pure desired filled his eyes.

"I said sex is sex and love is love, I doubt he'd much care who was doing what as long as what was being done meant something" said Jimmy as he let forward, Dean closed his eyes knowing what was coming when the sounds of Jimmy's and Dean's Cell interrupted them.

Dean growled as he answered before getting back into the Impala and following Jimmy back to the Salvage Yard.

Dean sighed as he was hit with the memory of his feeling that day and how much he's wished Jimmy had kissed him, suddenly he raised there was a ringing sound in the apartment. Checking his cell he realised John must have left his, groaning he got up and headed to the table in the main room. After searching under the papers, he found the cell.


//Dam it boy, where's ya daddy//

"Checking out some stupid ass Hunter's kit, seems he's MIA," said Dean as he heard Bobby growl

//that ain't no stupid Hunter boy, I knew your daddy was stupid but this is the worst. Let me fill you in that ain't no ornery Hunter Dean its Jimmy that's missing//

Dean felt his heart smash at the mention of Jimmy's name; he couldn't help but feel fear and anger at his father for keeping this from him.

//Sorry to break to you that way Dean, but this is Jimmy we're talking about you know better then anyone how good a Hunter that boy is despite what you daddy may think//

"Don't worry Bobby, we'll bring Jimmy home after dad and me have a few words" with that Dean hung up and waited for John to return.

He didn't have to wait long until John to return, Dean swallowed his anger as he approached his father.

"So who's the Hunter? Anyone we know?" asked Dean coolly as he walked round his father who was sat on the couch looking though the papers.

"No one important just a rookie Hunter with no business going solo" growled John without looking up as he reached for the bottle of whisky in front of him.

Dean growled at John, he knew his father was no saint but this was cold ever for him. Something wasn't right about his father and he wanted to know what. Knocking the bottle from his fathers hand soon caught John's attention as he shot Dean a death glare, Dean didn't care as he stared down his father for the first time in his life.

"Say what you have to boy because once this is over you won't have a chance," growled John as he stood in Dean face.

"I don't know what the hell's gotten into you, HELL I don't know if I wanna know but you and me know that Jimmy is A HELL OF A HUNTER. He's a better man then me at this and that's saying something, he ain't no rookie so don't treat him like one.

Whatever stick you have up you ass PULL IT OUT because after this is over me I OUT OF HERE, Sammy had the right idea and now I'm following suet" growled Dean as he stormed off and slammed the door behind him.